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Artículo2024Conformational Defects in the Limbs of Menorca Purebred Horses and Their Relationship to FunctionalityAnimals
Artículo2024Energetic and Monetary Analysis of Efficiency in Family-Owned Dairy Goat Production Systems in Andalusia (Southern Spain).Animals
Artículo2024Exploring Andalusia's Rich Heritage through Surveys: Pastoral Livestock Farming as a Tourist Attraction ResourceAnimals
Artículo2024Exposure to Coxiella burnetii in Wild Lagomorphs in Spanish Mediterranean Ecosystems.Animals
Artículo2024Phylogenetic Relationships of Avian Cestodes from Brine Shrimp and Congruence with Larval MorphologyAnimals
Artículo2023A Comparative Analysis of Carbon Footprint in the Andalusian Autochthonous Dairy Goat Production SystemsAnimals
Artículo2023Discriminant Analysis and Data Mining CHAID Decision Tree as Tools to Evaluate the Buffering Effect of Hydroxytyrosol on Reactive Oxygen Species in Rooster Sperm CryopreservationAnimals
Artículo2023Effects of long-term storage on hatchability and incubation length of game farmed quail eggsAnimals
Artículo2023Feed Supplementation Detection during the Last Productive Stage of the Acorn-Fed Iberian Pig through a Faecal Volatilome Analysis.Animals
Artículo2023Key Factors behind the Dynamic Stability of Pairs of Egyptian Vultures in Continental SpainAnimals
Artículo2023Morphostructural differences between the historical genetic lines of the Spanish merino sheep.Animals
Artículo2023Nutritional Quality of Meat from Barren Merino Ewes in Comparison to Meat from Traditional LambsAnimals
Revisión2023Origin, Selection and Current Status of the Utrerana Chicken Breed: A ReviewAnimals
Artículo2023Orthopedic Diseases in the Pura Raza Española Horse: The Prevalence and Genetic Parameters of Angular Hoof DeviationsAnimals
Artículo2023Phenotypic and Genetic Study of the Presence of Hair Whorls in Pura Raza Español HorsesAnimals
Artículo2023Prevalence of sex-related chromosomal abnormalities in a large cohort of Spanish purebred horsesAnimals
Artículo2023Relationship between Consumers' Perceptions about Goat Kid Meat and Meat Sensory AppraisalAnimals
Letter2023Relying on Incomplete Information Can Lead to the Wrong Conclusions. Comment on van Hassel, F.; Bovenkerk, B. How Should We Help Wild Animals Cope with Climate Change? The Case of the Iberian Lynx. ['Animals', 13] 2023,Animals
Artículo2023The relevance of the expected value of the proportion of Arabian genes in genetic evaluations for eventing competitionsAnimals
Artículo2022Basal Reactivity Evaluated by Infrared Thermography in the “Caballo de Deporte Español” Horse Breed According to Its Coat ColorAnimals
Artículo2022Beneficial Shifts in the Gut Bacterial Community of Gilthead Seabream (Sparus aurata) Juveniles Supplemented with Allium-Derived Compound Propyl Propane Thiosulfonate (PTSO)Animals
Artículo2022Brain organoids to evaluate cellular therapiesAnimals
Artículo2022Copy Number Variation (CNV): a new genomic insight in horsesAnimals
Artículo2022Effects of selection on breed contribution in the caballo de deporte españolAnimals
Artículo2022Genomic population structure of the main historical genetic lines of Spanish merino sheepAnimals
Artículo2022Morpho-Functional Traits in Pura Raza Menorquina Horses: Genetic Parameters and Relationship with Coat Color Variables.Animals
Artículo2022Nutritional Metabolites as Biomarkers of Previous Feed Intake in European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus): Applications on ConservationAnimals
Artículo2022Out of Africa: Juvenile Dispersal of Black-Shouldered Kites in the Emerging European PopulationAnimals
Artículo2022Retinol and α-tocopherol contents, fat color, and lipid oxidation as traceability tools of the feeding system in suckling payoya kidsAnimals
Artículo2022The Dynamics of Lepus granatensis and Oryctolagus cuniculus in a Mediterranean Agrarian Area: Are Hares Segregating from Rabbit Habitats after Disease Impact?Animals
Artículo2022The High Testosterone Concentrations of the Bucks Used in the “Male Effect” Is Not a Prerequisite for Obtaining High Ovarian Activity in Goats from Mediterranean LatitudesAnimals
Artículo2022The quail game farming sector in SpainAnimals
Artículo2022Unravelling the Role of Metabolites for Detecting Physiological State of Wild Animals: European Rabbit's (Oryctolagus cuniculus) CaseAnimals
Artículo2021Allium-Based Phytobiotic Enhances Egg Production in Laying Hens through Microbial Composition Changes in Ileum and CecumAnimals
Artículo2021Authentication of the Montanera Period on Carcasses of Iberian Pigs by Using Analytical Techniques and Chemometric AnalysesAnimals
Artículo2021Bayesian Analysis of the Effects of Olive Oil-Derived Antioxidants on Cryopreserved Buck Sperm ParametersAnimals
Artículo2021Genetic parameters of effort and recovery in sport horses assessed with infrared thermographyAnimals
Artículo2021How management system affects the concentration of retinol and α-tocopherol in plasma and milk of payoya lactating goats: possible use as traceability biomarkersAnimals
Artículo2021Influence of stress assessed through infrared thermography and environmental parameters on the performance of fattening rabbitsAnimals
Artículo2021Influence of the use of milk replacers on carcass characteristics of suckling kids from eight Spanish goat breedsAnimals
Artículo2021Photoperiod-treatment in mediterranean bucks can improve the reproductive performance of the male effect depending on the extent of their seasonalityAnimals
Revisión2021Spatial cognition in teleost fish: strategies and mechanismsAnimals
Artículo2021Supplementing the diet of dairy goats with dried orange pulp throughout lactation: I. effect on milk performance, nutrient utilisation, blood parameters and production economicsAnimals
Artículo2021Supplementing the diet of dairy goats with dried orange pulp throughout lactation: II effect on milk fatty acids profile, phenolic compounds, fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidant capacityAnimals
Artículo2020Current status of animal-assisted interventions in scientific literature: A critical comment on their internal validityAnimals
Artículo2020Genetic structure analysis of the pura raza español horse population through partial inbreeding coefficient estimationAnimals
Artículo2020Survey of risk factors and genetic characterization of ewe neck in a world population of pura raza español horsesAnimals
Artículo2020The use of concentrates rich in orange by-products in goat feed and its effects on physico-chemical, textural, fatty acids, volatile compounds and sensory characteristics of the meat of suckling kidsAnimals
Artículo2019Metabolic and Stress Responses in Senegalese Soles (Solea senegalensis Kaup) Fed Tryptophan Supplements: Effects of Concentration and Feeding PeriodAnimals