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Montserrat Vila Planella

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Área de conocimiento: Ecología
Departamento: Biología Vegetal y Ecología
Grupo: Sin Grupo
Prog. doctorado: Programa de Doctorado en Biología Integrada (RD. 99/2011)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024 European scenarios for future biological invasions PEOPLE AND NATURE
Artículo2023 Alien plants of Iran: impacts, distribution and managements BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2023 Biodiversity and pollination benefits trade off against profit in an intensive farming system. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Artículo2023 Combining local, landscape, and regional geographies to assess plant community vulnerability to invasion impact ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS
Reseña2023 Comprehensive treatment of plant invasions through a geographic lens BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Revisión2023 Could non-native species boost their chances of invasion success by socializing with natives? PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Artículo2023 Early-season mass-flowering crop cover dilutes wild bee abundance and species richness in temperate regions: A quantitative synthesis JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY
Revisión2023 Emerging Hyalomma lusitanicum: From identification to vectorial role and integrated control MEDICAL AND VETERINARY ENTOMOLOGY
Artículo2023 Functional assembly of grassland plant species in native communities in Spain and recipient communities in California JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
Artículo2023 Identification of potential invasive alien species in Spain through horizon scanning JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2023 Influential factors and barriers change along the invasion continuum of an alien plant BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2023 Macroscale analyses suggest invasive plant impacts depend more on the composition of invading plants than on environmental context GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2023 Temporal and spatial niche complementarity in sunflower pollinator communities and pollination function BASIC AND APPLIED ECOLOGY
Data Paper2023 The Alien Flora of Australia (AFA), a unified Australian national dataset on plant invasion SCIENTIFIC DATA
Artículo2023 Using the IUCN Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa to inform decision-making CONSERVATION BIOLOGY
Artículo2023 Which features at home make a plant prone to become invasive? NeoBiota
Artículo2022 Base de datos de abejas ibéricas ECOSISTEMAS
Artículo2022 Consistency in impact assessments of invasive species is generally high and depends on protocols and impact types NeoBiota
Corrección2022 Correction: Four priority areas to advance invasion science in the face of rapid environmental change (Ref: Environ. Rev. 29(2): 119–141 (2021), 10.1139/er-2020-0088) Environmental Reviews
Otros2022 CropPol: A dynamic, open and global database on crop pollination ECOLOGY
Artículo2022 Emerging laws must not protect stray cats and their impacts CONSERVATION SCIENCE AND PRACTICE
Artículo2022 Global environmental changes more frequently offset than intensify detrimental effects of biological invasions. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Artículo2022 Invasion risks and social interest of non-native woody plants in urban parks of mainland Spain Anales del Jardín Botánico de Madrid
Artículo2022 Potential impact of four invasive alien plants on the provision of ecosystem services in Europe under present and future climatic scenarios Ecosystem Services
Artículo2022 Stopping winter flooding of rice fields to control invasive snails has no effect on waterbird abundance at the landscape scale FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION
Artículo2022 The EICAT+ framework enables classification of positive impacts of alien taxa on native biodiversity. PLoS Biology
Artículo2021 Assembly of species’ climatic niches of coastal communities does not shift after invasion JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE
Revisión2021 Four priority areas to advance invasion science in the face of rapid environmental change Environmental Reviews
Artículo2021 Functional segregation of resource-use strategies of native and invasive plants across Mediterranean biome communities BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2021 Interaction between warming and landscape foraging resource availability on solitary bee reproduction JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2021 Interactions among global change pressures act in a non-additive way on bumblebee individuals and colonies FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2021 Invasiones biológicas en la región mediterránea Investigación y Ciencia
Artículo2021 Management of invasive alien species in Spain: a bibliometric review NeoBiota
Artículo2021 No detectable impact of parasite-infected commercial bumblebees on wild bees in areas adjacent to greenhouses despite diet overlap AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021 Proportion of non-native plants in urban parks correlates with climate, socioeconomic factors and plant traits URBAN FORESTRY & URBAN GREENING
Artículo2021 Understanding the combined impacts of weeds and climate change on crops ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS
Artículo2021 Viewing emerging human infectious epidemics through the lens of invasion biology BIOSCIENCE
Artículo2020 A conceptual map of invasion biology: Integrating hypotheses into a consensus network GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2020 A critical analysis of the potential for EU Common Agricultural Policy measures to support wild pollinators on farmland JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY
Revisión2020 Adjusting the lens of invasion biology to focus on the impacts of climate-driven range shifts NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE
Artículo2020 Applying the convention on biological diversity pathway classification to alien species in Europe NeoBiota
Artículo2020 Combined effects of land-use intensification and plant invasion on native communities OECOLOGIA
Letter2020 Distinct Biogeographic Phenomena Require a Specific Terminology: A Reply to Wilson and Sagoff BIOSCIENCE
Artículo2020 Plant community assembly in invaded recipient californian grasslands and putative donor grasslands in Spain Diversity
Artículo2020 Scientists' warning on invasive alien species BIOLOGICAL REVIEWS
Artículo2020 Seasonality of bumblebee spillover between strawberry crops and adjacent pinewoods APIDOLOGIE
Artículo2019 A Conceptual Framework for Range-Expanding Species that Track Human-Induced Environmental Change BIOSCIENCE
Revisión2019 A review of impact assessment protocols of non-native plants BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2019 Common deficiencies of actions for managing invasive alien species: a decision-support checklist NeoBiota
Artículo2019 Consistency of impact assessment protocols for non-native species NeoBiota
Artículo2019 Contrasting occurrence patterns of managed and native bumblebees in natural habitats across a greenhouse landscape gradient AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2019 Developing a list of invasive alien species likely to threaten biodiversity and ecosystems in the European Union GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2019 Disentangling the abundance-impact relationship for invasive species PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Artículo2019 Functional and phylogenetic consequences of plant invasion for coastal native communities JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE
Artículo2019 Global effects of non-native tree species on multiple ecosystem services BIOLOGICAL REVIEWS
Artículo2019 Horizon scanning to identify invasion risk of ornamental plants marketed in Spain NeoBiota
Artículo2019 InvasiBES: Understanding and managing the impacts of Invasive alien species on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services NeoBiota
Artículo2019 Prevalence of Nosema microsporidians in commercial bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) is not related to the intensity of their use at the landscape scale APIDOLOGIE
Revisión2019 Research questions to facilitate the future development of European long-term ecosystem research infrastructures: A horizon scanning exercise JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Artículo2018 A prioritised list of invasive alien species to assist the effective implementation of EU legislation JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY
Artículo2018 An indicator-based approach to analyse the effects of non-native tree species on multiple cultural ecosystem services ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS
Editorial2018 Biodiversity assessments: Origin matters PLoS Biology
Artículo2018 Biodiversity influences invasion success of a facultative epiphytic seaweed in a marine forest BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2018 Invasiones biológicas y sistemas agrícolas Phytoma España
Artículo2018 Los eucaliptos invasores en España Foresta
Artículo2018 Managed bumble bees increase flower visitation but not fruit weight in polytunnel strawberry crops BASIC AND APPLIED ECOLOGY
Artículo2018 More than "100 worst" alien species in Europe BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Corrección2018 More than "100 worst" alien species in Europe (vol 20, pg 1611, 2018) BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2018 Plant-pollinator networks in semi-natural grasslands are resistant to the loss of pollinators during blooming of mass-flowering crops Ecography
Artículo2018 Socio-economic impact classification of alien taxa (SEICAT) METHODS IN ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION
Artículo2018 Which Taxa Are Alien? Criteria, Applications, and Uncertainties BIOSCIENCE
Revisión2017 A review of the combination among global change factors in forests, shrublands and pastures of the Mediterranean Region: Beyond drought effects GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE
Artículo2017 Al descubierto la dependencia total de una abeja solitaria sobre una jara Quercus
Artículo2017 Alien Pathogens on the Horizon: Opportunities for Predicting their Threat to Wildlife CONSERVATION LETTERS
Artículo2017 Birds as key vectors for the dispersal of some alien species: Further thoughts DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS
Editorial2017 Blurring Alien Introduction Pathways Risks Losing the Focus on Invasive Species Policy CONSERVATION LETTERS
Artículo2017 Environmental risk assessment for invasive alien species: A case study of apple snails affecting ecosystem services in Europe ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT REVIEW
Artículo2017 Fine-scale determinants of conservation value of river reaches in a hotspot of native and non-native species diversity SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2017 Honeybee spillover reshuffles pollinator diets and affects plant reproductive success NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION
Artículo2017 Influence of the honeybee and trait similarity on the effect of a non-native plant on pollination and network rewiring FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Letter2017 Present and future of ecological and evolutionary research in Mediterranean-type ecosystems: Conclusions from the last International Mediterranean Ecosystems Conference AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY
Artículo2017 Protected areas offer refuge from invasive species spreading under climate change GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2017 Spillover of managed honeybees from mass-flowering crops into natural habitats BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2017 The effects of landscape history and time-lags on plant invasion in Mediterranean coastal habitats BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2017 Troubling travellers: are ecologically harmful alien species associated with particular introduction pathways? NeoBiota
Revisión2016 Global ecological impacts of invasive species in aquatic ecosystems GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2016 Global meta-analysis of the impacts of terrestrial invertebrate invaders on species, communities and ecosystems GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2016 Linking the impacts of plant invasion on community functional structure and ecosystem properties JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE
Artículo2016 Mass flowering crops in a patchy agricultural landscape can reduce bee abundance in adjacent shrublands AGRICULTURE ECOSYSTEMS & ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2016 Mass-flowering crops dilute pollinator abundance in agricultural landscapes across Europe ECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2016 Scoring environmental and socioeconomic impacts of alien plants invasive in Europe BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2016 The generic impact scoring system (GISS): a standardized tool to quantify the impacts of alien species ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT
Artículo2016 Total Bee Dependence on One Flower Species Despite Available Congeners of Similar Floral Shape PLOS ONE
Editorial2016 Weed Risk Assessments Are an Effective Component of Invasion Risk Management INVASIVE PLANT SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT
Artículo2015 Beyond climate: disturbance niche shifts in invasive species GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY
Letter2015 Challenging the view that invasive non-native plants are not a significant threat to the floristic diversity of Great Britain PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Artículo2015 Comparing impacts of alien plants and animals in Europe using a standard scoring system JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY
Artículo2015 Crossing Frontiers in Tackling Pathways of Biological Invasions BIOSCIENCE
Artículo2015 Direct and Indirect Influence of Non-Native Neighbours on Pollination and Fruit Production of a Native Plant PLOS ONE
Artículo2015 Ecological Impacts of Alien Species: Quantification, Scope, Caveats, and Recommendations BIOSCIENCE
Artículo2015 EU adopts innovative legislation on invasive species: a step towards a global response to biological invasions? BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2015 Explaining the variation in impacts of non-native plants on local-scale species richness: the role of phylogenetic relatedness GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2015 Framework and guidelines for implementing the proposed IUCN Environmental Impact Classification for Alien Taxa (EICAT) DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS
Artículo2015 Linking Azolla filiculoides invasion to increased winter temperatures in the Donana marshland (SW Spain) AQUATIC INVASIONS
Artículo2015 Lists of harmful alien organisms: Are the national regulations adapted to the global world? BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2015 Phylogenetic and biogeographical patterns in defensive strategies and quantitative allocation to chemical defences in Palaearctic and Nearctic pine trees JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2015 Random processes and phylogenetic loss caused by plant invasions GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2015 Una visión a escala de paisaje de las invasiones biológicas ECOSISTEMAS
Artículo2014 A Unified Classification of Alien Species Based on the Magnitude of their Environmental Impacts PLoS Biology
Artículo2014 Defining the Impact of Non-Native Species CONSERVATION BIOLOGY
Artículo2014 Greater Focus Needed on Alien Plant Impacts in Protected Areas CONSERVATION LETTERS
Artículo2014 Plant invasions are context-dependent: multiscale effects of climate, human activity and habitat DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS
Artículo2014 Pollination ecology of a plant in its native and introduced areas ACTA OECOLOGICA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
Letter2014 Pragmatism required to assess impacts of invasive plants FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2014 The potential for indirect effects between co-flowering plants via shared pollinators depends on resource abundance, accessibility and relatedness ECOLOGY LETTERS
Editorial2013 Addressing a critique of the TEASI framework for invasive species risk assessment ECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2013 Bias and error in understanding plant invasion impacts TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION
Letter2013 Capping Progress on Invasive Species? SCIENCE
Artículo2013 Combined effects of global change pressures on animal-mediated pollination TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION
Artículo2013 Comparative Patterns of Plant Invasions in the Mediterranean Biome PLOS ONE
Artículo2013 Disentangling Biodiversity and Climatic Determinants of Wood Production PLOS ONE
Artículo2013 Fauna invasora en España: hablan los gestores de la conservación Quercus
Artículo2013 Gestión de plantas invasoras en España Investigación y Ciencia
Revisión2013 Impacts of biological invasions: what's what and the way forward TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION
Artículo2013 Invasive Species What Everyone Needs to Know SCIENCE
Artículo2013 Landscape context modulates alien plant invasion in Mediterranean forest edges BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2013 Quantifying the landscape influence on plant invasions in Mediterranean coastal habitats LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY
Artículo2012 A global assessment of invasive plant impacts on resident species, communities and ecosystems: the interaction of impact measures, invading species' traits and environment GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2012 Early resistance of alien and native pines against two native generalist insect herbivores: no support for the natural enemy hypothesis FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY
Artículo2012 Ecological niche and species traits: key drivers of regional plant invader assemblages BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2012 Establishment constraints of an alien and a native conifer in different habitats BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2012 Fire and invasive plant species in the mediterranean basin ISRAEL JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION
Artículo2012 Impact of landscape alteration and invasions on pollinators: a meta-analysis JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
Artículo2012 Projecting trends in plant invasions in Europe under different scenarios of future land-use change GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2012 Regional context affects native and alien plant species richness across habitat types APPLIED VEGETATION SCIENCE
Revisión2012 TEASIng apart alien species risk assessments: a framework for best practices ECOLOGY LETTERS
Revisión2011 Developing European conservation and mitigation tools for pollination services: approaches of the STEP (Status and Trends of European Pollinators) project JOURNAL OF APICULTURAL RESEARCH
Revisión2011 Ecological impacts of invasive alien plants: a meta-analysis of their effects on species, communities and ecosystems ECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2011 Integration of invasive Opuntia spp. by native and alien seed dispersers in the Mediterranean area and the Canary Islands BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Letter2011 Jurassic Park? No thanks TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION
Artículo2011 Native plant community response to alien plant invasion and removal Management of Biological Invasions
Letter2011 Non-natives: 141 scientists object NATURE
Revisión2011 Plant invasions in the landscape LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY
Letter2011 Reply to Keller and Springborn: No doubt about invasion debt PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Artículo2010 Are island plant communities more invaded than their mainland counterparts? JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE
Artículo2010 Combined effects of Impatiens glandulifera invasion and landscape structure on native plant pollination JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
Artículo2010 Comparing naturalized alien plants and recipient habitats across an east-west gradient in the Mediterranean Basin JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2010 Comparing seed removal of 16 pine species differing in invasiveness BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2010 Consistency in the habitat degree of invasion for three invasive plant species across Mediterranean islands BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2010 Contrasting patterns in the invasions of European terrestrial and freshwater habitats by alien plants, insects and vertebrates GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2010 Disentangling the role of environmental and human pressures on biological invasions across Europe PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Artículo2010 Effect of environmental factors and bulb mass on the invasive geophyte Oxalis pes-caprae development ACTA OECOLOGICA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
Revisión2010 How well do we understand the impacts of alien species on ecosystem services? A pan-European, cross-taxa assessment FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT
Revisión2010 Little evidence of invasion by alien conifers in Europe DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS
Revisión2010 Multiple stressors on biotic interactions: how climate change and alien species interact to affect pollination BIOLOGICAL REVIEWS
Artículo2010 Predicting plant invaders in the Mediterranean through a weed risk assessment system BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2010 Risk analysis of potential invasive plants in Spain JOURNAL FOR NATURE CONSERVATION
Letter2010 Spreading to a limit: the time required for a neophyte to reach its maximum range DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS
Artículo2010 Vegetation response after removal of the invasive carpobrotus hybrid complex in andalucía, Spain Ecological Restoration
Letter2009 A Standardized Response to Biological Invasions Response SCIENCE
Revisión2009 Alien species in a warmer world: risks and opportunities TRENDS IN ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION
Artículo2009 An Assessment of Stakeholder Perceptions and Management of Noxious Alien Plants in Spain ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Letter2009 Biological Invasions: Benefits versus Risks Response SCIENCE
Artículo2009 Breeding system and pollen limitation in two supergeneralist alien plants invading Mediterranean shrublands AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY
Ponencia2009 Common market, shared problems: time for a coordinated response to biological invasions in Europe? NeoBiota
Artículo2009 European map of alien plant invasions based on the quantitative assessment across habitats DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS
Artículo2009 Exploring species attributes and site characteristics to assess plant invasions in Spain DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS
Artículo2009 Invasive plant integration into native plant-pollinator networks across Europe PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY B-BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Artículo2009 Niche breadth rather than reproductive traits explains the response of wetland monocotyledons to land-cover change APPLIED VEGETATION SCIENCE
Letter2009 Response SCIENCE
Editorial2009 Will Threat of Biological Invasions Unite the European Union? SCIENCE
Revisión2008 Alien flora of Europe: species diversity, temporal trends, geographical patterns and research needs PRESLIA
Artículo2008 Consistent performance of invasive plant species within and among islands of the Mediterranean basin BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2008 Contrasting effects of invasive plants in plant-pollinator networks OECOLOGIA
Artículo2008 Cortaderia selloana seed germination under different ecological conditions ACTA OECOLOGICA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
Capítulo2008 Exotic plants and enemy resistance Specialization, Speciation, and Radiation: The Evolutionary Biology of Herbivorous Insects
Artículo2008 Grasping at the routes of biological invasions: a framework for integrating pathways into policy JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY
Artículo2008 Habitat invasions by alien plants: a quantitative comparison among Mediterranean, subcontinental and oceanic regions of Europe JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY
Artículo2008 High invasive pollen transfer, yet low deposition on native stigmas in a Carpobrotus-invaded community ANNALS OF BOTANY
Libro2008 Invasiones biológicas Invasiones biológicas
Artículo2008 Response of the invader Cortaderia selloana and two coexisting natives to competition and water stress BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2008 The comparative analysis of historical alien introductions BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2008 Widespread resistance of Mediterranean island ecosystems to the establishment of three alien species DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS
Artículo2007 Análisis de la gestión de las plantas exóticas en los espacios naturales españoles ECOSISTEMAS
Artículo2007 Contrasting plant physiological adaptation to climate in the native and introduced range of Hypericum perforatum EVOLUTION
Artículo2007 Cortaderia selloana invasion across a Mediterranean coastal strip ACTA OECOLOGICA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
Artículo2007 Does invasion by an alien plant species affect the soil seed bank? JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE
Artículo2007 Effect of intercropping and ploughing on Mediterranean managed grasslands invaded by Oxalis pes-caprae Plant Protection Quarterly
Artículo2007 Regional assessment of plant invasions across different habitat types JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE
Artículo2007 Sensitivity of the invasive geophyte Oxalis pes-caprae to nutrient availability and competition ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2007 Species richness and wood production: a positive association in Mediterranean forests ECOLOGY LETTERS
Artículo2006 Anàlisi preliminar de la percepció i la gestió de les invasions vegetals en espais naturals protegits de Catalunya Butlletí de la Institució Catalana d'Història Natural
Artículo2006 Are islands more susceptible to plant invasion than continents? A test using Oxalis pes-caprae L. in the western Mediterranean JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2006 Contrasting biogeography of endemic and alien terrestrials species in Canary Islands Orsis
Artículo2006 Demography of the invasive geophyte Oxalis pes-caprae across a Mediterranean Island ANNALS OF BOTANY
Artículo2006 Impactos ecológicos de las invasiones de plantas y vertebrados terrestres en Europa ECOSISTEMAS
Artículo2006 Local and regional assessments of the impacts of plant invaders on vegetation structure and soil properties of Mediterranean islands JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY
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Artículo2006 Novel ecosystems: theoretical and management aspects of the new ecological world order GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY
Artículo2006 Potential for higher invasiveness of the alien Oxalis pes-caprae on islands than on the mainland PLANT ECOLOGY
Artículo2006 Simulating the effects of different disturbance regimes on Cortaderia selloana invasion BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION
Artículo2006 The role of successional stage, vegetation type and soil disturbance in the invasion of the alien grass Cortaderia selloana JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE
Corrección2005 Are alien plants more competitive than their native conspecifics? A test using Hypedeum perforatum L. (vol 137, pg 211, 2003) OECOLOGIA
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Artículo2005 Evidence of Pseudotsuga menziesii naturalization in montane Mediterranean forests FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT
Artículo2005 Historical land-use legacy and Cortaderia selloana invasion in the Mediterranean region GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2005 Landscape-scale positive feedbacks between fire and expansion of the large tussock grass, Ampelodesmos mauritanica in Catalan shrublands GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2004 Are invasive plant species better competitors than native plant species? evidence from pair-wise experiments Oikos (Malden)
Artículo2004 Atmospheric invasion of non-native pollen in the Mediterranean region AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY
Artículo2004 Biodiversity correlates with regional patterns of forest litter pools OECOLOGIA
Artículo2004 Competition experiments on alien weeds with crops: lessons for measuring plant invasion impact? BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2004 De la ecología de poblaciones y comunidades a la de ecosistemas: avances recientes y futuros desafios ECOSISTEMAS
Artículo2004 Loss of enemy resistance among introduced populations of St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) ECOLOGY
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Artículo2003 Association between Opuntia species invasion and changes in land-cover in the Mediterranean region GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2003 Diversity patterns of plant functional types in relation to fire regime and previous land use in Mediterranean woodlands JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE
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Artículo2003 Seed predation of two alien Opuntia species invading Mediterranean communities PLANT ECOLOGY
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Ponencia2001 Causes i conseqüències de les invasions biològiques Aula d'ecologia: Cicle de conferències 1999-2000
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Revisión2000 Conservation implications of invasion by plant hybridization BIOLOGICAL INVASIONS
Artículo2000 Seed dynamics of the mast seeding tussock grass Ampelodesmos mauritanica in Mediterranean shrublands JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
Artículo1999 Plant competition in mediterranean-type vegetation JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE
Artículo1999 Regeneració del càrritx a les franges de protecció contra incendis al Parc Natural del Garraf Butlletí de la Institució Catalana d'Història Natural
Artículo1998 Cambio global y conservación de la biodiversidad: los síntomas de un planeta enfermo Quercus
Artículo1998 Efectos de la diversidad de especies en el funcionamiento de los ecosistemas Orsis
Artículo1998 Effects of Rosmarinus officinalis neighbors on resprouting of Erica multiflora individuals PLANT ECOLOGY
Artículo1998 Fitness of invasive Carpobrotus (Aizoaceae) hybrids in coastal California ECOSCIENCE
Artículo1998 Flowering and mating system in hybridizing Carpobrotus (Aizoaceae) in coastal California CANADIAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY-REVUE CANADIENNE DE BOTANIQUE
Artículo1998 Fruit choice and seed dispersal of invasive vs. noninvasive Carpobrotus (Aizoaceae) in coastal California ECOLOGY
Artículo1998 Neighbour effects on Erica multiflora (Ericaceae) reproductive performance after clipping ACTA OECOLOGICA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY
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Artículo1995 Sprout recruitment and self-thinning of erica-multiflora after clipping OECOLOGIA
Libro1993 Efecte de la competència en la rebrotada, en el creixement i en la floració d'"Erica multiflora" L. sotmesa a diferents pertorbacions Efecte de la competència en la rebrotada, en el creixement i en la floració d'"Erica multiflora" L. sotmesa a diferents pertorbacions
Artículo1993 The use of dimension analisys to estimate plant resprout biomass Scientia gerundensis
Artículo1992 Competition effect on the resprouting performance of Erica multiflora after clipping Orsis
Ponencia1992 Neighborhood effect on Erica multiflora resprouting after fire and clipping RESPONSES OF FOREST ECOSYSTEMS TO ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES
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