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Artículo2019Biodiversity of rhizobia present in plant nodules of Biserrula pelecinus across Southwest SpainSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2018Salinivibrio kushneri sp. nov., a moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from salternsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Corrección2015Larsenia salina gen. nov., sp. nov., a new member of the family Halomonadaceae based on multilocus sequence analysis (vol 37, pg 480, 2014)SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2015Rhizobial strains isolated from nodules of Medicago marina in southwest Spain are abiotic-stress tolerant and symbiotically diverseSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2014Larsenia salina gen. nov., sp nov., a new member of the family Halomonadaceae based on multilocus sequence analysisSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2012Chryseobacterium oncorhynchi sp nov., isolated from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2012Chryseobacterium tructae sp nov., isolated from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2012Rubrobacter bracarensis sp nov., a novel member of the genus Rubrobacter isolated from a biodeteriorated monumentSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2011Bacillus locisalis sp nov., a new haloalkaliphilic species from hypersaline and alkaline lakes of China, Kenya and TanzaniaSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2011Salimicrobium salexigens sp nov., a moderately halophilic bacterium from salted hidesSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2010Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of rhizobia associated with Acacia saligna (Labill.) Wendl. in nurseries from AlgeriaSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2010The extremely halophilic bacterium Salicola marasensis IC10 accumulates the compatible solute betaineSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2006Osmoprotection of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium by N-gamma-acetyldiaminobutyrate, the precursor of the compatible solute ectoineSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2005Contribution of chemical changes in membrane lipids to the osmoadaptation of the halophilic bacterium Chromohalobacter salexigensSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2003A catalogue of molecular, physiological and symbiotic properties of soybean-nodulating rhizobial strains from different soybean cropping areas of ChinaSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2002Acetaldehyde and ethanol are responsible for mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) in flor YeastsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2002Proposal of Cobetia marina gen. nov., comb. nov., within the family Halomonadaceae, to include the species Halomonas marinaSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2002Soils of the Chinese Hubei province show a very high diversity of Sinorhizobium fredii strainsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2001Stable low molecular weight RNA analyzed by staircase electrophoresis, a molecular signature for both prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganismsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo2000Taxonomic analysis of extremely halophilic archaea isolated from 56-years-old Dead Sea brine samplesSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1999Genetic organization of the mobilization region of the plasmid pHE1 from Halomonas elongataSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1999Genomic stability of Saccharomyces cerevisiae baker's yeastsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1999Halomonas campisalis sp nov., a denitrifying, moderately haloalkaliphilic bacteriumSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1998Characterization of the genes for the biosynthesis of the compatible solute ectoine in the moderately halophilic bacterium Halomonas elongata DSM 3043SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1997Analysis of the genome of Vibrio costicola: Pulsed-field gel electrophoretic analysis of genome size and plasmid contentSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1997Factors which affect velum formation by flor yeasts isolated from Sherry wineSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1997Host range, stability and compatibility of broad host-range-plasmids and a shuttle vector in moderately halophilic bacteria. Evidence of intrageneric and intergeneric conjugation in moderate halophilesSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1996Characterization of fast-growing rhizobia from nodulated soybean [Glycine max (L) Merr] in VietnamSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1995Variability of the physiological features and of the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes of Bakers' yeastsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1994Evaluation of the symbiotic properties of rhizobium-fredii in european soilsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1994Halotolerant Thermus Strains from Marine and Terrestrial Hot Springs Belong to Thermus thermophilus (ex Oshima and Imahori, 1974) nom. rev. emend.SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1993Survey of antimicrobial susceptibility of moderately halophilic eubacteria and extremely halophilic aerobic archaeobacteria - utilization of antimicrobial resistance as a genetic-markerSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1992Phenotypic and chemotaxonomic characterization of marinococcus-halophilusSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1992Taxonomic study of moderately halophilic gram-positive endospore-forming rodsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1992Transfer of marinococcus-hispanicus to the genus salinicoccus as salinicoccus-hispanicus comb-novSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1990Salinicoccus-roseus gen-nov, sp-nov, a new moderately halophilic gram-positive coccusSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1989A comparative-study of the physiological-characteristics, plasmid content and symbiotic properties of different rhizobium-fredii strainsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1989Bacillus halophilus sp. nov., a moderately halophilic Bacillus speciesSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1989Cellular fatty-acid composition of moderately halophilic cocciSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1989Halococcus-saccharolyticus sp-nov, a new species of extremely halophilic non-alkaliphilic cocciSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1989Inter and Intraspecific Transfer of a Rhizobium fredii Symbiotic Plasmid: Expression and Incompatibility of Symbiotic PlasmidsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1989Mobilization of the Symbiotic Plasmid from a Strain of Rhizobium sp. (Hedysarum coronarium)SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1989Toxicity of heavy-metals to archaebacterial halococciSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1987Numerical taxonomy of moderately halophilic gram-negative nonmotile eubacteriaSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1986Classification of non-alkaliphilic halobacteria based on numerical taxonomy and polar lipid-composition, and description of haloarcula gen-nov and haloferax gen-novSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1986Haloarcula-hispanica spec-nov and haloferax-gibbonsii spec-nov, 2 new species of extremely halophilic archaebacteriaSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY
Artículo1983Moderately halophilic gram-positive cocci from hypersaline environmentsSYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY