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Artículo2023From Pyrenees to Andes: the relationship between transhumant livestock and vulturesBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Letter2023Vulture feeding stations threaten Iberian lynxBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Revisión2023Where are we now with European forest multi-taxon biodiversity and where can we head to?BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2022Spatial prioritisation of management for biodiversity conservation across the EUBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2021Birds seen and not seen during the COVID-19 pandemic: the impact of lockdown measures on citizen science bird observationsBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2021Involving fishers in scaling up the restoration of cold-water coral gardens on the Mediterranean continental shelfBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2021Offsetting connectivity loss in rivers: Towards a no-net-loss approach for barrier planningBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2021The value of unprotected land for future conservation efforts under dynamic conditionsBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2019Conservation planning for river-wetland mosaics: A flexible spatial approach to integrate floodplain and upstream catchment connectivityBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Revisión2019Human-carnivore relations: A systematic reviewBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2018Invisible barriers: Differential sanitary regulations constrain vulture movements across country bordersBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2018Stakeholders perceptions of the endangered Egyptian vulture: Insights for conservationBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2017Essential Biodiversity Variables for measuring change in global freshwater biodiversityBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2017Spillover of managed honeybees from mass-flowering crops into natural habitatsBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2016Accounting for continuous species' responses to management effort enhances cost-effectiveness of conservation decisionsBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2015Co-benefits and trade-offs between agriculture and conservation: A case study in Northern AustraliaBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2015How well do protected area networks support taxonomic and functional diversity in non-target taxa? The case of Iberian freshwatersBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2015Independence and juvenile dispersal distances in wild and reintroduced Spanish imperial eaglesBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2015Using null models to identify under-represented species in protected areas: A case study using European amphibians and reptilesBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2015Wood-pastures of Europe: Geographic coverage, social-ecological values, conservation management, and policy implicationsBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2013Assessing the effects of seasonal grazing on holm oak regeneration: Implications for the conservation of Mediterranean dehesasBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2013Preserving the evolutionary history of freshwater biota in Iberian National ParksBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2013When the suit does not fit biodiversity: Loose surrogates compromise the achievement of conservation goalsBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2012Uncertainty in coarse conservation assessments hinders the efficient achievement of conservation goalsBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2011Coarse-filter surrogates do not represent freshwater fish diversity at a regional scale in Queensland, AustraliaBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2011Protected wading bird species threaten relict centenarian cork oaks in a Mediterranean Biosphere Reserve: A conservation management conflictBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2010Managing supplementary feeding for avian scavengers: Guidelines for optimal design using ecological criteriaBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2009Effects of fragmentation on pollinator assemblage, pollen limitation and seed production of Mediterranean myrtle (Myrtus communis)BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2008Are the endemic water beetles of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands effectively protected?BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2006Simulating the effects of different disturbance regimes on Cortaderia selloana invasionBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2005Assessing conservation priorities for insects: status of water beetles in southeast SpainBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2005Identifying suitable habitat for dispersal in Bonelli's eagle: An important issue in halting its decline in EuropeBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2004Assessing habitat use of the endangered marine mollusc Patella ferruginea (Gastropoda, Patellidae) in northern Africa: preliminary results and implications for conservationBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2003The proportion of immature breeders as a reliable early warning signal of population decline: evidence from the Spanish imperial eagle in DonanaBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2003Variations in the age of mates as an early warning signal of changes in population trends? The case of Bonelli's eagle in AndalusiaBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2002Recruitment and regeneration in populations of an endangered South Iberian Tertiary relict treeBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2001Land-use and socio-economic correlates of plant invasions in European and North African countriesBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2001RAPD analysis for detection and eradication of hybrid partridges (Alectoris rufa x A-graeca) in SpainBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo1999Genetic variability and differentiation of two bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus populations and implications for reintroduction projectsBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo1997Replenishment of the endangered Echinospartum algibicum (Genisteae, Fabaceae) from the soil seed bankBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo1996The relative influence of riparian habitat structure and fish availability on otter Lutra lutra L-sprainting activity in a small Mediterranean catchmentBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo1995Biodiversity components and conservation of Mediterranean heathlands in southern SpainBIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo1992Rates and causes of mortality in a fragmented population of iberian lynx felis-pardina temminck, 1824BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION