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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023A salt stress-activated GSO1-SOS2-SOS1 module protects the Arabidopsis root stem cell niche by enhancing sodium ion extrusionEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2023An actin remodeling role for Arabidopsis processing bodies revealed by their proximity interactome.EMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2021BRCA2 promotes DNA-RNA hybrid resolution by DDX5 helicase at DNA breaks to facilitate their repairEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2021The cellular modifier MOAG-4/SERF drives amyloid formation through charge complementationEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2021Tudor staphylococcal nuclease is a docking platform for stress granule components and is essential for SnRK1 activation in Arabidopsis.EMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2020CCR5 deficiency impairsCD4(+)T-cell memory responses and antigenic sensitivity through increased ceramide synthesisEMBO JOURNAL
Revisión2019Microglial subtypes: diversity within the microglial communityEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2019Phospho-RNA-seq: a modified small RNA-seq method that reveals circulating mRNA and lncRNA fragments as potential biomarkers in human plasmaEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2018Spatial separation between replisome- and template-induced replication stress signalingEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2017Aubergine and piRNAs promote germline stem cell self-renewal by repressing the proto-oncogene CblEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2017Human THO-Sin3A interaction reveals new mechanisms to prevent R-loops that cause genome instabilityEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2016ALS-linked protein disulfide isomerase variants cause motor dysfunctionEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2016BRPF3-HBO1 regulates replication origin activation and histone H3K14 acetylationEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2016Fundamental physical cellular constraints drive self-organization of tissuesEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2015RNA polymerase II contributes to preventing transcription-mediated replication fork stallsEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2013Rad51 replication fork recruitment is required for DNA damage toleranceEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2012Architecture and nucleic acids recognition mechanism of the THO complex, an mRNP assembly factorEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2011A novel assay identifies transcript elongation roles for the Nup84 complex and RNA processing factorsEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2011Genome-wide function of THO/TREX in active genes prevents R-loop-dependent replication obstaclesEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2011The cohesin subunit RAD21L functions in meiotic synapsis and exhibits sexual dimorphism in fertilityEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2009Chaperone proteostasis in Parkinson's disease: stabilization of the Hsp70/alpha-synuclein complex by HipEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2009Microtubule nucleation at the cis-side of the golgi apparatus requires AKAP450 and GM130EMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2009Recruitment of a chromatin remodelling complex by the Hog1 MAP kinase to stress genesEMBO JOURNAL
Corrección2009Recruitment of a chromatin remodelling complex by the Hog1 MAP kinase to stress genes (vol 28, pg 326, 2009)EMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2006A conserved pathway to activate BRCA1-dependent ubiquitylation at DNA damage sitesEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2005Distinct modes of ATR activation after replication stress and DNA double-strand breaks in Caenorhabditis elegansEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2005Impairment of replication fork progression mediates RNA polII transcription-associated recombinationEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2004Reaction cycle of the yeast Isw2 chromatin remodeling complexEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2003Ca2+ channel-sarcoplasmic reticulum coupling: A mechanism of arterial myocyte contraction without Ca2+ influxEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2003Ca2+ channel-sarcoplasmic reticulum coupling: a mechanism of arterial myocyte contraction without Ca2+ influxEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2003Molecular evidence for a positive role of Spt4 in transcription elongationEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2003Molecular mechanism of signal sequence orientation in the endoplasmic reticulumEMBO JOURNAL
Revisión2002The connection between transcription and genomic instabilityEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2002The yeast THO complex and mRNA export factors link RNA metabolism with transcription and genome instabilityEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2001Nucleosome positioning at the replication forkEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2000A protein complex containing Tho2, Hpr1, Mft1 and a novel protein, Thp2, connects transcription elongation with mitotic recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2000DNA polymerase mu (Pol mu), homologous to TdT, could act as a DNA mutator in eukaryotic cellsEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2000In vivo kinetics of protein targeting to the endoplasmic reticulum determined by site-specific phosphorylationEMBO JOURNAL
Revisión2000Intracellular transport of GPI-anchored proteinsEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo2000The eukaryotic mRNA decapping protein Dcp1 interacts physically and functionally with the eIF4F translation initiation complexEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo1999Aiolos transcription factor controls cell death in T cells by regulating Bcl-2 expression and its cellular localizationEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo1999Post-termination ribosome interactions with the 5 ' UTR modulate yeast mRNA stabilityEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo1999The mitotic inhibitor ccs52 is required for endoreduplication and ploidy-dependent cell enlargement in plantsEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo1998A novel yeast gene, THO2, is involved in RNA pol II transcription and provides new evidence for transcriptional elongation-associated recombinationEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo1998Dob1p (Mtr4p) is a putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase required for the 3 ' end formation of 5.8S rRNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo1998Histone acetylation facilitates rna polii transcription of the drosophila hsp26 gene in chromatinEMBO JOURNAL
Artículo1997Nucleosome structure and positioning modulate nucleotide excision repair in the non-transcribed strand of an active gene.EMBO JOURNAL
Artículo1997Recombination between DNA repeats in yeast hpr1 Delta cells is linked to transcription elongationEMBO JOURNAL