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Publicaciones en la fuente APPLIED SOFT COMPUTING

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Explaining deep learning models for ozone pollution prediction via embedded feature selectionAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2024TSFIS-GWO: Metaheuristic-driven takagi-sugeno fuzzy system for adaptive real-time routing in WBANsAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2023Censored deep reinforcement patrolling with information criterion for monitoring large water resources using Autonomous Surface VehiclesAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2022A coral-reef approach to extract information from HTML tablesAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2021An evolutionary fuzzy system to support the replacement policy in water supply networks: the ranking of pipes according to their failure riskAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2020A bi-objective home healthcare routing and scheduling problem considering patients' satisfaction in a fuzzy environmentAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2020A multi-objective pharmaceutical supply chain network based on a robust fuzzy model: A comparison of meta-heuristicsAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2019Bio-inspired optimization for the molecular docking problem: State of the art, recent results and perspectivesAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2019Effective constructive heuristics and meta-heuristics for the distributed assembly permutation flowshop scheduling problemAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2018jMetalSP: A framework for dynamic multi-objective big data optimizationAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2017A tabu search approach to solving the picking routing problem for large-and medium-size distribution centres considering the availability of inventory and K heterogeneous material handling equipmentAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2017Automatic feature extraction of time-series applied to fault severity assessment of helical gearbox in stationary and non-stationary speed operationAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2017Handling binary classification problems with a priority class by using Support Vector MachinesAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2017Radio-frequency inductor synthesis using evolutionary computation and Gaussian-process surrogate modelingAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2016Aggregation operators in economic growth analysis and entrepreneurial group decision-makingAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2016High-speed autonomous navigation system for heavy vehiclesAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2015Scatter search-based identification of local patterns with positive and negative correlations in gene expression dataAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2015Single imputation with multilayer perceptron and multiple imputation combining multilayer perceptron and k-nearest neighbours for monotone patternsAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Revisión2015Soft computing methods for the prediction of protein tertiary structures: A surveyAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2015Solving molecular flexible docking problems with metaheuristics: A comparative studyAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2014Fuzzy logic-based embedded system for video de-interlacingAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2014GSVM: An SVM for handling imbalanced accuracy between classes inbi-classification problemsAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2014Neuro-fuzzy techniques to optimize an FPGA embedded controller for robot navigationAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2013A particle swarm optimization algorithm for optimal car-call allocation in elevator group control systemsAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2013An evolutionary computation approach for optimizing connectivity in disaster response scenariosAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2013Neural networks to predict earthquakes in ChileAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2012Enabling fuzzy technologies in high performance networking via an open FPGA-based development platformAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2012Evolutionary Generalized Radial Basis Function neural networks for improving prediction accuracy in gene classification using feature selectionAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2012Fuzzy Grey Cognitive Maps in reliability engineeringAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2011A Tabu Search algorithm for dynamic routing in ATM cell-switching networksAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2011Fuzzy motion adaptive algorithm and its hardware implementation for video de-interlacingAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2011Genetic and tabu search approaches for optimizing the hall call-Car allocation problem in elevator group systemsAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2004Genetic algorithm for controllers in elevator groups: analysis and simulation during lunchpeak trafficAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2004Hardware/software codesign of configurable fuzzy control systemsAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Editorial2004Special issue on hardware implementations of soft computing techniques - PrefaceAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING
Artículo2001Genetic algorithm for planning cable telecommunication networksAPPLIED SOFT COMPUTING