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Publicaciones en la fuente CHEMICAL SCIENCE

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Photochemical H2 activation by an Zn-Fe heterometallic: a mechanistic investigationCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2022Activation of Si-H and B-H bonds by Lewis acidic transition metals and p-block elements: same, but differentCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2022Bottom-up supramolecular assembly in two dimensionsCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2022Emerging properties from mechanical tethering within a post-synthetically functionalised catenane scaffoldCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2022Inverse potential scaling in co-electrocatalytic activity for CO2 reduction through redox mediator tuning and catalyst designCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2022Orientational self-sorting in cuboctahedral Pd cagesCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2022Robust dicopper(I) mu-boryl complexes supported by a dinucleating naphthyridine-based ligandCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2022Ruthenium nanoparticles canopied by heptagon-containing saddle-shaped nanographenes as efficient aromatic hydrogenation catalystsCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2022Unmasking the constitution and bonding of the proposed lithium nickelate “Li3NiPh3(solv)3”: revealing the hidden C6H4 ligandCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2021Ambiphilic boryl groups in a neutral Ni(ii) complex: a new activation mode of H2CHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2021Asymmetric synthesis of dibenzo[b,d]azepines by Cu-catalyzed reductive or borylative cyclizationCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2021NleB/SseK-catalyzed arginine-glycosylation and enteropathogen virulence are finely tuned by a single variable position contiguous to the catalytic machineryCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2021Reversible carbon-boron bond formation at platinum centers through σ-BH complexesCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2021Sensing a binding event through charge transport variations using an aromatic oligoamide capsuleCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2020Aldehydes and ketones influence reactivity and selectivity in nickel-catalysed Suzuki-Miyaura reactionsCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2020Metal-metal cooperative bond activation by heterobimetallic alkyl, aryl, and acetylide Pt-II/Cu-I complexesCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2020Singlet oxygen stimulus for switchable functional organic cagesCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2020Site-selective aromatic C-H λ3-iodanation with a cyclic iodine(iii) electrophile in solution and solid phasesCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2020Synthesis, conformational analysis and: In vivo assays of an anti-cancer vaccine that features an unnatural antigen based on an sp2-iminosugar fragmentCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2019Azabicyclic vinyl sulfones for residue-specific dual protein labelling Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available: Detailed methods and additional characterisation. See DOI: 10.1039/c9sc00125eCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2019Catalytic enantioselective synthesis of perfluoroalkyl-substituted b-lactones via a concerted asynchronous [2+2] cycloaddition: a synthetic and computational studyCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2019Controlled scrambling reactions to polyphosphanes via bond metathesis reactionsCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2019Identification of selective protein-protein interaction inhibitors using efficient in silico peptide-directed ligand designCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Corrección2019Identification of selective protein-protein interaction inhibitors using efficient in silico peptide-directed ligand design (vol 10, pg 4502, 2019)CHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2019Molybdenum and tungsten complexes with carbon dioxide and ethylene ligandsCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2018Glucose-nucleobase pairs within DNA: impact of hydrophobicity, alternative linking unit and DNA polymerase nucleotide insertion studiesCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2017Enantioselective carbohydrate recognition by synthetic lectins in waterCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2017Multi-dimensional charge transport in supramolecular helical foldamer assembliesCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2017Zwitterionic amidinates as effective ligands for platinum nanoparticle hydrogenation catalystsCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2015Direct catalytic cross-coupling of alkenyllithium compoundsCHEMICAL SCIENCE
Artículo2014Palladium-catalysed direct cross-coupling of secondary alkyllithium reagentsCHEMICAL SCIENCE