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Publicaciones en la fuente COMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Editorial2024Emerging trends in big data analytics and natural disastersCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2021Generating a seismogenic source zone model for the Pyrenees: a GIS-assisted triclustering approachCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2021Mahalanobis clustering for the determination of incidence-magnitude seismic parameters for the Iberian Peninsula and the Republic of CroatiaCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2020Direct transformation from Cartesian into geodetic coordinates on a triaxial ellipsoidCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Editorial2019Big data and natural disasters: New approaches for spatial and temporal massive data analysisCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2018A new approach to the openness index for landform characterisationCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2018A novel tree-based algorithm to discover seismic patterns in earthquake catalogsCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2018Earthquake prediction in California using regression algorithms and cloud-based big data infrastructureCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2017Identifying P phase arrival of weak events: The Akaike Information Criterion picking application based on the Empirical Mode DecompositionCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2017Modification of the random forest algorithm to avoid statistical dependence problems when classifying remote sensing imageryCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2015Detecting precursory patterns to enhance earthquake prediction in ChileCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2014A fast partitioning algorithm using adaptive Mahalanobis clustering with application to seismic zoningCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2014Regression trees for modeling geochemical data: An application to Late Jurassic carbonates (Ammonitico Rosso)COMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES
Artículo2008Modelling surface radioactive, chemical and oil spills in the Strait of GibraltarCOMPUTERS & GEOSCIENCES