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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024A pgr5 suppressor screen uncovers two distinct suppression mechanisms and links cytochrome b6f complex stability to PGR5PLANT CELL
Artículo2024A proxitome-RNA-capture approach reveals that processing bodies repress co-regulated hub genes.PLANT CELL
Artículo2024CONSTANS, a HUB for all seasons: How photoperiod pervades plant physiology regulatory circuits.PLANT CELL
Artículo2023Arabidopsis metacaspase MC1 localizes in stress granules, clears protein aggregates and delays senescence.PLANT CELL
Artículo2023Binding by the Polycomb complex component BMI1 and H2A monoubiquitination shape local and long-range interactions in the Arabidopsis genome.PLANT CELL
Artículo2023Focus on biomolecular condensates.PLANT CELL
Artículo2023Stress-related biomolecular condensates in plantsPLANT CELL
Artículo2020Abscisic acid-triggered persulfidation of the cys protease ATG4 mediates regulation of autophagy by sulfidePLANT CELL
Artículo2020Phosphorus Availability Regulates TORC1 Signaling via LST8 in Chlamydomonas([OPEN])PLANT CELL
Artículo2016Synergism between Inositol Polyphosphates and TOR Kinase Signaling in Nutrient Sensing, Growth Control, and Lipid Metabolism in ChlamydomonasPLANT CELL
Artículo2015Tudor staphylococcal nuclease links formation of stress granules and processing bodies with mRNA catabolism in arabidopsisPLANT CELL
Artículo2014Photoperiodic control of carbon distribution during the floral transition in ArabidopsisPLANT CELL
Artículo2014The Cyanobacterial Photoactive Orange Carotenoid Protein Is an Excellent Singlet Oxygen QuencherPLANT CELL
Artículo2013Endoplasmic reticulum glucosidases and protein quality control factors cooperate to establish biotrophy in Ustilago maydisPLANT CELL
Artículo2013The tomato calcium sensor Cbl10 and its interacting protein kinase cipk6 define a signaling pathway in plant immunityPLANT CELL
Artículo2012Cysteine-Generated Sulfide in the Cytosol Negatively Regulates Autophagy and Modulates the Transcriptional Profile in ArabidopsisPLANT CELL
Artículo2012NADPH thioredoxin reductase C is localized in plastids of photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic tissues and is involved in lateral root formation in ArabidopsisPLANT CELL
Artículo2012The Arabidopsis Nitrate Transporter NRT2.4 Plays a Double Role in Roots and Shoots of Nitrogen-Straved PlantsPLANT CELL
Artículo201112-Oxo-Phytodienoic Acid Accumulation during Seed Development Represses Seed Germination in ArabidopsisPLANT CELL
Artículo2009A Novel Plant Leucine-Rich Repeat Receptor Kinase Regulates the Response of Medicago truncatula Roots to Salt StressPLANT CELL
Artículo2009The O-mannosyltransferase PMT4 is essential for normal appressorium formation and penetration in Ustilago maydisPLANT CELL
Artículo2006Rice NTRC is a high-efficiency redox system for chloroplast protection against oxidative damagePLANT CELL
Artículo2004Extracellular invertase is an essential component of cytokinin-mediated delay of senescencePLANT CELL
Artículo2004Two classes of the Cdh1-type activators of the anaphase-promoting complex in plants: Novel functional domains and distinct regulationPLANT CELL
Artículo2003Endoreduplication mediated by the anaphase-promoting complex activator CCS52A is required for symbiotic cell differentiation in Medicago truncatula nodulesPLANT CELL
Artículo1999Alteration of enod40 expression modifies Medicago truncatula root nodule development induced by Sinorhizobium melilotiPLANT CELL
Artículo1996A major isoform of the maize plasma membrane H+-ATPase: Characterization and induction by auxin in coleoptilesPLANT CELL