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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2022Development of fly ash-based geopolymers using powder sodium silicate activatorMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2020A 4-view imaging to reveal microstructural differences in obliquely sputter-deposited tungsten filmsMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2020Microstructure and thermal conductivity of Si-Al-C-O fiber bonded ceramics joined to refractory metalsMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2018Carbon fiber waste incorporation in blast furnace slag geopolymer-compositesMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2018Immobilization of heavy metals (Cd, Ni or Pb) using aluminate geopolymersMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2017Phenomenological equation for the thermal dependence of the activation energy of creepMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2016Ag-N dual acceptor doped p-type ZnO thin films by DC reactive magnetron co-sputteringMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2015Microstructure of Fe2O3 scaffolds created by freeze-casting and sinteringMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2013Alumina shot-blasted particles on commercially pure titanium surfaces prevent bacterial attachmentMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2013NiTi superelastic orthodontic wires with variable stress obtained by ageing treatmentsMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2013Obtention and characterization of new superelastic polymer for biomedical applications. Comparison with NiTi and NiTiCu alloysMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2012Comparative study on AISI 440 and AISI 420B stainless steel for dental drill performanceMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2012Synthesis of a TiCN-SiC polyhedron and elongated crystals nanopowder at low nitrogen concentrationMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2011Relationship between the surface defects and the manufacturing process of orthodontic Ni-Ti archwiresMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2011Structural characterization of GaSb-capped InAs/GaAs quantum dots with a GaAs intermediate layerMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2011Synthesis of hollow silica spheres SBA-16 with large-pore diameterMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2009Synthesis and characterization of large mesoporous silica SBA-15 sheets with ordered accessible 18 nm poresMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2008High temperature coercivity of Nb-containing HITPERM alloys: Effect of Cu additionMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2004Ab initio structural determination of 2-(2-pyridyl)imino-N-(2-thiazolin-2-yl)thiazolidine from powder diffraction dataMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2004Effective pressure on powders under triaxial compressionMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2001Magnetic anisotropy distribution and giant magnetoimpedance in Fe73.5SixB22.5-xCu1Nb3 (x=9, 16) alloysMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2001X-ray powder diffraction analysis of a silicon carbide-based ceramicMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo2000Enthalpy and Curie temperature relaxation effects in FeSiB-CuNb alloys prepared at different quenching ratesMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1999A laser flash photolysis study of the photochemical activity of a synthesised ZrTiO4 - Comparison with parent oxides, TiO2 and ZrO2MATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1998X-ray microstructural characterization of Y-PSZ (5 mol%) nanocrystalline powder samplesMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1995Ultrasound-processed silica xerogels behavior during heatingMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1994Crystallization of a finemet-type alloy - nanocrystallization kineticsMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1994Effects of sulfation on the crystallization and textural properties of processed ZrO2MATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1994Thermal evolution of TiO2ZrO2 composites prepared by chemical coating processingMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1992Electron microscopy study of the crystallization of Fe75Co4B18Si3 glassMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1992Microstructural characterization of Y-PSZ (4 mol%) polycrystals by means of X-ray diffraction experimentsMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1991Annealing effects on the curie-temperature of a Fe77Cr2B16Si5 glassMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1989Crystallization behavior of Ni63Co17B13Si7 alloyMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1989Crystallization of the Ni63Cr18Si13B6 alloy: A metallic glass with phase separationMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1988Analysis of the local excess density of dislocations in Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 by means of X-ray Berg-Barrett topographyMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1988Structural study by electron diffraction on amorphous Se100-xBix filmsMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1987Calorimetric and x-ray characterization of the nonisothermal crystallization of the metallic-glass Ni89P11C (wt-percent)MATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1986Crystallization kinetics of Fe79B13Si8 metallic glassMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1986On the crystallization of Fe77B16Si5Cr2 alloyMATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1986Tetrahedral bonding in the glassy semiconductor Cu15As34Se51MATERIALS LETTERS
Artículo1986The use of Lanczos's discriminative window in deconvolution of amorphous patterns: A useful variant of the Mencik methodMATERIALS LETTERS