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Publicaciones en la fuente PHYSICAL REVIEW E

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Artículo2024Induced-charge electrophoresis of a tilted metal nanowire near an insulating wallPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2024Kinetic glass transition in granular gases and nonlinear molecular fluidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2024Quantum ratchet with Lindblad rate equationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Brillouin propagation modes of cold atoms undergoing Sisyphus coolingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Buckling in a rotationally invariant spin-elastic modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Discrete breathers in a mechanical metamaterialPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Dynamics of a silicone oil drop submerged in a stratified ethanol-water bathPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Excited-state quantum phase transitions in the anharmonic Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model: dynamical aspectsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Information in feedback ratchetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Insulating traveling-wave electrophoresisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Quantum reinforcement learning in the presence of thermal dissipationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Solitary wave billiardsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2023Standing and traveling waves in a model of periodically modulated one-dimensional waveguide arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2022Assessing one-dimensional models for axisymmetric liquid columns through analysis of drop oscillationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2022Excited-state quantum phase transitions in the anharmonic Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model: Static aspectsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2022Floquet solitons in square lattices: existence, stability, and dynamics.PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2022Thermal versus entropic Mpemba effect in molecular gases with nonlinear dragPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Linear response in the uniformly heated granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Numerical analysis of electrohydrodynamic instability in dielectric-liquid-gas flows subjected to unipolar injectionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Pseudo-two-dimensional dynamics in a system of macroscopic rolling spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Reaction-diffusion spatial modeling of COVID-19: Greece and Andalusia as case examplesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Spin dynamics under the influence of elliptically rotating fields: extracting the field topology from time-averaged quantitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Statistical physics of DNA hybridizationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Strong nonexponential relaxation and memory effects in a fluid with nonlinear dragPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021System size synchronizationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2021Vibrational mechanics in higher dimension: tuning potential landscapesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2020Asymmetric stochastic resetting: modeling catastrophic eventsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2020Finite-time adiabatic processes: Derivation and speed limitPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2020Oscillatory behavior in a system of swarmalators with a short-range repulsive interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2020Self-diffusion in a quasi-two-dimensional gas of hard spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2020Zero-gravity thermal convection in granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Aerodynamically stabilized Taylor cone jetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Derivation of a Langevin equation in a system with multiple scales: The case of negative temperaturesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Efficient lattice Boltzmann method for electrohydrodynamic solid-liquid phase changePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Electrokinetics of metal cylindersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Electrorotation of semiconducting microspheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Electrospray cone-jet mode for weakly viscoelastic liquidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Evolution of Gaussian wave packets in capillary jetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Experimental and numerical observation of dark and bright breathers in the band gap of a diatomic electrical latticePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Exploring the solution landscape enables more reliable network community detectionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Inhomogeneous cooling state of a strongly confined granular gas at low densityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Large Mpemba-like effect in a gas of inelastic rough hard spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Optimal work in a harmonic trap with bounded stiffnessPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Pterobreathers in a model for a layered crystal with realistic potentials: Exact moving breathers in a moving framePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Speed-of-light pulses in a massless nonlinear Dirac equationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Stability of a jet moving in a rectangular microchannelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2019Understanding an instability in vibrated granular monolayersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Asymptotic theory of quasiperiodically driven quantum systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Curvature corrections to the nonlocal interfacial model for short-ranged forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Directed motion of spheres induced by unbiased driving forces in viscous fluids beyond the Stokes' law regimePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Electroconvection in a dielectric liquid between two concentric half-cylinders with rigid walls: Linear and nonlinear analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Hydrodynamics and two-dimensional dark lump solitons for polariton superfluidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Hydrodynamics of granular particles on a linePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Pressure-driven filling of liquid metal in closed-end microchannelsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Soap-film flow induced by electric fields in asymmetric framesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Structural properties of the Jagla fluidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2018Theory of anomalous collective diffusion in colloidal monolayers on a spherical interfacePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Bifurcation analysis and phase diagram of a spin-string model with buckled statesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Boltzmann kinetic equation for a strongly confined gas of hard spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Boundary-layer effects in droplet splashingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Floquet analysis of Kuznetsov-Ma breathers: a path towards spectral stability of rogue wavesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017From thermal to excited-state quantum phase transition: The Dicke modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Global stability and H theorem in lattice models with nonconservative interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Mean flow produced by small-amplitude vibrations of a liquid bridge with its free surface covered with an insoluble surfactantPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Numerical study of soap-film flow by nonuniform alternating electric fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Onset of anomalous diffusion in colloids confined to quasimonolayersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Pumping of electrolytes by electrical forces induced on the diffusion layer: A weakly nonlinear analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Speed-of-light pulses in the massless nonlinear Dirac equation with a potentialPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Unifying perspective: solitary traveling waves as discrete breathers in Hamiltonian lattices and energy criteria for their stabilityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2017Wideband analytical equivalent circuit for coupled asymmetrical nonaligned slit arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Computationally efficient analysis of extraordinary optical transmission through infinite and truncated subwavelength hole arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Energy localization and shape transformations in semiflexible polymer ringsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Impulse-induced generation of stationary and moving discrete breathers in nonlinear oscillator networksPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Impulse-induced localized control of chaos in starlike networksPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Kinetic equation and nonequilibrium entropy for a quasi-two-dimensional gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Kink ratchet induced by a time-dependent symmetric field potentialPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Monosized dripping mode of axisymmetric flow focusingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2016Nonlinear Dirac equation solitary waves in external fields (vol 86, 046602, 2012)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Renormalized jellium model for colloidal mixturesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Soliton dynamics in optical fibers using the generalized traveling-wave methodPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Spatial modes in one-dimensional models for capillary jetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Stability analysis of the homogeneous hydrodynamics of a model for a confined granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2016Wideband analytical equivalent circuit for one-dimensional periodic stacked arraysPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Anomalous self-diffusion in a freely evolving granular gas near the shearing instabilityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Convective-to-absolute instability transition in a viscoelastic capillary jet subject to unrelaxed axial elastic tensionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Electrorotation of a metal sphere immersed in an electrolyte of finite Debye lengthPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015General approach for dealing with dynamical systems with spatiotemporal periodicitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Hydrodynamics for a model of a confined quasi-two-dimensional granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Interplay between parity-time symmetry, supersymmetry, and nonlinearity: an analytically tractable case examplePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Nonsinusoidal current and current reversals in a gating ratchetPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Paramagnetic colloidal ribbons in a precessing magnetic fieldPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Power-law decay of the velocity autocorrelation function of a granular fluid in the homogeneous cooling statePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Soliton stability criterion for generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Theory of force-extension curves for modular proteins and DNA hairpinsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2015Ultradiscrete kinks with supersonic speed in a layered crystal with realistic potentialsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Collective coordinates theory for discrete soliton ratchets in the sine-Gordon modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Dynamics of an axisymmetric liquid bridge close to the minimum-volume stability limitPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Electro-orientation of a metal nanowire counterbalanced by thermal torquesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Homogeneous hydrodynamics of a collisional model of confined granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Kink topology control by high-frequency external forces in nonlinear Klein-Gordon modelsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Kovacs effect in the one-dimensional Ising model: A linear response analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Memory effect in uniformly heated granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Memory effects in the relaxation of a confined granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Production of microbubbles from axisymmetric flow focusing in the jetting regime for moderate Reynolds numbersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Quantum phase transitions of atom-molecule Bose mixtures in a double-well potentialPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Signature of time-dependent hydrodynamic interactions on collective diffusion in colloidal monolayersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2014Stability of solitary waves in the nonlinear Dirac equation with arbitrary nonlinearityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Revisión2013Comment on "ratchet universality in the presence of thermal noise"PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Coupled backward- and forward-propagating solitons in a composite right- and left-handed transmission linePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Electric-field-induced rotation of Brownian metal nanowiresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Electro-orientation and electrorotation of metal nanowiresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Homogeneous steady state of a confined granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Linear hydrodynamics for driven granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Nonlinear localized modes in two-dimensional electrical latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Nonlinear Schrodinger solitons oscillate under a constant external forcePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Off-axis vortex breakdown in a shallow whirlpoolPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Onset of convection in a finite two-dimensional container due to unipolar injection of ionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Sawtooth patterns in force-extension curves of biomolecules: An equilibrium-statistical-mechanics theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Shearing instability of a dilute granular mixturePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Theoretical investigation of a technique to produce microbubbles by a microfluidic T junctionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Thermal equilibrium in Einstein's elevatorPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Typical and rare fluctuations in nonlinear driven diffusive systems with dissipationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2013Universal asymptotic behavior in nonlinear systems driven by a two-frequency forcingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Behavior of a single element in a finite stochastic arrayPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Control of transport in two-dimensional systems via dynamical decoupling of degrees of freedom with quasiperiodic driving fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Forced nonlinear Schrodinger equation with arbitrary nonlinearityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Generalized Berreman's model of the elastic surface free energy of a nematic liquid crystal on a sawtoothed substratePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Internal energy fluctuations of a granular gas under steady uniform shear flowPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Nematic wetting and filling of crenellated surfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Nonlinear Dirac equation solitary waves in external fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Nonlinear driven diffusive systems with dissipation: Fluctuating hydrodynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Numerical simulation of electrospray in the cone-jet modePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Rheological effects in the linear response and spontaneous fluctuations of a sheared granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Ripples in a string coupled to Glauber spinsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Spin-oscillator model for the unzipping of biomolecules by mechanical forcePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Thermal segregation of intruders in the Fourier state of a granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2012Universal reference state in a driven homogeneous granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Cooling rates and energy partition in inhomogeneous fluidized granular mixturesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Current reversals in a rocking ratchet: the frequency domainPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Development of a swirling double counterflowPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2011Development of a swirling double counterflow (vol 83, 056322, 2011)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Development of colliding swirling counterflowsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Discrete breathers in a nonlinear electric line: modeling, computation, and experimentPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Excited-state phase transition and onset of chaos in quantum optical modelsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Filling and wetting transitions of nematic liquid crystals on sinusoidal substratesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Fluctuating Navier-Stokes equations for inelastic hard spheres or disksPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Global stability of the focusing effect of fluid jet flowsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Quasidiscrete microwave solitons in a split-ring-resonator-based left-handed coplanar waveguidePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Reaction-rate theory with account of the crystal anharmonicityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Refined empirical stability criterion for nonlinear Schrodinger solitons under spatiotemporal forcingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2011Taylor cones in a leaky dielectric liquid under an ac electric fieldPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Breakdown of hydrodynamics in the inelastic Maxwell model of granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Critical behavior of two freely evolving granular gases separated by an adiabatic pistonPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Current reversals in a rocking ratchet: dynamical versus symmetry-breaking mechanismsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Dynamics of colloidal particles with capillary interactionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Effect of the combined action of Faradaic currents and mobility differences in ac electro-osmosisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Effects of periodic perturbations on the oscillatory behavior in the NO+H-2 reaction on Pt(100)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Electrothermally driven flows in ac electrowettingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Generalized traveling-wave method, variational approach, and modified conserved quantities for the perturbed nonlinear Schrodinger equationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Nonlinear Schrodinger equation with spatiotemporal perturbationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Regular and chaotic transport of discrete solitons in asymmetric potentialsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Scaling of the elastic contribution to the surface free energy of a nematic liquid crystal on a sawtoothed substratePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Symmetries shape the current in ratchets induced by a biharmonic driving forcePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Traveling and stationary intrinsic localized modes and their spatial control in electrical latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2010Volume fluctuations and compressibility of a vibrated granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Driven and damped double sine-Gordon equation: The influence of internal modes on the soliton ratchet mobilityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Electromechanics of fluidized beds of nanoparticlesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Fluctuating hydrodynamics for dilute granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Hydrodynamic character of the nonequipartition of kinetic energy in binary granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Magnetofluidization of fine magnetite powderPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Ordering of hard spheres inside hard cylindrical poresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Pull-off force of coated fine powders under small consolidationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Revision of capillary cone-jet physics: Electrospray and flow focusingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2009Revision of capillary cone-jet physics: Electrospray and flow focusing (vol 79, 066305, 2009)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Rocking feedback-controlled ratchetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2009Vibrated granular gas confined by a pistonPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Brownian motion under annihilation dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Dynamics of annihilation. I. Linearized Boltzmann equation and hydrodynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Dynamics of annihilation. II. Fluctuations of global quantitiesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Finite-size fluctuations and stochastic resonance in globally coupled bistable systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Linear response and hydrodynamics for granular fluidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Liquid flow focused by a gas: Jetting, dripping, and recirculationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Microcanonical quantum fluctuation theoremsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Multipole expansion of the electrostatic interaction between charged colloids at interfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Nanofluidization electrostaticsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Role of fluctuations in the response of coupled bistable units to weak time-periodic driving forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Shear state of freely evolving granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Solitons in one-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger lattices with a local inhomogeneityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Spatiotemporal instability of a confined capillary jetPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Stability of coflowing capillary jets under nonaxisymmetric perturbationsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Transport coefficients for the hard-sphere granular fluidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Turbulence in pneumatic flow focusing and flow blurring regimesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2008Unconditional jettingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Absolute instability of a viscous hollow jetPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Dynamics of the Davydov-Scott monomer in a thermal bath: comparison of the full quantum and semiclassical approachesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Sine-Gordon ratchets with general periodic, additive, and parametric driving forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Spreading in narrow channelsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Two-dimensional discrete solitons in rotating latticesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Types of gas fluidization of cohesive granular materialsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Use of Parsons-Lee and onsager theories to predict nematic and demixing behavior in binary mixtures of hard rods and hard spheresPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2007Very large stochastic resonance gains in finite sets of interacting identical subsystems driven by subthreshold rectangular pulsesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Domain wall dynamics in expanding spacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Effect of compaction history on the fluidization behavior of fine cohesive powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Flux reversal in a simple random-walk model on a fluctuating symmetric latticePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006High viscosity gas fluidization of fine particles: an extended window of quasihomogeneous flowPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006High-frequency effects in the FitzHugh-Nagumo neuron modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Hydrodynamic profiles for an impurity in an open vibrated granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Ratchet effect in a damped sine-Gordon system with additive and parametric ac driving forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Letter2006Reply to "Comment on 'Existence of internal modes of sine-Gordon kinks' "PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Stabilization from chaotic to periodical states in a model of cellular automaton for oxidation of COPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Stochastic resonance of collective variables in finite sets of interacting identical subsystemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Structural explanation of the rheology of a colloidal suspension under high dc electric fieldsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2006Transport coefficients for dense hard-disk systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Analytical approach to soliton ratchets in asymmetric potentialsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Comment on “Soliton ratchets induced by excitation of internal modes”PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Effective capillary interaction of spherical particles at fluid interfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Exact numerical solutions for dark waves on the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Formal derivation of dissipative particle dynamics from first principlesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Hydrodynamic modes for a granular gas from kinetic theoryPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Influence of the excited states on the electron-energy distribution function in low-pressure microwave argon plasmasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Motion of discrete solitons assisted by nonlinearity managementPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Random initial condition in small Barabasi-Albert networks and deviations from the scale-free behaviorPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2005Theory of frequency and phase synchronization in a rocked bistable stochastic systemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Anisotropic diffusion-limited aggregationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Breather statics and dynamics in Klein-Gordon chains with a bendPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Bubble generation in a twisted and bent DNA-like modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Diffusion-limited aggregation with power-law pinningPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Effects of additive noise on vibrational resonance in a bistable systemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Corrección2004Effects of additive noise on vibrational resonance in a bistable system (vol E 69, art no 046108, 2004)PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Energy fluctuations in the homogeneous cooling state of granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Energy funneling in a bent chain of Morse oscillators with long-range couplingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Interfacial structure at a two-dimensional wedge filling transition: Exact results and a renormalization group studyPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Model for spreading of liquid monolayersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Nonlinear stochastic resonance with subthreshold rectangular pulsesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Perfectly monodisperse microbubbling by capillary flow focusing: An alternate physical description and universal scalingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Simulation study of the Green-Kubo relations for dilute granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Steady-state representation of the homogeneous cooling state of a granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2004Validity of the Boltzmann equation to describe low-density granular systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Cellular automaton model for the simulation of laser dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Closed model for granular compaction under weak tappingPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Effect of particle size and interparticle force on the fluidization behavior of gas-fluidized bedsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Equilibrium properties of a monomer-monomer catalytic reaction on a one-dimensional chainPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Experimental evidence, numerics, and theory of vibrational resonance in bistable systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Gain in stochastic resonance: Precise numerics versus linear response theory beyond the two-mode approximationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Hydrodynamic modes for granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Hydrodynamic modes for granular gasesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Liquid crystal behavior of the kihara fluidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Phase switching in a system of two noisy Hodgkin-Huxley neurons coupled by a diffusive interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Pumping of liquids with ac voltages applied to asymmetric pairs of microelectrodesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Subthreshold stochastic resonance: Rectangular signals can cause anomalous large gainsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Surface and capillary transitions in an associating binary mixture modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Using the finite domain remnant of the continuous spectrum to examine integrability: effect of boundary conditionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Using the finite domain remnant of the continuous spectrum to examine integrability: effect of boundary conditionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Velocity distribution of fluidized granular gases in the presence of gravityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Vortex breakdown control by adding near-axis swirl and temperature gradientsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2003Vortex breakdown control by adding near-axis swirl and temperature gradientsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Breathers in a system with helicity and dipole interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Conformal map modeling of the pinning transition in Laplacian growthPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Diffusion in a granular fluid. I. TheoryPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Diffusion in a granular fluid. II. SimulationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Dipolar origin of the gas-liquid coexistence of the hard-core 1 : 1 electrolyte modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Effective dynamics and steady state of an Ising model submitted to tapping processesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Fine cohesive powders in rotating drums: transition from rigid- plastic flow to gas-fluidized regimePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Fluid flow induced by nonuniform ac electric fields in electrolytes on microelectrodes. III. Observation of streamlines and numerical simulationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Gas heating in low-pressure microwave argon dischargesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Hydrodynamic Maxwell demon in granular systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Interplay of nonlinearity and geometry in a DNA-related, Klein-Gordon model with long-range dipole-dipole interactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Noise-induced resonances in the Hindmarsh-Rose neuronal modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Self-rotation in electrocapillary flowsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Soliton ratchetsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Transversal inhomogeneities in dilute vibrofluidized granular fluidsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2002Vibrational resonance in a noise-induced structurePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Aggregation and sedimentation in gas-fluidized beds of cohesive powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Anomalies of ac driven solitary waves with internal modes: Nonparametric resonances induced by parametric forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Correlation between bulk stresses and interparticle contact forces in fine powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Dynamical mean-field solution of coupled quantum wells: A bifurcation analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Effect of vibration on the stability of a gas-fluidized bed of fine powderPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Glasslike dynamical behavior in hierarchical models submitted to continuous cooling and heating processesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Hydrodynamics of an open vibrated granular systemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Linear response of vibrated granular systems to sudden changes in the vibration intensityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Nonequivalence of phonon modes in the sine-Gordon equationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2001Orientational transitions in a nematic liquid crystal confined by competing surfacesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Avalanches in fine, cohesive powdersPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Boundary conditions and normal state for a vibrated granular fluidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Closed-loop phase equilibria of a symmetrical associating mixture of square-well molecules examined by Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo simulationPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Distribution of escape times for a deterministically driven bistable systemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Existence of internal modes of sine-Gordon kinksPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Fluid flow induced by nonuniform ac electric fields in electrolytes on microelectrodes. I. Experimental measurementsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Fluid flow induced by nonuniform ac electric fields in electrolytes on microelectrodes. II. A linear double-layer analysisPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo2000Resonances in the dynamics of phi(4) kinks perturbed by ac forcesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Brownian motion in a granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Evolving three-dimensional cellular automata to perform a quasiperiod-3 collective behavior taskPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999High energy tail in the velocity distribution of a granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Lobe dynamics and space charge distribution in nonsteady electroconvectionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Origin of density clustering in a freely evolving granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Overdamped sine-Gordon kink in a thermal bathPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1999Simple model with facilitated dynamics for granular compactionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Accurate path integral representations of the Fokker-Planck equation with a linear reference system: Comparative study of current theoriesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Accurate quantum and statistical mechanics from system-specific operator expansionsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Hydrodynamics for granular flow at low densityPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Kinetic model for the hard-sphere fluid and solidPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Letter1998Limit cycles of polynomial Lienard systemsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Low and high Reynolds number flows inside Taylor conesPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Operator expansions in stochastic dynamicsPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Quenched disorder enhances chaotic diffusionPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Editorial1998Reply to "Comment on 'Model kinetic equation for low-density granular flow'"PHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1998Steady state of a fluidized granular medium between two walls at the same temperaturePHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1997Brownian dynamics simulation of the prehistory problemPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1997Steady uniform shear flow in a low density granular gasPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1996Coherent neutron scattering response from glassy glycerolPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1996Homogeneous cooling state of a low-density granular flowPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1996Low-temperature relaxation in the one-dimensional Ising modelPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1996Model kinetic equation for low-density granular flowPHYSICAL REVIEW E
Artículo1996Nonlinear electrohydrodynamic waves on films falling down an inclined planePHYSICAL REVIEW E
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