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Artículo2024Competitive driving effect on calorics by dual-fields in ferroic materials with strong magnetostructural couplingACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2024On the role of the electric field in the last-stage sintering of ceramics: A phase-field modelling approachACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2023Plasmas and acoustic waves to pattern the nanostructure and chemistry of thin filmsACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2022Co2Fe1.25Ge0.75: A single-phase full Heusler alloy with highest magnetic moment and Curie temperatureACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2022Strain-tuning of transport gaps and semiconductor-to-conductor phase transition in twinned grapheneACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2021Can Y2O3-MgO eutectics be new promising structural and optical ceramics?ACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2021Connecting experimental synthetic variables with the microstructure and electronic properties of doped ferroelectric perovskites for solar cell applications using high-throughput frameworksACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2021Increased magnetocaloric response of FeMnNiGeSi high-entropy alloysACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2020On the importance of light scattering for high performances nanostructured antireflective surfacesACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2020Regulation of phase transition and magnetocaloric effect by ferroelectric domains in FeRh/PMN-PT heterojunctionsACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2019How concurrent thermomagnetic transitions can affect magnetocaloric effect: the Ni(49+)xMn(36-)xIn(15) Heusler alloy caseACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2019Tunable first order transition in La(Fe,Cr,Si)(13) compounds: Retaining magnetocaloric response despite a magnetic moment reductionACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2018Charge carrier transport across grain boundaries in grapheneACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2018Fundamental aspects about the first steps of irradiation-induced phase transformations in fluorite-related oxidesACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2018The role of Ni in modifying the order of the phase transition of La(Fe,Ni,Si)(13)ACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2016Atom probe tomography analysis of InAlGaAs capped In As/GaAs stacked quantum dots with variable barrier layer thicknessACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2016Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of La0.6Ca0.4MnO3 tunable by particle size and dimensionalityACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2013Mechanical and magnetocaloric properties of Gd-based amorphous microwires fabricated by melt-extractionACTA MATERIALIA
Corrección2011Segregation-induced grain boundary electrical potential in ionic oxide materials: A first principles model (vol 58, pg 6404, 2010)ACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2010Basal slip latent hardening by prism plane slip dislocations in sapphire (alpha-Al2O3)ACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2010Microstructural study of the LiBH4-MgH2 reactive hydride composite with and without Ti-isopropoxide additiveACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2010Segregation-induced grain boundary electrical potential in ionic oxide materials: A first principles modelACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2010Structural and compositional homogeneity of InAlN epitaxial layers nearly lattice-matched to GaNACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2009alpha-Al2O3 sapphire and rubies deformed by dual basal slip at intermediate temperatures (900-1300 degrees C) I. Dislocation organizationACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2009alpha-Al2O3 sapphire and rubies deformed by dual basal slip at intermediate temperatures (900-1300 degrees C) II. Dissociation and stacking faultsACTA MATERIALIA
Revisión2009Determination of the composition of InxGa1-xN from strain measurementsACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2007Microstructure and magnetic properties of FeMoBCu alloys: Influence of B contentACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2006High-temperature plastic behaviour of Al2O3-Y3Al5O12 directionally solidified eutecticsACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2006High-temperature plastic deformation of Er2O3-doped ZrO2 single crystalsACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2006Novel analytical model for the determination of grain size distributions in nanocrystalline materials with low lattice microstrains by X-ray diffractometryACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2006Residual stresses, strength and toughness of laminates with different layer thickness ratiosACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2005Non-isothermal approach to isokinetic crystallization processes: Application to the nanocrystallization of HITPERM alloysACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2005Partial substitution of Co and Ge for Fe and B in Fe-Zr-B-Cu alloys: microstructure and soft magnetic applicability at high temperatureACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2003High temperature creep deformation of directionally solidified Al2O3/Er3Al5O12ACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2003Microstructure-mechanical properties correlation in siliconized silicon carbide ceramicsACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2003Oxidation state and localization of chromium ions in Cr-doped cassiterite and Cr-doped malayaiteACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2002Compressive creep of mullite containing Y2O3ACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2002Fracture toughness of nanocrystalline tetragonal zirconia with low yttria contentACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2002Influence of internal stresses in superplastic joining of zirconia toughened aluminaACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2002On the fatigue crack growth behavior of wc-co cemented carbides: kinetics description, microstructural effects and fatigue sensitivityACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2002Topological transformation of grains in superplasticity-like deformationACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2001High-temperature deformation of Sr(FeCo)(1.5)O-X ceramicsACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2001Role of flaw statistics in contact fracture of brittle coatingsACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2000Effect of layer interfaces on the high-temperature mechanical properties of alumina/zirconia laminate compositesACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2000Experimental and molecular dynamics simulation analysis of lacro(3) precipitation in chromia scalesACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2000High temperature mechanical characteristics of superplastic yttria-stabilized zirconia. An examination of the flow processACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2000Structural modifications produced by the incorporation of Ar within the lattice of Fe2O3 thin films prepared by ion beam induced chemical vapour depositionACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo2000Study of polymer/metal coating under stress using positron annihilation spectroscopyACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo1999High-temperature compressive creep of liquid phase sintered silicon carbideACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo1998High temperature plastic deformation of multilayered YTZP/ZTA composites obtained by tape castingACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo1998Microstructural constraints for creep in SiC-whisker-reinforced Al2O3ACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo1996Analysis of kidney-shaped indentation cracks in 4Y-PSZACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo1996Deformation mechanisms for high-temperature creep of high yttria content stabilized zirconia single crystalsACTA MATERIALIA
Artículo1996Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS) characterization of oxide scale formed on (AISI-304) steel after surface deposition of lanthanumACTA MATERIALIA