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Artículo2023Digital twins in condition-based maintenance apps: A case study for train axle bearingsCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2023Simulating dynamic RUL based CBM scheduling. A case study in the railway sectorCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2023Updating digital twins: methodology for data accuracy quality control using machine learning techniquesCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2023When business processes meet complex events in logistics: A systematic mapping studyCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2022Hybridizing humans and robots: an RPA horizon envisaged from the trenchesCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Revisión2022Industrial Resources in the design of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems for aerospace: A systematic literature reviewCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2021CARMEN: A framework for the verification and diagnosis of the specification of security requirements in cyber-physical systemsCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2021Dimensionality analysis in machine learning failure detection models. A case study with LNG compressorsCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2021Integrating complex asset health modelling techniques with continuous time simulation modelling: A practical tool for maintenance and capital investments analysisCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2020Designing CBM plans, based on predictive analytics and big data tools, for train wheel bearingsCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2020Integrating artificial intelligent techniques and continuous time simulation modelling. Practical predictive analytics for energy efficiency and failure detectionCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2020Prognosis of multiple instances in time-aware declarative business process modelsCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2018CBG-Framework: A bottom-up model-based approach for Collaborative Business Process ManagementCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2018Tactical Business-Process-Decision Support based on KPIs Monitoring and ValidationCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2016A framework for effective management of condition based maintenance programs in the context of industrial development of E-Maintenance strategiesCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2016An allocation-scheduling heuristic to manage train traffic in an intermodal terminalCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2014Enabling customers engagement and collaboration for small and medium-sized enterprises in ubiquitous multi-channel ecosystemsCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2013Dynamic approach to solve the daily drayage problem with transit time uncertaintyCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2013Modelling using UML and BPMN the integration of open reliability, maintenance and condition monitoring management systems: An application in an electric transformer systemCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Artículo2012A framework for warranty management in industrial assetsCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY
Editorial2006Special issue on e-maintenanceCOMPUTERS IN INDUSTRY