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Editorial2024Editorial: Physiological traits and stress detection in crops during global climate change: availability and sustainable use of water resourcesFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2024Genome-wide association study for yield-related traits in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2024Optimization of anaerobic soil disinfestation against Verticillium wilt in strawberry cultivation using local agrowastes as amendmentsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2024Tackling unbalanced datasets for yellow and brown rust detection in wheatFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2023A complex regulatory network governs the expression of symbiotic genes in Sinorhizobium fredii HH103FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2023Ecological niches in the polyploid complex Linum suffruticosum s.l.FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2023Editorial: Costs and tradeoffs in plant adaptation and acclimation to metalsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2023Editorial: XVII Spanish Portuguese Congress on Plant Biology (BP2021) - plant biochemistry and metabolismFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2023Exploring through the use of physiological and isotopic techniques the potential of a PGPR-based biofertilizer to improve nitrogen fertilization practices efficiency in strawberry cultivationFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2023Linking functional composition moments of the sub-Mediterranean ecotone with environmental driversFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2023Nitrogen assimilation and photorespiration become more efficient under chloride nutrition as a beneficial macronutrientFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2023Phylogenetic and functional analysis of cyanobacterial Cytochrome c6-like proteinsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2023Reducing environmental exposure to PPPs in super-high density olive orchards using UAV sprayersFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2022Back to the future: Transplanting the chloroplast TrxF–FBPase–SBPase redox system to cyanobacteriaFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2022Daily Temperature Effect on Seedling Growth Dynamic of Three Invasive Alien SpeciesFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2022Editorial: Biology of stress granules in plantsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2022Editorial: Convolutional neural networks and deep learning for crop improvement and productionFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2022Editorial: Early signaling in the rhizobium-legume symbiosisFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2022Editorial: Innovative use of imaging techniques within plant scienceFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2022Editorial: Recent Advances of Near Infrared Applications in Fruits and ByproductsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2022Transcriptomic and Metabolomic Response to High Light in the Charophyte AlgaFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021An Evolutionary Study of Carex Subg. Psyllophorae (Cyperaceae) Sheds Light on a Strikingly Disjunct Distribution in the Southern Hemisphere, With Emphasis on Its Patagonian DiversificationFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Assessment of total fat and fatty acids in walnuts using near-infrared hyperspectral imagingFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Biostimulant Capacity of an Enzymatic Extract From Rice Bran Against Ozone-Induced Damage in Capsicum annumFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Changes at a critical branchpoint in the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway underlie the blue to orange flower color transition in lysimachia arvensisFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Characterization of helianthus annuus lipoic acid biosynthesis: the mitochondrial octanoyltransferase and lipoyl synthase enzyme systemFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Revisión2021Chloroplast lipids metabolism and function. A redox perspectiveFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Distinct Physiological Roles of Three Phospholipid:Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase Genes in Olive Fruit with Respect to Oil Accumulation and the Response to Abiotic StressFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2021Editorial: pyrophosphates and polyphosphates in plants and microorganismsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2021Editorial: The role of flower color in angiosperm evolutionFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Establishing a Reference Baseline for Midday Stem Water Potential in Olive and Its Use for Plant-Based Irrigation ManagementFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Revisión2021Intelligent fruit yield estimation for orchards using deep learning based semantic segmentation techniques—A reviewFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Introduction of the Carotenoid Biosynthesis alpha-Branch Into Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 for Lutein ProductionFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Revisión2021Photoperiodic Signaling and Senescence, an Ancient Solution to a Modern Problem?FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Polyploidy expands the range of Centaurium (Gentianaceae)FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Rethinking the plant economics spectrum for annuals: a multi-species studyFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021Studying the impact of different field environmental conditions on seed quality of quinoa: the case of three different years changing seed nutritional traits in southern EuropeFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021The economics spectrum drives root trait strategies in Mediterranean vegetationFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2021The Oleic/Linoleic Acid Ratio in Olive (Olea europaea L.) Fruit Mesocarp Is Mainly Controlled by OeFAD2-2 and OeFAD2-5 Genes Together With the Different Specificity of Extraplastidial Acyltransferase EnzymesFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020A cloud-based environment for generating yield estimation maps from apple orchards using UAV imagery and a deep learning techniqueFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020Chloride Improves Nitrate Utilization and NUE in PlantsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2020Editorial: Phylogenomic approaches to deal with particularly challenging plant lineagesFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020Functional Characterization of Lysophosphatidylcholine: Acyl-CoA Acyltransferase Genes From Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020Indirect Selection on Flower Color in Silene littoreaFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020Reproductive Assurance Maintains Red-Flowered Plants of Lysimachia arvensis in Mediterranean Populations Despite Inbreeding DepressionFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020Rhizospheric organic acids as biostimulants: monitoring feedbacks on soil microorganisms and biochemical propertiesFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020SILVOLIVE, a Germplasm Collection of Wild Subspecies With High Genetic Variability as a Source of Rootstocks and Resistance Genes for Olive BreedingFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020Tackling Rapid Radiations With Targeted SequencingFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2020The H+-Translocating Inorganic Pyrophosphatase From Arabidopsis thaliana Is More Sensitive to Sodium Than Its Na+-Translocating Counterpart From Methanosarcina mazeiFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2019Agrobacterium-Mediated Transient Gene Expression in Developing Ricinus communis Seeds: A First Step in Making the Castor Oil Plant a Chemical BiofactoryFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2019Anionic Phospholipids Induce Conformational Changes in Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase to Increase Sensitivity to Cathepsin ProteasesFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2019Beyond the Concept of Winter-Summer Leaves of Mediterranean Seasonal Dimorphic SpeciesFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Revisión2019Chloroplast Redox Regulatory Mechanisms in Plant Adaptation to Light and DarknessFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2019Diplodia Tip Blight on Its Way to the North: Drivers of Disease Emergence in Northern EuropeFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2019High-Throughput System for the Early Quantification of Major Architectural Traits in Olive Breeding Trials Using UAV Images and OBIA TechniquesFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2019Maximize Resolution or Minimize Error? Using Genotyping-By-Sequencing to Investigate the Recent Diversification of Helianthemum (Cistaceae)FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2019Some Like It Hot: Maternal-Switching With Climate Change Modifies Formation of Invasive Spartina HybridsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2019Transcriptional Regulation of Stearoyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Desaturase Genes in Response to Abiotic Stresses Leads to Changes in the Unsaturated Fatty Acids Composition of Olive MesocarpFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2019Whole Plastome Sequencing Within Silene Section Psammophilae Reveals Mainland Hybridization and Divergence With the Balearic Island PopulationsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2018Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Communities and Their Functional Traits Mediate Plant-Soil Interactions in Trace Element Contaminated SoilsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2018Germination and Early Seedling Development in Quercus ilex Recalcitrant and Non-dormant Seeds: Targeted Transcriptional, Hormonal, and Sugar AnalysisFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Revisión2018Hydrogen Sulfide Signaling in Plants: Emerging Roles of Protein PersulfidationFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2018New insights into sunflower (helianthus annuus L.) FatA and FatB thioesterases, their regulation, structure and distributionFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2018PGPR Reduce Root Respiration and Oxidative Stress Enhancing Spartina maritima Root Growth and Heavy Metal RhizoaccumulationFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2018Radial Growth and Wood Density Reflect the Impacts and Susceptibility to Defoliation by Gypsy Moth and Climate in Radiata PineFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2017An Oleuropein beta-Glucosidase from Olive Fruit Is Involved in Determining the Phenolic Composition of Virgin Olive OilFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2017Evolution of Daily Gene Co-expression Patterns from Algae to PlantsFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2017Evolution of Gene Regulatory Networks in Plant DevelopmentFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2017Evolutionary Analysis of DELLA-Associated Transcriptional NetworksFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2016Iron Deficiency Induces a Partial Inhibition of the Photosynthetic Electron Transport and a High Sensitivity to Light in the Diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutumFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2016Transcriptome and Biochemical Analysis of a Flower Color Polymorphism in Silene littorea (Caryophyllaceae)FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2016Vacuolar H+-Pyrophosphatase AVP1 is Involved in Amine Fungicide Tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana and Provides Tridemorph Resistance in YeastFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2015Modulation of phenolic metabolism under stress conditions in a Lotus japonicus mutant lacking plastidic glutamine synthetaseFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2015On flavonoid accumulation in different plant parts: variation patterns among individuals and populations in the shore campion (Silene littorea)FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2014Programmed cell death (PCD): an essential process of cereal seed development and germinationFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Editorial2014Thiol-based redox homeostasis and signalingFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2013A contribution to the study of plant development evolution based on gene co-expression networksFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Artículo2013Glutaredoxins are essential for stress adaptation in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp PCC 6803FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE
Revisión2013Overoxidation of chloroplast 2-Cys peroxiredoxins: balancing toxic and signaling activities of hydrogen peroxideFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE