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Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023A frequency-domain approach to model vertical crowd-structure interaction in lightweight footbridgesJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2022Modeling viscous damping for transverse oscillations in reeving systems using the Arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian Modal approachJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2021Estimation of lateral track irregularity using a Kalman filter. Experimental validationJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2020Hilbert transform-based semi-analytic meta-model for maximum response envelopes in dynamics of railway bridgesJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2019Nonlinear torsional wave propagation in cylindrical coordinates to assess biomechanical parametersJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2018An investigation of multi-rate sound decay under strongly non-diffuse conditions: The crypt of the Cathedral of CadizJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2018Numerical investigation of the effects of compressibility on the flutter of a cantilevered plate in an inviscid, subsonic, open flowJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Revisión2017Church acoustics: A state-of-the-art review after several decades of researchJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2014Quantification of uncertainty in the prediction of railway induced ground vibration due to the use of statistical track unevenness dataJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2013Application of the trajectory coordinate system and the moving modes method approach to railroad dynamics using Krylov subspacesJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2012On the flexural vibration of cylinders under axial loads: Numerical and experimental studyJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2010Fully three-dimensional analysis of high-speed train-track-soil-structure dynamic interactionJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2008An analytical, numerical, and experimental study of the axisymmetric vibrations of a short cylinderJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2008Distribution of lateral acoustic energy in Mudejar-Gothic churchesJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2008Optimization of the Ritz method to calculate axisymmetric natural vibration frequencies of cylindersJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2007High-speed train-induced ground motion and interaction with structuresJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2005The parametrically excited upside-down rod: an elastic jointed pendulum modelJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2004Development of elastic force model for wheel/rail contact problemsJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2004Natural frequencies and mode shapes of flexural vibration of plates: laser-interferometry detection and solutions by Ritz's methodJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2004Treatment of singularities in Helmholtz-type equations using the boundary element methodJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2003Measurement of the dynamic elastic constants of short isotropic cylindersJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2003Reference motion in deformable bodies under rigid body motion and vibration. Part I: theoryJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2003Reference motion in deformable bodies under rigid body motion and vibration. Part II: evaluation of the coefficient of restitution for impactsJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Letter2002A multiple frequency in the two lowest axisymmetric vibration modes of a short cylinderJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2002An analytical and numerical study of a modified van der Pol oscillatorJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo2002Oscillation-sliding in a modified van der Pol-Duffing electronic oscillatorJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo1998A critical study of the use of the generalized impulse-momentum balance equations in flexible multibody systemsJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION
Artículo1998Application of the absolute nodal co-ordinate formulation to multibody system dynamicsJOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION