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Artículo2020A five-stage treatment train for water recovery from urine and shower water for long-term human Space missionsDESALINATION
Artículo2020Preliminary assessment of innovative seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination powered by a hybrid solar photovoltaic (PV) - Tidal range energy systemDESALINATION
Artículo2019Effect of prior salt experience on desalination capacity of the halophyte Arthrocnemum macrostachyumDESALINATION
Artículo2019Lithium recovery from desalination brines using specific ion-exchange resinsDESALINATION
Artículo2018Solar thermal-powered desalination: A viable solution for a potential marketDESALINATION
Artículo2017The use of desalinated seawater for crop irrigation in the Segura River Basin (south-eastern Spain)DESALINATION
Artículo2016Thermoeconomic comparison of integrating seawater desalination processes in a concentrating solar power plant of 5 MWeDESALINATION
Artículo2014Comparative study of brine management technologies for desalination plantsDESALINATION
Revisión2012Current trends and future prospects in the design of seawater reverse osmosis desalination technologyDESALINATION
Artículo2012Experimental analysis of a multi-effect distillation unit operated out of nominal conditionsDESALINATION
Artículo2012Seawater reverse osmosis desalination driven by a solar Organic Rankine Cycle: Design and technology assessment for medium capacity rangeDESALINATION
Artículo2011A mixed integer quadratic programming formulation of risk management for reverse osmosis plantsDESALINATION
Artículo2011Exergy and thermo-economic analyses of a combined solar organic cycle with multi effect distillation (MED) desalination processDESALINATION
Artículo2011Retrofitting assessment of the Lanzarote IV seawater reverse osmosis desalination plantDESALINATION
Artículo2011Reverse osmosis hybrid membrane inter-stage design: A comparative performance assessmentDESALINATION
Artículo2010A new visual library for design and simulation of solar desalination systems (SDS)DESALINATION
Artículo2010Design recommendations for a multi-effect distillation plant connected to a double-effect absorption heat pump: A solar desalination case studyDESALINATION
Artículo2010Experimental assessment of connection of an absorption heat pump to a multi-effect distillation unitDESALINATION
Artículo2010Thermo-economic analysis of a combined solar organic Rankine cycle-reverse osmosis desalination process with different energy recovery configurationsDESALINATION
Artículo2009Seawater desalination by an innovative solar-powered membrane distillation system: the MEDESOL projectDESALINATION
Artículo2008First experimental results of a new hybrid solar/gas multi-effect distillation system: the AQUASOL projectDESALINATION
Artículo2007Application of absorption heat pumps to multi-effect distillation: a case study of solar desalinationDESALINATION
Artículo2007Assessment of an absorption heat pump coupled to a multi-effect distillation unit within AQUASOL projectDESALINATION
Artículo2007Comparison of solar technologies for driving a desalination system by means of an organic Rankine cycleDESALINATION
Artículo2007Double cascade organic Rankine cycle for solar-driven reverse osmosis desalinationDESALINATION
Artículo2007Preliminary assessment of solar organic Rankine cycles for driving a desalination systemDESALINATION
Artículo2007Preliminary design of a solar thermal-powered seawater reverse osmosis systemDESALINATION
Artículo2007Solar-heated Rankine cycles for water and electricity production: POWERSOL projectDESALINATION
Artículo2007Solar-powered Rankine cycles for fresh water productionDESALINATION
Artículo2007Status of solar thermal-driven reverse osmosis desalinationDESALINATION
Artículo2005Exergy analysis of a seawater reverse osmosis plantDESALINATION
Artículo2005Thermoeconomic analysis of a seawater reverse osmosis plantDESALINATION
Artículo2005Thermoeconomic analysis of wind powered seawater reverse osmosis desalination in the Canary IslandsDESALINATION
Artículo2002Comparison of solar thermal technologies for applications in seawater desalinationDESALINATION
Artículo2002Seawater desalination driven by renewable energies: a reviewDESALINATION
Artículo2001Economic analysis of wind-powered desalinationDESALINATION
Artículo2001Exergy analysis of the SOL-14 plant (Plataforma Solar de Almeria, Spain)DESALINATION
Artículo2001On the feasibility of urban wastewater tertiary treatment by membranes: a comparative assessmentDESALINATION
Artículo2001Perspectives of solar-assisted seawater distillationDESALINATION
Artículo2001Thermoeconomic optimization of the SOL-14 plant (Plataforma Solar de Almeria, Spain)DESALINATION
Artículo1999Application of direct steam generation into a solar parabolic trough collector to multieffect distillationDESALINATION
Artículo1999Conditions for economical benefits of the use of solar energy in multi-stage flash distillationDESALINATION
Artículo1999Design parameter selection for a distillation system coupled to a solar parabolic trough collectorDESALINATION
Artículo1999Exergo-environmental analysis of processing condensed water from atmospheric airDESALINATION
Artículo1999Preliminary design and cost analysis of a solar distillation systemDESALINATION
Artículo1999Thermo-economic analysis of a solar multi-effect distillation plant installed at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (Spain)DESALINATION
Artículo1999Thermoeconomic analysis of a solar parabolic trough collector distillation plantDESALINATION