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Publicaciones en la fuente MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS

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Artículo20242D magnesium phosphate resorbable coating to enhance cell adhesion on titanium surfacesMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2024Development of bimetallic Ru/Ni/SBA-16 catalysts for catalytic hydrogenation of bio-based furfural to 2-methylfuran and furfuryl alcoholMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2023Microstructural characterization and thermal stability of He charged amorphous silicon films prepared by magnetron sputtering in heliumMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2023Porous beta titanium alloy coated with a therapeutic biopolymeric composite to improve tribomechanical and biofunctional balanceMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2019Interrelations of structure, electric surface charge, and hydrophobicity of organo-mica and -montmorillonite, tailored with quaternary or primary amine cations. Preliminary study of pyrimethanil adsorptionMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2017Phase composition and growth mechanisms of half-metal Heusler alloy produced by Pulsed Laser Deposition: From core-shell nanoparticles to amorphous randomic clustersMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2016Experimental evidences of enhanced magnetocaloric properties at room temperature and half-metallicity on Fe2MnSi-based Heusler alloysMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2016Magnetocaloric functional properties of Sm0.6Sr0.4MnO3 manganite due to advanced nanostructured morphologyMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2015Electronic and atomic structure of complex defects in Al- and Ga-highly doped ZnO filmsMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2015Structural and chemical reactivity modifications of a cobalt perovskite induced by Sr-substitution. An in situ XAS studyMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2015Study of thulium doping effect and enhancement of photocatalytic activity of rutile TiO<inf>2</inf> nanoparticlesMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2014Chromium removal on chitosan-based sorbents - An EXAFS/XANES investigation of mechanismMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2014New manganese (II) structures derived from 2,6-dichlorobenzoic acid: Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetismMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2013Highly active Zr co-doped Ag-ZnO photocatalyst for the mineralization of Acid Black 1 under UV-A light illuminationMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2011Magneto-caloric effect in the pseudo-binary intermetallic YPrFe17 compoundMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2010Catalytic nanomedicine: Functionalisation of nanostructured cryptomelaneMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2010Room temperature giant magnetoimpedance in La0.7Ba0.15Sr0.15MnO3 compoundMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo2005Effect of the preparation method on the physicochemical properties of mixed magnesium-vanadium oxidesMATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS
Artículo1989Activation energy spectra for the relaxation phenomena in non-crystalline samples of the Se100-xBix system (x≤ 3.4)MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS