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Publicaciones en la fuente JOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2022ART-RISK 3.0 a fuzzy—based platform that combine GIS and expert assessments for conservation strategies in cultural heritageJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2021Assessing the tourism attractiveness of World Heritage Sites: the case of SpainJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2020Bringing BIM to archaeological heritage: interdisciplinary method/strategy and accuracy applied to a megalithic monument of the Copper AgeJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2020Response surfaces model for restoring and cleaning oil painted artworksJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2018Gildings from Andalusia: Materials used in different types of artworks along centuriesJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2018Long-term effectiveness, under a coastal environment, of a novel conservation nanomaterial applied on sandstone from a Roman archaeological siteJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2018The assessment of environmental conditioning techniques and their energy performance in historic churches located in Mediterranean climateJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2017Access to complex reality-based 3D models using virtual reality solutionsJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2017Analysis of sand-loaded air flow erosion in heritage sites by Computational Fluid Dynamics: Method and damage predictionJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2017Multiple linear regression and fuzzy logic models applied to the functional service life prediction of cultural heritageJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2016An innovative combination of non-invasive UV-Visible-FORS, XRD and XRF techniques to study Roman wall paintings from Seville, SpainJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2016Archaeoacoustics of intangible cultural heritage: The sound of the Maior Ecclesia of ClunyJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2016Expert system for predicting buildings service life under ISO 31000 standard. Application in architectural heritageJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2015Intangible cultural heritage: The sound of the Romanesque cathedral of Santiago de CompostelaJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2014Approach to environmental risk analysis for the main monuments in a historical cityJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2013Characterisation of Roman coatings from the a Roman house in Merida (Spain)JOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2013Porosity and surface hardness as indicators of the state of conservation of Mudejar plasterwork in the Real Alcazar in SevilleJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2013The cathedral of Jerez De La Frontera (Cadiz, Spain): Stone degradation and conservationJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2013The church of Saint Martin (Trujillo,Spain): Study of the stone degradationJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE
Artículo2005The sound of the cathedral-mosque of CordobaJOURNAL OF CULTURAL HERITAGE