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Artículo2024Sodium acetate-based thermochemical energy storage with low charging temperature and enhanced power densityJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2024Thermal energy storage for direct steam generation concentrating solar power plants: Concept and materials selectionJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2024Use of molten salts tanks for seasonal thermal energy storage for high penetration of renewable energies in the gridJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2023Experimental evaluation of the thermal degradation of solar salt under different gas coversJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2023Techno-economic analysis of a concrete storage concept for parabolic trough solar power plantsJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2023Thermochemical energy storage using calcium magnesium acetates under low CO2 pressure conditionsJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2022Cooling process of a novel low melting point ternary mixture for thermal energy storage studied experimental and numerically in a pilot-scale tankJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2022Corrosion performance of alloy 800H and alloy 625 for potential use as molten salts solar receiver materials in concentrating solar power tower plantsJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2022Life cycle assessment (LCA) of a concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in tower configuration with different storage capacity in molten saltsJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2022Steam-enhanced calcium-looping performance of limestone for thermochemical energy storage: the role of particle sizeJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2022Supercooled sodium acetate aqueous solution for long-term heat storage to support heating decarbonisationJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2021Advanced parametrisation of phase change materials through kinetic approachJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2021New phase change material storage concept including metal wool as heat transfer enhancement method for solar heat use in industryJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2021Thermal and mechanical degradation assessment in refractory concrete as thermal energy storage container material in concentrated solar plantsJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2021Thermal energy storage with phase change materials in solar power plants. Economic analysisJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2020A new simplified model for the unsteady response of concrete passive sensible TES systemsJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2020Building thermal storage technology: Compensating renewable energy fluctuationsJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2020Integration of solar latent heat storage towards optimal small-scale combined heat and power generation by Organic Rankine CycleJournal of Energy Storage
Artículo2019TES-PS10 postmortem tests: carbon steel corrosion performance exposed to molten salts under relevant operation conditions and lessons learnt for commercial scale-upJournal of Energy Storage