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Letter2023Characteristics of individuals with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency from Northern and Southern European countries: EARCO international registryEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2023Epidemiology of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic preliminary results of PNEUMO study EuropeEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2023Identification of disease modifier genetic variants in PiZZ patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiencyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2023Mortality and readmission after COPD exacerbation-related hospitalization: an individual patient data meta-analysisEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2023Quality of life following CAP hospitalization: preliminary results from the PNEUMO study EuropeEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Letter2022Higher frequency of comorbidities in fully vaccinated patients admitted to the ICU due to severe COVID-19: a prospective, multicentre, observational studyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2022Randomised controlled trial of a prognostic assessment and management pathway to reduce the length of hospital stay in normotensive patients with acute pulmonary embolism.EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2022Tuberculosis and COVID-19 co-infection: description of the global cohortEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2021Clinical characteristics and 3-month outcomes in cancer patients with incidental versus clinically suspected and confirmed pulmonary embolismEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2021Survival and quality of life after early discharge in low-risk pulmonary embolismEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2021Targeting HIF2 alpha-ARNT hetero-dimerisation as a novel therapeutic strategy for pulmonary arterial hypertensionEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Letter2020Active tuberculosis, sequelae and COVID-19 co-infection: first cohort of 49 casesEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Letter2020Association between reperfusion therapy and outcomes in patients with acute pulmonary embolism and right heart thrombiEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2020Evaluation of quadriceps muscle function in patients with moderate to severe COPDEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2020Mortality prediction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease comparing the GOLD 2015 and GOLD 2019 staging systems: a pooled analysis of individual patient dataEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2020Sex differences in COPD outcome in 5,355 women with COPD: a new analysis of the 3CIA studyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2020Venous thromboembolism in solid-organ transplant recipients: findings from the RIETE registryEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2019Among patients who have had a PE, left ventricular diastolic dysfunction is an unusual cause of exercise limitationEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2019Anti-Factor Xa levels correlate with recurrent venous thromboembolism and clinically relevant bleeding in patients receiving low-molecular-weight heparinEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2019Differential expression of miRNAs present in plasma and contained within circulating microparticles in precapillary pulmonary hypertensionEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2019Effect of a single group motivational intervention on smoking cessation among hospital workersEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2019Inter-observer correlation in detection of pulmonary hypertension (PH) after an acute pulmonary embolism (PE)EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Letter2019International trends in COPD mortality, 1995-2017EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2019Late breaking abstract - a new study of the prevalence of COPD in Spain: EPISCAN IIEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Letter2019Rate and duration of hospitalisation for acute pulmonary embolism in the real-world clinical practice of different countries: analysis from the RIETE registryEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2019Risk charts of five-year mortality in COPD patientsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2019Sincope is a risk marker in Pulmonary Embolism (PE) with a low risk clinical profile (sPESI:o)EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2018Role of a clinical prediction score in a chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension rule-out strategyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2018The Post-Embolic Syndrome: Right Ventricular Post-injury Dysfunction?EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2017A simple algorithm for the identification of clinical COPD phenotypesEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2017Clinical features and short-term outcomes of cancer patients with suspected and unsuspected pulmonary embolism: the EPIPHANY studyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2017Incidence of Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension (CTEPH) at six months of a Pulmonary Embolism (PE). OSIRIS StudyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2017Prevalence of persistent blood eosinophilia: relation to outcomes in patients with COPDEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2017Study on microparticles in a posthrombotic hypertension animal modelEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2017Th-2 signature in chronic airway diseases: towards the extinction of asthma-COPD overlap syndrome?EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Revisión2016Beta-blockers and COPD: The show must go onEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Ponencia2016Comparative analysis of bioimpedance methods for the nutritional assessment of respiratory patientsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Ponencia2016Evolution of empyema thoracis in the last 20 years in the South Area of Seville, SpainEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2016Occult cancer in patients with acute venous thromboembolism: Why, when and where to investigateEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2016Prognostic assessment in COPD without lung function: the B-AE-D indicesEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Ponencia2016Prognostic factors associated to survival in patients with malignant pleural effusion (MPE) undergoing talc poudrage pleurodesis (TPP)EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Letter2016Readmission in COPD patients: Should we consider it a marker of quality of care or a marker of a more severe disease with a worse prognosis?: From the authorsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2016Risk of death and readmission of hospital-admitted COPD exacerbations: European COPD AuditEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2016Search predictive factors of recurrence in venous thromboembolic disease associated with cancer after withdrawal of the anticoagulation. HISP IS studyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2016Treatment of venous thromboembolism in cancer patients with tinzaparin beyond 6 months. TiCAT studyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2016Unusual site thrombosis: splanchnic vein thrombosis, management in noncirrothicEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2015Factors associated with mortality and survival in venous thromboembolism and hidden or concurrent cancerEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2015Long-term low molecular weight heparin treatment in cancer associated venous thromboembolism patientsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2015Molecular and clinical diseasome of comorbidities in exacerbated COPD patientsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Ponencia2015Spanish multicenter study of morbidity and pathogenic role of tracheal bronchus in pediatric patientsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2014Association between sleep disordered breathing and aggressiveness markers of malignant cutaneous melanomaEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2014Clinical presentations and serotypes causing invasive pneumococcal disease in adults vaccinated with the 23-valent polysaccharide pneumococcal vaccine (PPV23) in Spain. The ODIN study (2010-2013)EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2014Differences in content and organisational aspects of pulmonary rehabilitation programmesEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2014Influence of comorbidities in the clinical presentation of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) in adults in Spain, 2010-2013. The ODIN studyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2014Integrated care pathways for airway diseases (AIRWAYS-ICPs)EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Ponencia2014Reduction in systemic inflammation by the PDE4 inhibitor roflumilast in patients with COPDEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2014Rivaroxaban for treatment of venous thromboembolism. A real-life perspective in 103 patientsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2014The impact of mixed etiology in community acquired pneumonia (CAP)EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2014Trends in hospital admissions for pulmonary embolism in Spain from 2002 to 2011EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2014Variability of hospital resources for acute care of COPD patients: the European COPD AuditEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Ponencia2013Aquoaporin-1 expression in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2013Community-acquired pneumonia with severe sepsis: Etiology and prognosisEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2013European COPD Audit: Design, organisation of work and methodologyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Ponencia2013Evidence-based asthma indicators for primary care using RAND methodEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Ponencia2013Fungi communities detected by metagenomic tools in sputum in patients with cystic fibrosisEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2013Multicomponent indices to predict survival In COPD: the COCOMICS studyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2013Prognosis and evolution of COPD patients hospitalized and treated with non invasive ventilationEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2013Prognostic scores in pulmonary embolism: PESI, simplified PESI or PREP?EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Ponencia2013The CAN questionnaire relates differences in the quality of life of asthmatics (PAQL)EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Editorial2013The MABA approach: a new option to improve bronchodilator therapyEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2013Underlying clinical conditions and invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) in adults in Spain (ODIN study, 2010-2012)EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2012Initial management of pneumonia and sepsis: factors associated with improved outcomeEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2011Determinants of prescription and choice of empirical therapy for hospital-acquired and ventilator-associated pneumoniaEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2011Efficacy of talc pleurodesis in patients with malignant pleural effusionsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Resumen congreso2011Prevalence of comorbidities in patients with COPD in south-SpainEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2010Inhaled drugs as risk factors for community-acquired pneumoniaEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Revisión2008Carotid body oxygen sensingEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2008Clinical and polygraphic evolution of sleep-related breathing disorders in adolescentsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2008CPAP decreases plasma levels of soluble tumour necrosis factor-α receptor 1 in obstructive sleep apnoeaEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Letter2008Pulmonary embolism at homeEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2008Sequential measurements of procalcitonin levels in diagnosing ventilator-associated pneumoniaEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2007Haemodynamically unstable pulmonary embolism in the RIETE registry: systolic blood pressure or shock index?EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2007Modulatory effects of N-acetyl-L-cysteine on human eosinophil apoptosisEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2004Effects of sex on sleep-disordered breathing in adolescentsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2004Home respiratory polygraphy for diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing in heart failureEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL
Artículo2003Oral N-acetylcysteine reduces bleomycin-induced lung damage and mucin Muc5ac expression in ratsEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURNAL