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Artículo2024Nitrous oxide activation by picoline-derived Ni-CNP hydridesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023A genuine germylene PGeP pincer ligand for formic acid dehydrogenation with iridium.CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Transforming an esterase into an enantioselective catecholase through bioconjugation of a versatile metal-chelating inhibitorCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022A gliclazide complex based on palladium towards Alzheimer's disease: promising protective activity against Aβ-induced toxicity in C. elegansCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022A highly constrained cis-dihydride platinum complex trapped by cooperative gold/platinum dihydrogen activationCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Enantioselective transannular reactions by palladium-catalysed conjugate addition of aryl boronic acids.CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Mannobioside biomimetics that trigger DC-SIGN binding selectivity.CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Reduction of N2O with hydrosilanes catalysed by RuSNS nanoparticlesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Small molecule activation with bimetallic systems: a landscape of cooperative reactivityCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021A dicoordinate gold(i)-ethylene complexCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Asymmetric cross-aldol reactions of alpha-keto hydrazones and alpha,beta-unsaturated gamma-keto hydrazones with trifluoromethyl ketones.CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Construction of modular Pd/Cu multimetallic chains via ligand- and anion-controlled metal-metal interactionsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Fucosyltransferase-specific inhibitionvianext generation of fucose mimeticsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Zero-valent ML2 complexes of group 10 metals supported by terphenyl phosphanesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Carbohydrate supramolecular chemistry: beyond the multivalent effectCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Carbon and carbon composites obtained using deep eutectic solvents and aqueous dilutions thereofCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Catalytic enantioselective synthesis of a-aryl a-hydrazino esters and amidesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Enhancing the catalytic properties of well-defined electrophilic platinum complexesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Formaldehydetert-butyl hydrazone as a formyl anion equivalent: asymmetric addition to carbonyl compoundsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Mechanistic insight into initiation and regioselectivity in the copolymerization of epoxides and anhydrides by Al complexesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Rational design of an unusual 2D-MOF based on Cu(i) and 4-hydroxypyrimidine-5-carbonitrile as linker with conductive capabilities: a theoretical approach based on high-pressure XRDCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Cooperative activation of X-H (X = H, C, O, N) bonds by a Pt(0)/Ag(i) metal-only Lewis pairCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Double asymmetric hydrogenation of conjugated dienes: a self-breeding chirality route for C-2 symmetric 1,4-diolsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019H-Bonded anion-anion complexes in fentanyl citrate polymorphs and solvatesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Halogen bonding effects on the outcome of reactions at metal centresCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Methane functionalization in water with micellar catalysisCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Multivalent glycoligands with lectin/enzyme dual specificity: self-deliverable glycosidase regulatorsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Trehalose-based Siamese twin amphiphiles with tunable self-assembling, DNA nanocomplexing and gene delivery propertiesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019USP7: combining tools towards selectivityCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Hydrogenation of an iridium-coordinated imidazol-2-ylidene ligand fragmentCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Isocyanide insertion into Au-H bonds: first gold iminoformyl complexesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Reactivity of a trans-[H-Mo?Mo-H] unit towards alkenes and alkynes: bimetallic migratory insertion, H-elimination and other reactionsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Ruthenium nanoparticles ligated by cholesterol-derived NHCs and their application in the hydrogenation of arenesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Ruthenium-catalyzed hydrogen isotope exchange of C(sp(3))-H bonds directed by a sulfur atomCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Selective catalytic synthesis of amino-silanes at part-per million catalyst loadingsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Monitoring of nanoparticle reactivity in solution: interaction of L-lysine and Ru nanoparticles probed by chemical shift perturbation parallels regioselective H/D exchangeCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Novel fluorinated ligands for gold nanoparticle labelling with applications in 19F-MRICHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Selenoureas for anion binding as molecular logic gatesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Catalytic dehydrocoupling of amine-boranes and amines into diaminoboranes: isolation of a Pt(II), Shimoi-type, eta(1)-BH complexCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Glycomimetic-based pharmacological chaperones for lysosomal storage disorders: lessons from Gaucher, G(M1)-gangliosidosis and Fabry diseasesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Long-chain NHC-stabilized RuNPs as versatile catalysts for one-pot oxidation/hydrogenation reactionsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016One-pot sequential 1,2-addition, Pd-catalysed cross-coupling of organolithium reagents with Weinreb amidesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Selective reduction of carbon dioxide to bis(silyl)acetal catalyzed by a PBP-supported nickel complexCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Semiconductor and carbon-based fluorescent nanodots: The need for consistencyCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Small-pore driven high capacitance in a hierarchical carbon via carbonization of Ni-MOF-74 at low temperaturesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Synthesis of axially chiral heterobiaryl alkynes via dynamic kinetic asymmetric alkynylationCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Trehalose-based Janus cyclooligosaccharides: the "Click" synthesis and DNA-directed assembly into pH-sensitive transfectious nanoparticlesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015A betaine adduct of N-heterocyclic carbene and carbodiimide, an efficient ligand to produce ultra-small ruthenium nanoparticlesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Asymmetric organocatalytic synthesis of quaternary alpha-hydroxy phosphonates: en route to alpha-aryl phosphaisoserinesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Kinetics of intramolecular chemical exchange by initial growth rates of spin saturation transfer difference experiments (SSTD NMR)CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Platinum(O) olefin complexes of a bulky terphenylphosphine ligand. Synthetic, structural and reactivity studiesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo20141,2,3-Triazoles from carbonyl azides and alkynes: filling the gapCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014A stable, mononuclear, cationic Pt(III) complex stabilised by bulky N- heterocyclic carbenesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014Boryl-assisted hydrogenolysis of a nickel-methyl bondCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014Direct evidence of Lowenstein's rule violation in swelling high-charge micasCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014Glycoligand-targeted core-shell nanospheres with tunable drug release profiles from calixarene-cyclodextrin heterodimersCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014Iminosugar-based glycopolypeptides: glycosidase inhibition with bioinspired glycoprotein analogue micellar self-assembliesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Catalytic asymmetric conjugate addition of Grignard reagents to chromonesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Dibenzyl and diallyl 2,6-bisiminopyridinezinc(II) complexes: selective alkyl migration to the pyridine ring leads to remarkably stable dihydropyridinatesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013The Near-Mid-IR HOMO-LUMO gap in amide linked porphyrin-rhodamine dyadsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012Apolar carbohydrates as DNA capping agentsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012Blending Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases: using a robust BVMO as a scaffold for creating chimeric enzymes with novel catalytic propertiesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012Catalytic asymmetric synthesis of chromenes and tetrahydroquinolines via sequential allylic alkylation and intramolecular Heck couplingCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012Design and synthesis of a "click" high-mannose oligosaccharide mimic emulating Man(8) binding affinity towards Con ACHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012From biomass wastes to large-area, high-quality, N-doped graphene: catalyst-free carbonization of chitosan coatings on arbitrary substratesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012Quadruply bonded dimolybdenum complexes with highly unusual geometries and vacant coordination sitesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012Tuning glycosidase inhibition through aglycone interactions: pharmacological chaperones for Fabry disease and GM(1) gangliosidosisCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2011Alkoxyamine-cyanoborane adducts: efficient cyanoborane transfer agentsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2011Turning a riboflavin-binding protein into a self-sufficient monooxygenase by cofactor redesignCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2010Excitation transfer mechanism along the visible to the Near-IR in rhodamine J-heteroaggregatesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2010In situ spectroscopic detection of SMSI effect in a Ni/CeO2 system: hydrogen-induced burial and dig out of metallic nickelCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2010Olefin epoxidation by hydrogen peroxide catalysed by molybdenum complexes in ionic liquids and structural characterisation of the proposed intermediate dioxoperoxomolybdenum speciesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2010Selective reduction of a Pd pincer PCP complex to well-defined Pd(0) speciesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2010Sunlight highly photoactive Bi2WO6-TiO2 heterostructures for rhodamine B degradationCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2010Synthesis of N-, S-, and C-glycoside castanospermine analogues with selective neutral alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activity as antitumour agentsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2009An asymmetric organocatalytic approach towards allylic amines and beta-keto amino compoundsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2009Hybrid catalytic-DBD plasma reactor for the production of hydrogen and preferential CO oxidation (CO-PROX) at reduced temperaturesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Revisión2009Quantum dots luminescence enhancement due to illumination with UV/Vis lightCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2009Synthesis and structural characterization of a binuclear iridium complex with bridging, bidentate N-heterocyclic carbene coordination of 2,2 ':6 ',2 ''-terpyridineCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2009Tailoring carbon nanotube surfaces with glyconanorings: New bionanomaterials with specific lectin affinityCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2008Rational design of cationic cyclooligosaccharides as efficient gene delivery systemsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2008Separation of a diiminopyridine iron(II) complex into rac- and meso- diastereoisomers provides evidence for a dual stereoregulation mechanism in propene polymerizationCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2008Utilisation of an eta(3)-allyl hydride complex, formed by UV irradiation, as a controlled source of 16-electron (eta(5)-C5Me5)Rh(CH2 = CHMe)CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2007Isoquinolin-1-ylidenes as electronically tuneable ligandsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2007One-pot regioselective synthesis of 2(I),3(I)-O-(o-xylylene)-capped cyclomaltooligosaccharides: tailoring the topology and supramolecular properties of cyclodextrinsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2007Only para-hydrogen spectroscopy (OPSY), a technique for the selective observation of para-hydrogen enhanced NMR signalsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2007Promoting helicity in carbohydrate-containing foldamers through long-range hydrogen bondsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2006The o-xylylene protecting group as an element of conformational control of remote stereochemistry in the synthesis of spiroketalsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2006Unusual fragmentation of CH2Cl2 by an Ir(III) centre bonded to a doubly metalated Tp(Ms) ligand (Tp(Ms) = hydrotris(3-mesitylpyrazol-1-yl)borate)CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2005[Cp*Rh(bpy)(H2O)](2+) as a coenzyme substitute in enzymatic oxidations catalyzed by Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenasesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2005Stereoselective synthesis of (2S,3S,4R,5S)-5-methylpyrrolidine-3,4-diol derivatives that are highly selective alpha-L-fucosidase inhibitorsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2004A general entry to linear, dendritic and branched thiourea-linked glycooligomers as new motifs for phosphate ester recognition in waterCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2004Glyoxal bis-hydrazones: a new family of nitrogen ligands for asymmetric catalysisCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2004Highly diastereoselective formation of C-2-symmetric bis-thioglycoside Pd(II) complexes: the role of the exo anomeric effectCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2004Iridium solutes effect C-H bond activation and C-C bond forming reactions of C6H6-MeOCH2CH2OMe solvent mixturesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2004Unprecedented Barbier-type reactions catalysed by titanocene(III)CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2003A molecular dynamics description of the conformational flexibility of the L-iduronate ring in glycosaminoglycansCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2003Addition reactions of O-bound cyclic nickel enolates to alpha,beta-unsaturated ketonesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2003eta(6)-Arene complexes of Ni(II), efficient catalysts for 1,3-butadiene and styrene polymerizationCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2003First example of a tetra-carboxylate bridged dimanganese speciesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2003In situ transmission electron microscopy investigation of Ce(IV) and Pr(IV) reducibility in a Rh (1%)/Ce0.8Pr0.2O2-x catalystCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2002Asymmetric Michael addition of formaldehyde N,N-dialkylhydrazones to alkylidene malonatesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2002Castanospermine-trehazolin hybrids: a new family of glycomimetics with tuneable glycosidase inhibitory propertiesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2002Catalytic insertion of diazo compounds into N-H bonds: the copper alternativeCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2002Intramolecular dealkylation of chelating diamines with Ru(II) complexesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2002Synthesis and structural characterization of Be(eta(5)-C5Me5)(eta(1)-C5Me4H). Evidence for ring-inversion leading to Be(eta(5)-C5Me4H)(eta(1)-C5Me5)CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2001A family of highly active copper(I)-homoscorpionate catalysts for the alkyne cyclopropenation reactionCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2001Two-dimensional heteronuclear H-1 <-> Al-27-correlated MAS NMR spectra of layered silicatesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2000High-resolution H-1 MAS NMR spectra of 2 : 1 phyllosilicatesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2000Synthesis and comparative lectin-binding affinity of mannosyl-coated beta-cyclodextrin-dendrimer constructsCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2000Unprecedented pentadenticity of the HB(3-Phpz)(3) (= Tp(Ph)) ligandCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo1999Diastereo- and enantioselective synthesis of 2,8-dioxabicyclo[3.3.0]octane-3-one derivativesCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo1999Low temperature selective methane activation to alkenes by a new hydrogen-accumulating systemCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo1997N-thiocarbonyl azasugars: a new family of carbohydrate mimics with controlled anomeric configurationCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo1996Tautomeric rearrangement of 3-deoxy-3-thioureidoaldoses: A novel synthetic route to carbohydrate mimics having a cyclic thiourea structureCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo1996Thioureido-beta-cyclodextrins as molecular carriersCHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS