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Publicaciones en la fuente FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Analysis and design of the central stack for the SMART tokamakFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2023First measurements of a scintillator-based fast-ion loss detector in reversed Ip/Bt at the ASDEX Upgrade tokamakFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2023Predictive simulations for plasma scenarios in the SMART tokamakFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2021Analysis of supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton cycles for a helium-cooled pebble bed blanket DEMO-like fusion power plantFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2021Characterization of the response of fast ion loss detectors to fusion neutrons for applications at JT-60SA and ITERFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2021Coils and power supplies design for the SMART tokamakFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2021Hardware developments and commissioning of the imaging heavy ion beam probe at ASDEX upgradeFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2021Magnetic equilibrium design for the SMART TokamakFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2021Mechanical and electromagnetic design of the vacuum vessel of the SMART TokamakFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2021Thermo-mechanical assessment of the JT-60SA fast-ion loss detectorFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019A locked mode indicator for disruption prediction on JET and ASDEX upgradeFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019A multidimensional linear model for disruption prediction in JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019Analysis of the outer divertor hot spot activity in the protection video camera recordings at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019Application of ADVANTG to the JET3-NEXP streaming benchmark experimentFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019Implementation and exploitation of JET enhancements at different fuel mixtures in preparation for DT operation and next step devicesFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019Improved neutron activation dosimetry for fusionFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019Material migration and fuel retention studies during the JET carbon divertor campaignsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019On the effects of missing chords and systematic errors on a new tomographic method for JET bolometryFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019Overview of the JET operation reliabilityFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019Plasma boundary reconstruction in JET by magnetic measurementsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019Spectrometric analysis of inner divertor materials of JET carbon and ITER-like wallsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2019The dud detector: An empirically-based real-time algorithm to save neutron and T budgets during JET DT operationFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Activation material selection for multiple foil activation detectors in JET TT campaignFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Characterisation of neutron generators and monitoring detectors for the in-vessel calibration of JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Control and data acquisition software upgrade for JET gamma-ray diagnosticsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Correlation of surface chemical states with hydrogen isotope retention in divertor tiles of JET with ITER-Like WallFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Divertor currents optimization procedure for JET-ILW high flux expansion experimentsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Dust generation in tokamaks: Overview of beryllium and tungsten dust characterisation in JET with the ITER-like wallFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Generation of a plasma neutron source for Monte Carlo neutron transport calculations in the tokamak JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Modelling of the neutron production in a mixed beam DT neutron generatorFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018On the control system preparation for ELM pacing with vertical kicks experiments at TCVFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018On the potential of ruled-based machine learning for disruption prediction on JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Plasma-wall interaction on the divertor tiles of JET ITER-like wall from the viewpoint of micro/nanoscopic observationsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Preparation for commissioning of materials detritiation facility at Culham Science CentreFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Real-time implementation with FPGA-based DAQ system of a probabilistic disruption predictor from scratchFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Shutdown dose rate measurements after the 2016 Deuterium-Deuterium campaign at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Shutdown dose rate neutronics experiment during high performances DD operations at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Testing of tritium breeder blanket activation foil spectrometer during JET operationsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Thermal desorption spectrometry of beryllium plasma facing tiles exposed in the JET tokamakFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Corrección2018Thermal desorption spectrometry of beryllium plasma facing tiles exposed in the JET tokamak (vol 133, pg 135, 2018)FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2018Where to improve in human-in-the-loop tele-operated maintenance? A phased task analysis based on video data of maintenance at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017A 3D electromagnetic model of the iron core in JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017A tool to support the construction of reliable disruption databasesFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Activation measurements in support of the 14 MeV neutron calibration of JET neutron monitorsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Analysis of activation and damage of ITER material samples expected from DD/DT campaign at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Calculation of the profile-dependent neutron backscatter matrix for the JET neutron camera systemFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017CeBr3-based detector for gamma-ray spectrometer upgrade at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Commissioning and first results of the reinstated JET ICRF ILAFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Deep learning for plasma tomography using the bolometer system at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Development of MPPC-based detectors for high count rate DT campaigns at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Dynamic and thermal simulations of a fast-ion loss detector for ITERFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Hardware architecture of the data acquisition and processing system for the JET Neutron Camera Upgrade (NCU) projectFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017ITER oriented neutronics benchmark experiments on neutron streaming and shutdown dose rate at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Micro-/nano-characterization of the surface structures on the divertor tiles from JET ITER-like wallFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Real time control developments at JET in preparation for deuterium-tritium operationFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Response of the imaging cameras to hard radiation during JET operationFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Rigid and adjustable fixation of the shielding modules into the ITER port plugsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Simulation of neutral gas flow in the JET sub-divertorFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Status of ITER material activation experiments at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Technical preparations for the in-vessel 14 MeV neutron calibration at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017The emissivity of W coatings deposited on carbon materials for fusion applicationsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017The preparation of the Shutdown Dose Rate experiment for the next JET Deuterium-Tritium campaignFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2017Upgrade of the tangential gamma-ray spectrometer beam-line for JET DT experimentsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016Advanced design of the Mechanical Tritium Pumping System for JET DTE2FUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016Characterization of a diamond detector to be used as neutron yield monitor during the in-vessel calibration of JET neutron detectors in preparation of the DT experimentFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016Global optimization driven by genetic algorithms for disruption predictors based on APODIS architectureFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016JET experience on managing radioactive waste and implications for ITERFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016JET experiments with tritium and deuterium-tritium mixturesFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016JET Tokamak, preparation of a safety case for tritium operationsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016Neutronic analysis of JET external neutron monitor responseFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016Neutronics experiments and analyses in preparation of DT operations at JETFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016Radiation damage and nuclear heating studies in selected functional materials during the JET DT campaignFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2016Technological exploitation of Deuterium-Tritium operations at JET in support of ITER design, operation and safetyFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2015The enhanced pellet centrifuge launcher at ASDEX Upgrade: Advanced operation and application as technology test facility for ITER and DEMOFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Ponencia2013Mitigation of edge localised modes with magnetic perturbations in ASDEX UpgradeFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2007Kinetic Monte Carlo modelling of neutron irradiation damage in ironFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2005Characterization and stability studies of titanium beryllidesFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2005Microstructural characterization of Eurofer-ODS RAFM steel in the normalized and tempered simulated condition and after thermal aging in fusion conditionsFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN
Artículo2003Structural characterisation of SiC/SiCf composites exposed to chemical interaction with Be at high temperatureFUSION ENGINEERING AND DESIGN