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Publicaciones en la fuente PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024A full-head model to investigate intra and extracochlear electric fields in cochlear implant stimulation.PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2024Addressing the sources of inter-subject variability in E-field parameters in anodal tDCS stimulation over motor cortical network.PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2022TMS intensity and focality correlation with coil orientation at three non-motor regions.PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2021Microdosimetry in low energy proton beam at therapeutic-equivalent fluence rate with silicon 3D-cylindrical microdetectors.PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2020Impact of charge collection efficiency and electronic noise on the performance of solid-state 3D microdetectorsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2020MACACO II test-beam with high energy photonsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2020On the concepts of dose-mean lineal energy, unrestricted and restricted dose-averaged LET in proton therapyPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2017Fragmentation of 120 and 200 MeV u(-1) He-4 ions in water and PMMA targetsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2016Analytical calculation of proton linear energy transfer in voxelized geometries including secondary protonsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2015A critical study of different Monte Carlo scoring methods of dose average linear-energy-transfer maps calculated in voxelized geometries irradiated with clinical proton beamsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Editorial2013Special section: Selected papers from the Third European Workshop on Monte Carlo Treatment Planning (MCTP2012) PREFACEPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2012Combined modulated electron and photon beams planned by a Monte-Carlo-based optimization procedure for accelerated partial breast irradiationPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2012Estimation of neutron-equivalent dose in organs of patients undergoing radiotherapy by the use of a novel online digital detectorPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2010A new active method for the measurement of slow-neutron fluence in modern radiotherapy treatment roomsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2010Benchmarking nuclear models of FLUKA and GEANT4 for carbon ion therapyPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2010Intensity- and energy-modulated electron radiotherapy by means of an xMLC for head and neck shallow tumorsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2009The determination of beam quality correction factors: Monte Carlo simulations and measurementsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2007Conversion of CT numbers into tissue parameters for Monte Carlo dose calculations: a multi-centre studyPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2006Characterization of megavoltage electron beams delivered through a photon multi-leaf collimator (pMLC)PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2006Monte Carlo correction factors for a Farmer 0.6 cm(3m) ion chamber dose measurement in the build-up region of the 6 MV clinical beamPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2006Verification of intensity modulated profiles using a pixel segmented liquid-filled linear arrayPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2005Microionization chamber for reference dosimetry in IMRT verification: clinical implications on OAR dosimetric errorsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Letter2003Comments on 'Ionization chamber dosimetry of small photon fields: A Monte Carlo study on stopping-power ratios for radiosurgery and IMRT beams' (multiple letters)PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2003Ionization chamber dosimetry of small photon fields: a Monte Carlo study on stopping-power ratios for radiosurgery and IMRT beamsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Letter2003Reply to 'Comments on 'Ionization chamber dosimetry of small photon fields: a Monte Carlo study on stopping-power ratios for radiosurgery and IMRT beams"PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY
Artículo2003Total skin electron therapy treatment verification: Monte Carlo simulation and beam characteristics of large non-standard electron fieldsPHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY