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Publicaciones en la fuente MINERALS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024From the Mountain and the Sea: Provenance of the Stones of the Prehistoric La Pastora Tholos (Valencina de la Concepción, Seville, Spain)MINERALS
Artículo2024Revealing Juan de Oviedo y de la Bandera’s artworks: the case of the polychrome of a stone-carved sculpture from the Madre de Dios Convent Façade in SevilleMINERALS
Artículo2023Material and Technical Analysis of La Inmaculada by Francisco PachecoMINERALS
Artículo2023Revalorisation of Fine Recycled Concrete in Acid Mine Water Treatment: A Challenge to a Circular EconomyMINERALS
Artículo2023Soil contaminated with hazardous waste materials at Rio Tinto mine (Spain) is a persistent secondary source of acid and heavy metals to the environmentMINERALS
Artículo2023The stability of anthocyanins and their derivatives through clay minerals: revising the current literatureMINERALS
Artículo2022REE Geochemistry of Neogene-Holocene Sediments of La Fontanilla Cove (Tinto Estuary, SW Spain)MINERALS
Artículo2021New geological evidence of the 1755 Lisbon tsunami from the rock of Gibraltar (Southern Iberian Peninsula)MINERALS
Artículo2020Monte Carlo SEM-EDS nano-microanalysis strategy of historical mineral pigments: The simulation of the Egyptian blue from Pompeii (Italy) as an exampleMINERALS
Artículo2020The origin and evolution of late holocene tsunamiites in the Doñana national park (SW Spain): trace elements as geochemical proxiesMINERALS
Artículo2019Characterization of Microbial Communities Associated with Ceramic Raw Materials as Potential Contributors for the Improvement of Ceramic Rheological PropertiesMINERALS
Artículo2019Proposed methodology to evaluate co2 capture using construction and demolition wasteMINERALS
Revisión2017A Review of the Carbon Footprint of Cu and Zn Production from Primary and Secondary SourcesMINERALS
Artículo2015Demonstration Plant Equipment Design and Scale-Up from Pilot Plant of a Leaching and Solvent Extraction ProcessMINERALS
Artículo2014Technological Proposals for Recycling Industrial Wastes for Environmental ApplicationsMINERALS
Artículo2011Assessing Soil Quality in Areas Affected by Sulfide Mining. Application to Soils in the Iberian Pyrite Belt (SW Spain)MINERALS