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Luis Bobadilla Baladron

Profesor Titular de Universidad
Área de conocimiento: Química Inorgánica
Departamento: Química Inorgánica
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Revisión2024 Natural hydrogen in the energy transition: Fundamentals, promise, and enigmas RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS
Artículo2023 Alkane metathesis over immobilized pincer-ligated iridium complexes: effect of support nature APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL
Artículo2023 Effect of noble metal addition over active Ru/TiO2 catalyst for CO selective methanation from H2 rich-streams INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY
Artículo2023 Flexible NiRu systems for CO2 methanation: from efficient catalysts to advanced dual-function materials NANOMATERIALS
Artículo2023 H2-rich syngas production from biogas reforming: overcoming coking and sintering using bimetallic Ni-based catalysts INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY
Artículo2023 Highly dispersed Rh single atoms over graphitic carbon nitride as a robust catalyst for the hydroformylation reaction CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2023 Impact of topology framework of microporous solids on methanol carbonylation: an operando DRIFTS-MS study MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
Artículo2023 In-situ DRIFTS steady-state study of CO2 and CO methanation over Ni-promoted catalysts FUEL
Artículo2023 Low-temperature reverse water gas-shift reaction over highly efficient Cu-hydrotalcites: mechanistic insights on the role of malachite phase CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2023 Mechanistic insights into methanol carbonylation to methyl acetate over an efficient organic template-free Cu-exchanged Mordenite CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Artículo2023 MIL-100(Fe)-derived catalysts for CO2 conversion via low- and high-temperature reverse water-gas shift reaction HELIYON
Artículo2023 Spinel ferrite catalysts for CO2 reduction via reverse water gas shift reaction JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION
Artículo2023 Unravelling the CO2 capture and conversion mechanism of a NiRu-Na2O switchable dual-function material in various CO2 utilisation reactions JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A
Artículo2022 Catalytic reforming of model biomass-derived producer gas FUEL
Revisión2022 Development of power-to-X catalytic processes for CO2 valorisation: from the molecular level to the reactor architecture CHEMISTRY-SWITZERLAND
Artículo2022 Evidence of new Ni-O-K catalytic sites with superior stability for methane dry reforming APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL
Artículo2022 Metal micromonoliths for the cleaning of H2 by means of methanation reactions CATALYSIS TODAY
Revisión2022 Recent advances on gas-phase CO2 conversion: catalysis design and chemical processes to close the carbon cycle Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry
Artículo2022 The effect of support surface hydroxyls on selective CO methanation with Ru based catalysts APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL
Artículo2022 Understanding the promotional effect of Pt/CeO2 in cobalt-catalyzed Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using operando infrared spectroscopy at moderated pressures FUEL
Capítulo2021 CO2 Utilization Enabled by Microchannel Reactors Conversion
Revisión2021 Current scenario and prospects in manufacture strategies for glass, quartz, polymers and metallic microreactors: a comprehensive review CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN
Artículo2021 Effect of potassium loading on basic properties of Ni/MgAl2O4 catalyst for CO2 reforming of methane JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION
Libro2021 From solid state chemistry to heterogeneous catalysis From Solid State Chemistry to Heterogeneous Catalysis
Artículo2021 In situ DRIFTS-MS methanol adsorption study onto supported NiSn nanoparticles: mechanistic implications in methanol steam reforming NANOMATERIALS
Artículo2021 IR spectroscopic insights into the coking-resistance effect of potassium on nickel-based catalyst during dry reforming of methane APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL
Revisión2021 Understanding the opportunities of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for CO2 capture and gas-phase CO2 conversion processes: a comprehensive overview REACTION CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING
Capítulo2020 Catalytic technologies for the production of liquid transportation fuels from biomass RSC Energy and Environment Series
Artículo2020 Elucidation of water promoter effect of proton conductor in wgs reaction over pt-based catalyst: An operando drifts study CATALYSTS
Artículo2020 Evaluation of the Oxygen Mobility in CePO4-Supported Catalysts: Mechanistic Implications on the Water-Gas Shift Reaction JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C
Artículo2020 Experimental evidence of HCO species as intermediate in the fischer tropsch reaction using operando techniques APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL
Artículo2020 Modulation of the acidity of a vermiculite and its potential use as a catalytic support JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2020 Potentialization of bentonite properties as support in acid catalysts MATERIALS RESEARCH BULLETIN
Artículo2020 Time-resolved operando DRIFTS-MS study of the moisture tolerance of small-pore SAPO-34 molecular sieves during CH4/CO2 separation MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
Capítulo2019 Aplicación de un ciclo de innovación docente en la asignatura Catálisis para la Industria y el Medio Ambiente del Grado en Química Ciclos de mejora en el aula, año 2019: experiencias de innovación docente de la Universidad de Sevilla
Artículo2019 Does shaping catalysts modify active phase sites? A comprehensive in situ FTIR spectroscopic study on the performance of a model Ru/Al2O3 catalyst for the CO methanation CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Artículo2019 Influence of the preparation method in the metal-support interaction and reducibility of Ni-Mg-Al based catalysts for methane steam reforming INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY
Artículo2019 Operando Spectroscopic Evidence of the Induced Effect of Residual Species in the Reaction Intermediates during CO2 Hydrogenation over Ruthenium Nanoparticles CHEMCATCHEM
Artículo2019 Promoting effect of CeO2, ZrO2 and Ce/Zr mixed oxides on Co/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis RENEWABLE ENERGY
Artículo2019 Size-tailored Ru nanoparticles deposited over γ-Al 2 O 3 for the CO 2 methanation reaction APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
Artículo2018 A direct in situ observation of water-enhanced proton conductivity of Eu-doped ZrO2: Effect on WGS reaction APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL
Artículo2018 CO2 reforming of methane over Ni-Ru supported catalysts: On the nature of active sites by operando DRIFTS study JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION
Artículo2018 Gold catalyst recycling study in base-free glucose oxidation reaction CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2018 Numerical study of the accuracy of temperature measurement by thermocouples in small-scale reactors CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DESIGN
Artículo2018 Operando DRIFTS-MS Study of WGS and rWGS Reaction on Biochar-Based Pt Catalysts: The Promotional Effect of Na C-JOURNAL OF CARBON RESEARCH
Capítulo2018 Spectroscopic Methods of Characterization for Zeolites and MOFs Zeolites and Metal Organic Frameworks: From Lab to Industry
Artículo2018 Unravelling the Role of Oxygen Vacancies in the Mechanism of the Reverse Water-Gas Shift Reaction by Operando DRIFTS and Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy ACS CATALYSIS
Libro2018 Zeolites and Metal Organic Frameworks: From Lab to Industry Zeolites and Metal Organic Frameworks: From Lab to Industry
Artículo2017 Monitoring the Reaction Mechanism in Model Biogas Reforming by InSitu Transient and Steady-State DRIFTS Measurements CHEMSUSCHEM
Artículo2016 Enabling continuous capture and catalytic conversion of flue gas CO2 to syngas in one process JOURNAL OF CO2 UTILIZATION
Artículo2016 Intensifying glycerol steam reforming on a monolith catalyst: A reaction kinetic model CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL
Artículo2016 Promoting effect of Sn on supported Ni catalyst during steam reforming of glycerol INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY
Capítulo2015 Cycloaddition of CO2 and Epoxides over Reusable Solid Catalysts Advanced Catalytic Materials
Artículo2015 Glycerol steam reforming on bimetallic NiSn/CeO2-MgO-Al2O3 catalysts: Influence of the support, reaction parameters and deactivation/regeneration processes APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL
Capítulo2015 Low-Temperature CO Oxidation Perovskites and Related Mixed Oxides: Concepts and Applications
Artículo2015 Oxodiperoxomolybdenum complex immobilized onto ionic liquid modified SBA-15 as an effective catalysis for sulfide oxidation to sulfoxides using hydrogen peroxide CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2014 Effect of gold on a NiLaO3 perovskite catalyst for methane steam reforming APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL
Artículo2014 Influence of the acid-base properties over NiSn/MgO-Al2O3 catalysts in the hydrogen production from glycerol steam reforming INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY
Artículo2014 Pyridine adsorption on NiSn/MgO-Al2O3: An FTIR spectroscopic study of surface acidity APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
Artículo2013 Effect of Pd addition on the efficiency of a NOx-trap catalyst: A FTIR operando study CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2013 Gold(III) stabilized over ionic liquids grafted on MCM-41 for highly efficient three-component coupling reactions PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2013 Steam reforming of methanol over supported Ni and Ni-Sn nanoparticles INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY
Artículo2012 Influence of PVP in magnetic properties of NiSn nanoparticles prepared by polyol method JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS
Artículo2012 Influence of the shape of Ni catalysts in the glycerol steam reforming APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL
Artículo2011 Gold functionalized supported ionic liquids catalyst for CO oxidation CATALYSTS
Artículo2011 Hydrogen production by methanol steam reforming on NiSn/MgO-Al2O3 catalysts: The role of MgO addition APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL
Artículo2010 Supported nickel catalysts with a controlled molecular architecture for the catalytic reformation of methane CATALYSIS TODAY
Artículo2010 Synthesis of biodiesel from the methanolysis of sunflower oil using PURAL (R) Mg-Al hydrotalcites as catalyst precursors APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL

Proyectos de Investigación

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/09/2022 31/08/2025 Investigador/a DiSeño de catalizadores Multifuncionales para la conversión de gAs de síntesis Rico en CO2 en combusTibles líquidos sostenibles, en una única etapa, vía síntesis de FTS y HCR (PID2021-126876OB-I00) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Nacional)
05/10/2021 31/12/2022 Investigador/a Gasification and Energy Integration for User Sustainability (GENIUS) (P20_00594) Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento, Empresas y Universidad (Autonómico)
05/10/2021 31/12/2022 Investigador/a Design of advanced CataLyst for H2-free hydrodeoxygenation - a rEVolutionary approach Enabling pRactical BIOmass upgrading: CLEVER-BIO (P20_00667) Consejería de Economía, Conocimiento, Empresas y Universidad (Autonómico)
01/01/2019 30/06/2022 Investigador/a Procesos Power-to-X para la Valorización de Co2 en Reactores Catalíticos Estructurados (Co2-Ptx) (RTI2018-096294-B-C33) Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Nacional)
03/02/2010 03/02/2013 Investigador/a Reformado Catalítico de Glicerina (P09-TEP-5454) Junta de Andalucía - Consejería de Innovación, Ciencia y Empresas (Autonómico)
01/01/2010 31/12/2012 Investigador/a Integración de reactores cataliticos de microcanales para la producción de hidrógeno a partir de alcoholes (ENE2009-14522-C05-01) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Nacional)


Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
04/10/2023 03/10/2025 Investigador/a Testing and physicochemical characterisation of heterogenous catalysts for GREENX TECHNOLOGY Ltd (4969/1089) GREENX TECHNOLOGY LTD (Desconocido)
17/07/2023 16/07/2024 Investigador/a Desarrollo de catalizadores avanzados para RWGS (4905/0017) Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A. (CEPSA) (Desconocido)
26/01/2023 25/01/2024 Investigador/a Desarrollo de catalizadores para reformado de biogas (4711/1089) UKICC Accelerator (Desconocido)
16/11/2022 15/11/2023 Investigador/a Apoyo científico-técnico en los proyectos de investigación concedidos a los grupos del PAIDI: TEP-135 y TEP-142 (4649/1089) Asociación de Investigación y Cooperación Industrial de Andalucía (Desconocido)
27/07/2022 26/07/2023 Investigador/a Desarrollo de catalizadores para procesos de metanación (4551/1089) Asociación de Investigación y Cooperación Industrial de Andalucía (Desconocido)
02/03/2022 01/03/2023 Investigador/a Estudio de materiales catalíticos para pilas de combustible SOFC (4423/1089) CERES Power Ltd (Desconocido)


Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/01/2010 30/06/2012 Investigador/a Reformado catalítico de glicerol: estudio IR de la influencia de las propiedades de los sólidos sobre el mecanismo de reacción (FR2009-0105) Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (Nacional)