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Publicaciones en la fuente SOFT MATTER

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Transition from scattering to orbiting upon increasing the fuel concentration for an active Janus colloid moving at an obstacle-decorated interfaceSOFT MATTER
Artículo2021Elastic Rayleigh-Plateau instability: dynamical selection of nonlinear statesSOFT MATTER
Corrección2021Erratum: Clickable iron oxide NPs based on catechol derived ligands: Synthesis and characterization (Soft Matter (2020) 16 (3257–3266) DOI: 10.1039/C9SM02512J)SOFT MATTER
Artículo2021Inverse method based on 3D nonlinear physically constrained minimisation in the framework of traction force microscopy.SOFT MATTER
Artículo2020Clickable iron oxide NPs based on catechol derived ligands: Synthesis and characterizationSOFT MATTER
Artículo2019Dynamics near planar walls for various model self-phoretic particlesSOFT MATTER
Artículo2018Controlled cavity collapse: scaling laws of drop formationSOFT MATTER
Artículo2018Cu@ TiO2 Janus microswimmers with a versatile motion mechanismSOFT MATTER
Artículo2018Phase coexistence in a monolayer of active particles induced by Marangoni flowsSOFT MATTER
Artículo2018Self-diffusiophoresis induced by fluid interfacesSOFT MATTER
Artículo2018Surfactant controlled zwitterionic cellulose nanofibril dispersionsSOFT MATTER
Artículo2016Active colloids at fluid interfacesSOFT MATTER
Artículo2016Collective dynamics of chemically active particles trapped at a fluid interfaceSOFT MATTER
Artículo2016Substituent interference on supramolecular assembly in urea gelators: synthesis, structure prediction and NMRSOFT MATTER
Corrección2016Substituent interference on supramolecular assembly in urea gelators: synthesis, structure prediction and NMR (vol 12, pg 4034, 2016)SOFT MATTER
Artículo2015Rheotaxis of spherical active particles near a planar wallSOFT MATTER
Artículo2015Self-propulsion of a catalytically active particle near a planar wall: from reflection to sliding and hoveringSOFT MATTER
Artículo2014Capillary attraction induced collapse of colloidal monolayers at fluid interfacesSOFT MATTER
Artículo2014Free energy of binding of cationic metal complexes to AuNPs through electron-transfer processesSOFT MATTER
Artículo2014Hydrodynamic interactions induce anomalous diffusion under partial confinementSOFT MATTER
Artículo2013A finite-size scaling study of wedge filling transitions in the 3D Ising modelSOFT MATTER
Artículo2013Acoustic streaming in gas-fluidized beds of small particlesSOFT MATTER
Artículo2013Cascade partial coalescence phenomena at electrolyte-oil interfaces and determination of bounds for the surface potentialSOFT MATTER
Artículo2013Kinetic processes at the demixing transition of PNIPAM solutionsSOFT MATTER
Artículo2012Transport of cargo by catalytic Janus micro-motorsSOFT MATTER
Artículo2009Influence of particle shape on the magnetic and magnetorheological properties of nanoparticle suspensionsSOFT MATTER
Artículo2009Non-covalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes with glycolipids: glyconanomaterials with specific lectin-affinitySOFT MATTER