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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Particle finder: a simple particle detection tool for continuous-flow systemsMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2019Controllable production of Janus ligaments by AC fields in a flow-focusing junctionMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2019Does PDMS really interact with [18F]fluoride? Applications in microfluidic reactors for 18F-radiopharmaceuticalsMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2018Novel swirl flow-focusing microfluidic device for the production of monodisperse microbubblesMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2017Droplet group production in an AC electro-flow-focusing microdeviceMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2016Automated droplet measurement (ADM): an enhanced video processing software for rapid droplet measurementsMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2016Study of the geometry in a 3D flow-focusing deviceMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2016The effect of contact line pinning favors the mass production of monodisperse microbubblesMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2015Breakup length of AC electrified jets in a microfluidic flow-focusing junctionMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2015Simulation of liquid film motor: a charge induction mechanismMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2013A novel technique for producing metallic microjets and microdropsMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2012Actuation of co-flowing electrolytes in a microfluidic system by microelectrode arraysMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2011Experimental and numerical study of the recirculation flow inside a liquid meniscus focused by airMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2009AC electrokinetic pumping on symmetric electrode arraysMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2008Pumping of electrolytes using travelling-wave electro-osmosis: a weakly nonlinear analysisMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2008The effect of electrode height on the performance of travelling-wave electroosmotic micropumpsMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS
Artículo2007Novel systems for configurable AC electroosmotic pumpingMICROFLUIDICS AND NANOFLUIDICS