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Publicaciones en la fuente AICHE JOURNAL

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2020Method of mass production of monodisperse microbubbles aided by intense pressure gradientsAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2014Physical characterization of eco-friendly O/W emulsions developed through a strategy based on product engineering principlesAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2013Attrition of Ca-based CO2-adsorbents by a high velocity gas jetAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2012A CFD study on the effect of the characteristic dimension of catalytic wall microreactorsAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2010Enhanced Nanofluidization by Alternating Electric FieldsAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2010Interfacial and foaming characteristics of milk whey protein and polysaccharide mixed systemsAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2010Sequential and Iterative Architectures for Distributed Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Process SystemsAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2009Distributed Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Process SystemsAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2008Effect of vibration on flow properties of fine glass beadsAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2008Enhancing data-based fault isolation through nonlinear controlAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2008Fluidization of fine and ultrafine particles using nitrogen and neon as fluidizing gasesAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2006Adhesion force between fine particles with controlled surface propertiesAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2006Adsorption and rheological properties of biopolyrners at the air-water interfaceAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2006Effect of vibration on agglomerate particulate fluidizationAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo2006Fluidization of nanoparticies: a modified richardson-zaki lawAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo1996Mixed monolayers of acylglycerols on sugar aqueous solutionsAICHE JOURNAL
Artículo1995Binary mixture of monostearin-distearin monolayers at the air-water-interfaceAICHE JOURNAL