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Artículo2024Assessing and upgrading urban thermal resilience of a Spanish MoMo neighbourhood over the span of 1960–2080BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2024Improving urban resilience and habitability by an effective regeneration of the streets: A comprehensive approach step-by-step validated in a real caseBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2023Effect of thermal inertia and natural ventilation on user comfort in courtyards under warm summer conditionsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2023Holistic overview of natural ventilation and mixed mode in built environment of warm climate zones and hot seasonsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2023Simulation of moisture transport in fired-clay brick masonry structures accounting for interfacial phenomenaBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2023Unravelling the impact of courtyard geometry on cooling energy consumption in buildingsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2022Assessment of indoor air quality and risk of COVID-19 infection in Spanish secondary school and university classroomsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2022Evaluation of environmental comfort in a social housing prototype with bioclimatic double-skin in a tropical climateBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2022Influence of the RCP scenarios on the effectiveness of adaptive strategies in buildings around the worldBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2022Is indoor overheating an upcoming risk in southern Spain social housing stocks? Predictive assessment under a climate change scenarioBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2022Legal regulation of ventilation rates in homes in Europe 2010-2022: evolution and comparison study regarding Covid-19 recommendations.BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2022Passive cooling strategies to optimise sustainability and environmental ergonomics in Mediterranean schools based on a critical reviewBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2022Recognizing the effect of the thermal environment on self-perceived productivity in offices: a structural equation modeling perspectiveBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2022Sustainable strategies for improving passive survivability of the traditional Pol House in Ahmedabad, IndiaBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Revisión2022Ventilation strategies to reduce airborne transmission of viruses in classrooms: a systematic review of scientific literatureBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021A field study on adaptive thermal comfort in Spanish primary classrooms during summer seasonBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021Acoustic ambience of two Roman theatres in the Cartaginensis province of HispaniaBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021Analysis of climate change impact on the preservation of heritage elements in historic buildings with a deficient indoor microclimate in warm regionsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021Experimental characterization of moisture transport in brick masonry with natural hydraulic lime mortarBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021Extending the adaptive thermal comfort models for courtyardsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021Introducing passive strategies in the initial stage of the design to reduce the energy demand in single-family dwellingsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2021Natural ventilation in classrooms for healthy schools in the COVID era in Mediterranean climateBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Revisión2021Review of visualising LCA results in the design process of buildingsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2020Acoustical retrofit of existing residential buildings: Requirements and recommendations for sound insulation between dwellings in Europe and other countries worldwideBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2020Assessment of the subjective perception of reverberation in Spanish cathedralsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2020Automation and optimization of in-situ assessment of wall thermal transmittance using a Random Forest algorithmBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2020Contribution of indoor microenvironments to the daily inhaled dose of air pollutants in children. The importance of bedroomsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Corrección2020Corrigendum to “Acoustical retrofit of existing residential buildings: Requirements and recommendations for sound insulation between dwellings in Europe and other countries worldwide”[Build. Environ. 174 (2020) 106771] (Building and Environment (2020) 174, (S0360132320301293), (10.1016/j.buildenv.2020.106771))BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2020Evaluating the potential of adaptive comfort approach using historic data to reduce energy consumption in buildings in southern SpainBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2020Implementing Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment during design stages in Building Information Modelling: From systematic literature review to a methodological approachBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2020Optimization of energy saving with adaptive setpoint temperatures by calculating the prevailing mean outdoor air temperatureBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2019Influence of ICHTC correlations on the thermal characterization of facades using the quantitative internal infrared thermography methodBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2018Climatic applicability of downdraught evaporative cooling in the United States of AmericaBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2018Correlating daylight availability metric with lighting, heating and cooling energy consumptionsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2018Courtyard microclimate ENVI-met outputs deviation from the experimental dataBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2017Design optimisation of perforated solar facades in order to balance daylighting with thermal performanceBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2017Field study on adaptive thermal comfort in mixed mode office buildings in southwestern area of SpainBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2017The role of green roofs in climate change mitigation. A case study in Seville (Spain)BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2016Acoustic environment of Andalusian cathedralsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2016Simplification in life cycle assessment of single-family houses: A review of recent developmentsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2014A methodology for the study of the acoustic environment of Catholic cathedrals: Application to the Cathedral of MalagaBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2014Mismatches between objective parameters and measured perception assessment in room acoustics: A holistic approachBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2014Use of ultrasound as a nondestructive evaluation technique for sustainable interventions on wooden structuresBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2013Neural network and polynomial approximated thermal comfort models for HVAC systemsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2012Wind tunnel analysis of artificial substrates used in active living walls for indoor environment conditioning in Mediterranean buildingsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT
Artículo2006A new methodology towards determining building performance under modified outdoor conditionsBUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT