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Publicaciones en la fuente PHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Amplitude modulation control of spatiotemporal chaos in starlike networks of damped-driven pendulaPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2024Stability of regular attractors for non-autonomous random dynamical systems and applications to stochastic Newton–Boussinesq equations with delaysPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2024The complete solution of the Schrödinger equation with the Rosen–Morse type potential via the Nikiforov–Uvarov methodPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2023Birth, transition and maturation of canard cycles in a piecewise linear system with a flat slow manifoldPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2023Hopf bifurcation at infinity in 3D Relay systemsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2023On the approximation of turbulent fluid flows by the Navier–Stokes-α equations on bounded domainsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2022Frequency–momentum representation of moving breathers in a two dimensional hexagonal latticePHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2021Asymptotic expansions for a degenerate canard explosionPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2021Fluid vesicles with internal nematic orderPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2020Analytical approximation of the canard explosion in a van der Pol system with the nonlinear time transformation methodPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2020Bifurcations from a center at infinity in 3D piecewise linear systems with two zonesPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2020Symmetric coupling of multiple timescale systems with Mixed-Mode Oscillations and synchronizationPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2019Asymptotic models for free boundary flow in porous mediaPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2019Micropolar meets Newtonian. The Rayleigh-Benard problemPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2018On 3D Navier-Stokes equations: Regularization and uniqueness by delaysPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2017Well-posedness and dynamics of a fractional stochastic integro-differential equationPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2016Jump bifurcations in some degenerate planar piecewise linear differential systems with three zonesPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2016Mixed-Mode Oscillations in a piecewise linear system with multiple time scale couplingPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2016Stochastic shell models driven by a multiplicative fractional Brownian-motionPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2015Core regulatory network motif underlies the ocellar complex patterning in Drosophila melanogasterPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2015Exchange orbits in the planar 1+4 body problemPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2015Long range annealing of defects in germanium by low energy plasma ionsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2015Numerical analysis of the subcritical feature of electro-thermo-convection in a plane layer of dielectric liquidPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2014Comments on 'Global dynamics of the generalized Lorenz systems having invariant algebraic surfaces'PHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2013Breathers in oscillator chains with Hertzian interactionsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2013Escape dynamics in the discrete repulsive phi(4) modelPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2013Melnikov theory for a class of planar hybrid systemsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2013Multibreathers in Klein-Gordon chains with interactions beyond nearest neighborsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2013Unfolding the fold-Hopf bifurcation in piecewise linear continuous differential systems with symmetryPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2012Saddle-node bifurcation of invariant cones in 3D piecewise linear systemsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2011Dark-bright discrete solitons: a numerical study of existence, stability and dynamicsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2009Discrete solitons in nonlinear Schrödinger lattices with a power-law nonlinearityPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2009Interlaced solitons and vortices in coupled DNLS latticesPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2009On the asymptotic behaviour of solutions of a stochastic energy balance climate modelPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2009Vortex solutions of the discrete Gross-Pitaevskii equation starting from the anti-continuum limitPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2008Analysis of the T-point-Hopf bifurcationPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2008Note on interface dynamics for convection in porous mediaPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2008Travelling solitary waves in the discrete Schrödinger equation with saturable nonlinearity: existence, stability and dynamicsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2006Does the dynamics of sine-Gordon solitons predict active regions of DNA?PHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2006Interaction of moving discrete breathers with vacanciesPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2005Discrete peakonsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2004Lagrangian formalism in perturbed nonlinear Klein-Gordon equationsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2003Continuation of periodic orbits in conservative and Hamiltonian systemsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2003Demonstration of the stability or instability of multibreathers at low couplingPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2003Nonlinear charge transport mechanism in periodic and disordered DNAPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2002Moving breathers in a DNA model with competing short-and long-range dispersive interactionsPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2002The parametrically modified sine-Gordon equation: spectral properties, collisions, resonances and their connection to integrabilityPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo2001Energy dissipation in a nonlinearly damped Duffing oscillatorPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo1999Discrete breathers and Anderson modes: Two faces of the same phenomenon?PHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo1999The non-transverse Shil'nikov-Hopf bifurcation: uncoupling of homoclinic orbits and homoclinic tangenciesPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo1998Bursting behaviour of the FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron model subject to quasi-monochromatic noisePHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo1993A case study for homoclinic chaos in an autonomous electronic circuit: a trip from Takens-Bogdanov to Hopf-Siln´ikovPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA
Artículo1990Diffusion in a class of exactly solvable non-harmonic potentials. Intrinsic effects induced by non-linearitiesPHYSICA D-NONLINEAR PHENOMENA