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Publicaciones en la fuente ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS

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Corrección2024Corrigendum to “On the modules of m-integrable derivations in non-zero characteristic” [Adv. Math. 229 (2012) 2712–2740, (S0001870812000291), (10.1016/j.aim.2012.01.015)]ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2024Equidistribution and independence of Gauss sumsADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2024Finiteness of leaps in the sense of Hasse-Schmidt of unibranch curves in positive characteristicADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2022Self-similar solutions for the Muskat equationADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Affine Pieri rule for periodic Macdonald spherical functions and fusion ringsADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Fine spectra of the finite Hilbert transform in function spacesADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2021From affine Poincaré inequalities to affine spectral inequalitiesADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2020On the behavior of modules of m-integrable derivations in the sense of Hasse-Schmidt under base changeADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2019On parabolic subgroups of Artin–Tits groups of spherical typeADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2019On the Muskat problem with viscosity jump: global in time resultsADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2019Tautological systems and free divisorsADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2018Absolutely summing Carleson embeddings on Hardy spacesADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2018Composition operators with a minimal commutantADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2016Transfinite Adams representabilityADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2015A duality approach to the symmetry of Bernstein-Sato polynomials of free divisorsADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2014Finitely strictly singular operators in harmonic analysis and function theoryADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2013Brunn-Minkowski and Zhang inequalities for convolution bodiesADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2012On the modules of m-integrable derivations in non-zero characteristicADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2011A note on K-theory and triangulated derivatorsADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2010Interface evolution: Water waves in 2-DADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2010Irregular hypergeometric D-modulesADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2009Strongly closed subgroups of finite groupsADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2008Existence for the alpha-patch model and the QG sharp front in Sobolev spacesADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2007Classification of semigroups of linear fractional maps in the unit ballADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2007The 1-type of a waldhausen K-theory spectrumADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2006Extrapolation with weights, rearrangement-invariant function spaces, modular inequalities and applications to singular integralsADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS
Artículo2001Supercyclic subspaces: Spectral theory and weighted shiftsADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS