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Artículo2024Non-equilibrium attractor for non-linear stochastic dynamicsEPL
Artículo2023Non-equilibrium memory effects: granular fluids and beyondEPL
Artículo2022Universal patterns in multifrequency-driven dissipative systemsEPL
Revisión2020Quantum simulations of light-matter interactions in arbitrary coupling regimesEPL
Artículo2019Hyperconductivity in fluorphlogopite at 300 K and 1.1 TEPL
Artículo2017Infinite charge mobility in muscovite at 300 KEPL
Artículo2017Influence of the external pressure on the quantum correlations of molecular magnetsEPL
Artículo2016Carboxylate-based molecular magnet: One path toward achieving stable quantum correlations at room temperatureEPL
Editorial2016II. Comment on "Critique and correction of the currently accepted solution of the infinite spherical well in quantum mechanics" by Huang Young-Sea and Thomann Hans-RudolphEPL
Artículo2016Quantum capacitance oscillations in graphene under crossed magnetic and electric fieldsEPL
Artículo2015Correlation energy as a measure of non-locality: Quantum entanglement of helium-like systemsEPL
Artículo2014Observation of a tricritical wedge filling transition in the 3D Ising modelEPL
Artículo2014On the kinetic and thermodynamic electron temperatures in non-thermal plasmasEPL
Artículo2014Protein unfolding and refolding as transitions through virtual statesEPL
Artículo2013Steady self-diffusion in classical gasesEPL
Artículo2013Witnessing spin-orbit thermal entanglement in rare-earth ionsEPL
Artículo2012Evidence for entanglement at high temperatures in an engineered molecular magnetEPL
Artículo2011Bubble size prediction in co-flowing streamsEPL
Artículo2011Equilibration and symmetry breaking in vibrated granular systemsEPL
Artículo2011Mechanisms of damage formation in Eu-implanted GaN probed by X-ray diffractionEPL
Artículo2011Pulling and pushing a cargo with a catalytically active carrierEPL
Artículo2011Table-top resonant magnetic scattering with extreme ultraviolet light from high-order harmonic generationEPL
Artículo2010Complexity analysis of Klein-Gordon single-particle systemsEPL
Artículo2010Renormalisation group determination of the order of the DNA denaturation transitionEPL
Artículo2009Entanglement temperature in molecular magnets composed of S-spin dimersEPL
Artículo2009Mesoscopic structuring and yield stress of magnetofluidized fine particlesEPL
Artículo2009Quantum billiards in optical latticesEPL
Artículo2009Stationarity, ergodicity, and entropy in relativistic systemsEPL
Artículo2009Statistical mechanics of finite arrays of coupled bistable elementsEPL
Artículo2008Breakdown of the fluctuation-dissipation relations in granular gasesEPL
Editorial2007Absence of logarithmic attraction between colloids trapped at the interface of droplets - Comment on "Capillary attraction of charged particles at a curved liquid interface" by Alois WurgerEPL
Artículo2007Field dependence of the magnetocaloric effect in Gd and (Er(1-x)Dy(x))Al(2): Does a universal curve exist?EPL
Artículo2007Noise-induced forced synchronization of global variables in coupled bistable systemsEPL
Artículo2007Stochastic resonance with weak monochromatic driving: Gains above unity induced by high-frequency signalsEPL
Artículo2006Phase coexistence in highly deuterated ferroelectric triglycine selenate: Landau descriptionEPL
Artículo2006Random loose packing of cohesive granular materialsEPL
Artículo20053D wedge filling and 2D random-bond wettingEPL
Artículo2004Granular avalanches: deterministic, correlated and decorrelated dynamicsEPL
Artículo2004Heat flux and upper boundary condition in an open fluidized granular gasEPL
Editorial2003Comment on "On the problem of initial conditions in cosmological N-body simulations" by T. Baertschiger and F. Sylos LabiniEPL
Artículo2003Dynamics and steady state of a vibrated granular binary mixture modelEPL
Artículo2003Stern-Gerlach entanglement in spinor Bose-Einstein condensatesEPL
Artículo2002Evidences for Tsallis non-extensivity on CMR manganitesEPL
Artículo2002Memory effects in the relaxation of Ising modelsEPL
Artículo2002Rocking bistable systems: Use and abuse of linear response theoryEPL
Artículo2001Fourier state of a fluidized granular gasEPL
Artículo2001Influence of the cosmological expansion on small systemsEPL
Artículo2001Modeling the electrophoretic deposition of colloidal particlesEPL
Artículo2001The settling of fine cohesive powdersEPL
Artículo1999On the validity of linear hydrodynamics for low-density granular flows described by the Boltzmann equationEPL
Artículo1997Aging in the one-dimensional ising model with Glauber dynamicsEPL
Artículo1997Dynamical critical phenomena and large-scale structure of the Universe: The power spectrum for density fluctuationsEPL
Artículo1997The charged bouncing ball: An experimental model for period-doubling bifurcationEPL
Artículo1996Wetting and interfacial order at nematic free surfacesEPL
Artículo1995On the validity of a variational principle for far-from-equilibrium steady-statesEPL
Artículo1989Importance of giant-resonance excitation for the surface-properties of the heavy-ion optical-potentialEPL