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Publicaciones en la fuente NATURE GENETICS

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Genetic insights into human cortical organization and development through genome-wide analyses of 2,347 neuroimaging phenotypesNATURE GENETICS
Letter2023Schizophrenia risk conferred by rare protein-truncating variants is conserved across diverse human populationsNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2022New insights into the genetic etiology of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementiasNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2021The first wave of the COVID-19 epidemic in Spain was associated with early introductions and fast spread of a dominating genetic variantNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2021The SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex helps resolve R-loop-mediated transcription-replication conflictsNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2019Genetic architecture of subcortical brain structures in 38,851 individualsNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2019Genetic meta-analysis of diagnosed Alzheimer's disease identifies new risk loci and implicates A beta, tau, immunity and lipid processingNATURE GENETICS
Corrección2019Genetic meta-analysis of diagnosed Alzheimer's disease identifies new risk loci and implicates A beta, tau, immunity and lipid processing (vol 51, pg 414, 2019)NATURE GENETICS
Artículo2017Contribution of copy number variants to schizophrenia from a genome-wide study of 41,321 subjectsNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2017IFN-lambda 3, not IFN-lambda 4, likely mediates IFNL3-IFNL4 haplotype-dependent hepatic inflammation and fibrosisNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2015LD Score regression distinguishes confounding from polygenicity in genome-wide association studiesNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2014TDP2 protects transcription from abortive topoisomerase activity and is required for normal neural functionNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2013Genome-wide association analysis identifies 13 new risk loci for schizophreniaNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2013Meta-analysis of 74,046 individuals identifies 11 new susceptibility loci for Alzheimer's diseaseNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2011Disruption of mouse Slx4, a regulator of structure-specific nucleases, phenocopies Fanconi anemiaNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2008EYS, encoding an ortholog of Drosophila spacemaker, is mutated in autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosaNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2005The 'evolvability' of promiscuous protein functionsNATURE GENETICS
Artículo2002Human securin interacts with p53 and modulates p53-mediated transcriptional activity and apoptosisNATURE GENETICS