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Artículo2024Biomechanical effect on Jack’s test on barefoot position, regular socks, and biomechanics socksLife
Artículo2024Evaluating moisture content in immersion vacuum-cooled sausages with citrus peel extracts using hyperspectral imaging.Life
Revisión2024The value of subjective olfactometry as a predictive biomarker of neurodegenerative diseases: a systematic reviewLife
Artículo2023A Corneal Biomechanical Study Measured with a Scheimpflug Dynamic Analyser in Soft Contact Lens WearersLife
Artículo2023A short-term evaluation of foot pronation tendency in healthy recreational runnersLife
Artículo2023ByLimb: development of a new technique to implant intracorneal ring-segments from the perilimbal regionLife
Artículo2023Comparison of Resorbable and Non-Resorbable Osteosynthesis Material in Hallux Surgery: A Systematic ReviewLife
Artículo2023Complications of small aperture intracorneal inlays: a literature review.Life
Editorial2023Exploring the Cutting Edge of Vision Science: New Developments in Diagnostics and Treatment of Ocular Surface in Dry Eye Disease.Life
Artículo2023Fipronil Degradation in Soil by Enterobacter chengduensis Strain G2.8: Metabolic PerspectiveLife
Artículo2023Hallux partial necrosis associated with antiphospholipid syndrome: the importance of early accurate diagnosisLife
Artículo2023Key factors in early diagnosis of myopia progression within ocular biometric parameters by scheimpflug technology.Life
Artículo2023Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Polyphenols from Bitter Orange Industrial Waste and Identification of the Main Compounds.Life
Artículo2023Pilot study: the relationship between foot posture and movement quality in non-professional male football playersLife
Artículo2023Survival analysis in patients with laryngeal cancer: a retrospective cohort studyLife
Revisión2023The essential role of IL-17 as the pathogenetic link between psoriasis and metabolic-associated fatty liver diseaseLife
Artículo2022Accommodation response variations in university students under high demand for near-vision activity.Life
Artículo2022Analysis of prevalence and predictive factors of long-lasting olfactory and gustatory dysfunction in COVID-19 patientsLife
Editorial2022Atopic dermatitis: background, objectives and future perspectives (superresponders).Life
Artículo2022Disentangling the Taxonomic Status of Caprella penantis sensu stricto (Amphipoda: Caprellidae) Using an Integrative ApproachLife
Artículo2022Long-term effectiveness and safety of biologic and small molecule drugs for moderate to severe atopic dermatitis: a systematic review.Life
Artículo2022Ophthalmological approach for the diagnosis of dry eye disease in patients with Sjögren’s syndromeLife
Artículo2022Pre-lens tear meniscus height, lipid layer pattern and non-invasive break-up time short-term changes with a water gradient silicone hydrogel contact lens.Life
Artículo2022Risankizumab: efficacy, safety, and survival in the mid-term (52 weeks) in real clinical practice in Andalusia, Spain, according to the therapeutic goals of the Spanish psoriatic guidelinesLife
Artículo2022Super-responders in moderate–severe psoriasis under guselkumab treatment: myths, realities and future perspectivesLife
Artículo2021Complete mitochondrial genome of trichuris trichiura from macaca sylvanus and papio papioLife
Artículo2021Short-term effectiveness and safety of biologics and small molecule drugs for moderate to severe atopic dermatitis: a systematic review and network meta-analysisLife
Artículo2021Theranostics in boron neutron capture therapy.Life
Revisión2020Recent advances in the photoautotrophic metabolism of cyanobacteria: biotechnological implicationsLife
Artículo2020The nitrogen stress-repressed srna nsrr1 regulates expression of all1871, a gene required for diazotrophic growth in nostoc sp. Pcc 7120Life
Revisión2018The distinctive regulation of cyanobacterial glutamine synthetaseLife
Revisión2015Horizontal gene transfer, dispersal and haloarchaeal speciationLife
Revisión2014Metals in cyanobacteria: Analysis of the copper, nickel, cobalt and arsenic homeostasis mechanismsLife
Revisión2013Halophilic bacteria as a source of novel hydrolytic enzymesLife