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Publicaciones en la fuente FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Editorial: Catalytic materials and processes for a low-carbon futureFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Editorial2022Editorial: Catalysis in Iberoamerica: Recent TrendsFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Revisión2022Emerging natural and tailored perovskite-type mixed oxides–based catalysts for CO2 conversionsFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2022Insights on Guerbet Reaction: Production of Biobutanol From Bioethanol Over a Mg–Al Spinel CatalystFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2021Bimetallic Ni–Ru and Ni–Re catalysts for dry reforming of methane: understanding the synergies of the selected promotersFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2021Biogas conversion to syngas using advanced Ni-promoted pyrochlore catalysts: fffect of the CH4/CO2 ratioFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Editorial2021Editorial: Women in science: chemistryFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2021K-promoted Ni-based catalysts for gas-phase CO2 conversion: catalysts design and process modelling validationFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo20205-Hydroxymethyl-2-Furfural Oxidation Over Au/CexZr1-xO2 CatalystsFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Editorial2020Catalysis by gold for gas & liquid phase reactions: a golden future for environmental catalysisFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020Deep learning techniques to improve the performance of olive oil classificationFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020Influence of reaction parameters on the catalytic upgrading of an Acetone, Butanol, and Ethanol (ABE) mixture: exploring new routes for modern biorefineriesFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020Supported porous nanostructures developed by plasma processing of metal phthalocyanines and porphyrinsFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2019Au/CeO2-ZnO/Al2O3 as Versatile Catalysts for Oxidation Reactions: Application in Gas/Liquid Environmental ProcessesFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2019Carbon Supported Gold Nanoparticles for the Catalytic Reduction of 4-NitrophenolFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2019CO2 Adsorption Capacities in Zeolites and Layered Double Hydroxide MaterialsFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2019Dynamic Control of the Self-Assembling Properties of Cyclodextrins by the Interplay of Aromatic and Host-Guest InteractionsFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2019The success story of gold-based catalysts for gas- and liquid-phase reactions: a brief perspective and beyondFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2019TULIP2: An Improved Method for the Identification of Ubiquitin E3-Specific TargetsFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Revisión2014Molecular imaging of breast cancer: present and future directionsFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2013Low-temperature CO oxidation on multicomponent gold based catalystsFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY