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Artículo2024A CMOS-compatible oscillation-based VO2 Ising machine solverNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2024BRCA1/BARD1 ubiquitinates PCNA in unperturbed conditions to promote continuous DNA synthesisNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2024Convergent evolutionary patterns of heterostyly across angiosperms support the pollination-precision hypothesis.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2024dsRNAi-mediated silencing of PIAS2beta specifically kills anaplastic carcinomas by mitotic catastrophe.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2024Quantum barriers engineering toward radiative and stable perovskite photovoltaic devicesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2024Risks posed by invasive species to the provision of ecosystem services in EuropeNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2024Structural polymorphism of amyloid fibrils in ATTR amyloidosis revealed by cryo-electron microscopyNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2024Transcription-driven DNA supercoiling counteracts H-NS-mediated gene silencing in bacterial chromatin.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023ALPL-1 is a target for chimeric antigen receptor therapy in osteosarcomaNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2023Author correction: Exploration of nuclear body-enhanced sumoylation reveals that PML represses 2-cell features of embryonic stem cells.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Bacterial capsular polysaccharides with antibiofilm activity share common biophysical and electrokinetic properties.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Cholinergic deficits selectively boost cortical intratelencephalic control of striatum in male Huntington's disease model miceNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2023Common variants in Alzheimer's disease and risk stratification by polygenic risk scores (vol 12, 3417, 2021)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Critical requirement of SOS1 for tumor development and microenvironment modulation in KRASG12D-driven lung adenocarcinomaNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Cytochrome c lysine acetylation regulates cellular respiration and cell death in ischemic skeletal muscleNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2023Erratum: Publisher Correction: Soil contamination in nearby natural areas mirrors that in urban greenspaces worldwide (Nature communications (2023) 14 1 (1706))NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Fungal antigenic variation using mosaicism and reassortment of subtelomeric genes' repertoires.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Identification of biomarkers for glycaemic deterioration in type 2 diabetesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Iron oxide nanozymes stabilize stannous fluoride for targeted biofilm killing and synergistic oral disease prevention.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Light-independent regulation of algal photoprotection by CO2 availabilityNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2023Publisher Correction: Fungal antigenic variation using mosaicism and reassortment of subtelomeric genes’ repertoires (Nature Communications, (2023), 14, 1, (7026), 10.1038/s41467-023-42685-6)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Rare X-linked variants carry predominantly male risk in autism, Tourette syndrome, and ADHDNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Soil contamination in nearby natural areas mirrors that in urban greenspaces worldwideNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023TDP1 suppresses chromosomal translocations and cell death induced by abortive TOP1 activity during gene transcription.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023The chromatin network helps prevent cancer-associated mutagenesis at transcription-replication conflictsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Transgenic NADH dehydrogenase restores oxygen regulation of breathing in mitochondrial complex I-deficient miceNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2023Widening the landscape of transcriptional regulation of green algal photoprotectionNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022An efficient urine peptidomics workflow identifies chemically defined dietary gluten peptides from patients with celiac diseaseNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Breakup of the proton halo nucleus 8B near barrier energiesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Cholinergic signals preserve haematopoietic stem cell quiescence during regenerative haematopoiesisNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022CtIP-dependent nascent RNA expression flanking DNA breaks guides the choice of DNA repair pathway.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Detecting the ultra low dimensionality of real networks.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Exploration of nuclear body-enhanced sumoylation reveals that PML represses 2-cell features of embryonic stem cells.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Global and regional ecological boundaries explain abrupt spatial discontinuities in avian frugivory interactionsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022How ornithopters can perch autonomously on a branch.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Jet stream position explains regional anomalies in European beech forest productivity and tree growthNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Limits to reproduction and seed size-number trade-offs that shape forest dominance and future recoveryNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Megahertz pulse trains enable multi-hit serial femtosecond crystallography experiments at X-ray free electron lasersNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Phosphorylation disrupts long-distance electron transport in cytochrome cNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Polygenic contribution to the relationship of loneliness and social isolation with schizophreniaNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022Population genomics of ancient and modern Trichuris trichiuraNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022WASp modulates RPA function on single-stranded DNA in response to replication stress and DNA damage.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2022XPC–PARP complexes engage the chromatin remodeler ALC1 to catalyze global genome DNA damage repairNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021A CDK-regulated chromatin segregase promoting chromosome replication.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021A CSB-PAF1C axis restores processive transcription elongation after DNA damage repairNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021A single inverse-designed photonic structure that performs parallel computingNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021A transcription-based mechanism for oncogenic β-catenin-induced lethality in BRCA1/2-deficient cellsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021ADAR-mediated RNA editing of DNA: RNA hybrids is required for DNA double strand break repair.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021An ecological approach to structural flexibility in online communication systemsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Association of snR190 snoRNA chaperone with early pre-60S particles is regulated by the RNA helicase Dbp7 in yeastNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Blurring the boundary between homogenous and heterogeneous catalysis using palladium nanoclusters with dynamic surfaces.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021CENP-V is required for proper chromosome segregation through interaction with spindle microtubules in mouse oocytesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Common variants in Alzheimer's disease and risk stratification by polygenic risk scoresNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021CTCF knockout in zebrafish induces alterations in regulatory landscapes and developmental gene expressionNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Finding genetically-supported drug targets for Parkinson’s disease using Mendelian randomization of the druggable genomeNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Generation of a humanized Aβ expressing mouse demonstrating aspects of Alzheimer’s disease-like pathologyNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021H2AK121ub in Arabidopsis associates with a less accessible chromatin state at transcriptional regulation hotspotsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Harmful R-loops are prevented via different cell cycle-specific mechanismsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Human-lineage-specific genomic elements are associated with neurodegenerative disease and APOE transcript usageNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Incidence and predictive biomarkers of Clostridioides difficile infection in hospitalized patients receiving broad-spectrum antibioticsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Insights into the expanding phenotypic spectrum of inherited disorders of biogenic aminesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Intermittent BRAF inhibition in advanced BRAF mutated melanoma results of a phase II randomized trialNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Intravital imaging of islet Ca2+ dynamics reveals enhanced β cell connectivity after bariatric surgery in miceNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2021Intravital imaging of islet Ca2+ dynamics reveals enhanced β cell connectivity after bariatric surgery in mice (vol 12, 5165, 2021)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Lactate sensing mechanisms in arterial chemoreceptor cellsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Microbiota-based markers predictive of development of Clostridioides difficile infectionNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Non-productive angiogenesis disassembles Aß plaque-associated blood vessels.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021PGRL2 triggers degradation of PGR5 in the absence of PGRL1NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021RNA modifications detection by comparative Nanopore direct RNA sequencingNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Sarcoma classification by DNA methylation profilingNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Spin-state-dependent electrical conductivity in single-walled carbon nanotubes encapsulating spin-crossover molecules.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Steroid hormones sulfatase inactivation extends lifespan and ameliorates age-related diseasesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021The human nucleoporin Tpr protects cells from RNA-mediated replication stress.NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Therapeutic targeting of the PLK1-PRC1-axis triggers cell death in genomically silent childhood cancerNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Two parallel pathways connect glutamine metabolism and mTORC1 activity to regulate glutamoptosisNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2021Zinc finger protein ZNF384 is an adaptor of Ku to DNA during classical non-homologous end-joiningNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020A collection of bacterial isolates from the pig intestine reveals functional and taxonomic diversityNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Achieving asymmetry and trapping in diffusion with spatiotemporal metamaterialsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020An excess of niche differences maximizes ecosystem functioningNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Cellular adaptation to oxygen deficiency beyond the Nobel awardNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Climate reverses directionality in the richness–abundance relationship across the World’s main forest biomesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Endogenous topoisomerase II-mediated DNA breaks drive thymic cancer predisposition linked to ATM deficiencyNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2020Erratum: Publisher Correction: Cellular adaptation to oxygen deficiency beyond the Nobel award (Nature communications (2020) 11 1 (607))NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Genetic correlations and genome-wide associations of cortical structure in general population samples of 22,824 adultsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Interface-mediated spontaneous symmetry breaking and mutual communication between drops containing chemically active particlesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Multilayer hazes over Saturn's hexagon from Cassini ISS limb imagesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Oncogenic hijacking of a developmental transcription factor evokes vulnerability toward oxidative stress in Ewing sarcomaNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2020Publisher Correction: Oncogenic hijacking of a developmental transcription factor evokes vulnerability toward oxidative stress in Ewing sarcoma (Nature Communications, (2020), 11, 1, (2423), 10.1038/s41467-020-16244-2)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Regulatory sites for splicing in human basal ganglia are enriched for disease-relevant informationNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020SPT6-driven error-free DNA repair safeguards genomic stability of glioblastoma cancer stem-like cellsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Surface-controlled reversal of the selectivity of halogen bondsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Surveillance of cohesin-supported chromosome structure controls meiotic progressionNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020The cooperative action of CSB, CSA, and UVSSA target TFIIH to DNA damage-stalled RNA polymerase IINATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2020The cooperative action of CSB, CSA, and UVSSA target TFIIH to DNA damage-stalled RNA polymerase II (vol 11, 2104, 2020)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2020Transcriptomic and cellular decoding of regional brain vulnerability to neurogenetic disordersNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2020Transcriptomic and cellular decoding of regional brain vulnerability to neurogenetic disorders (vol 11, 3358, 2020)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Adaptive responses of animals to climate change are most likely insufficientNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Editorial2019Building a global alliance of biofoundriesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2019Building a global alliance of biofoundries (vol 10, 2040, 2019)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Cellular sequestrases maintain basal Hsp70 capacity ensuring balanced proteostasisNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Chaperone-mediated ordered assembly of the SAGA and NuA4 transcription co-activator complexes in yeastNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Cooperation of cancer drivers with regulatory germline variants shapes clinical outcomesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019EXOSC10 is required for RPA assembly and controlled DNA end resection at DNA double-strand breaksNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Functional traits and phenotypic plasticity modulate species coexistence across contrasting climatic conditionsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Pioneer and repressive functions of p63 during zebrafish embryonic ectoderm specificationNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Quantifying the factors limiting rate performance in battery electrodesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Rpd3L and Hda1 histone deacetylases facilitate repair of broken forks by promoting sister chromatid cohesionNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019SETD1A protects from senescence through regulation of the mitotic gene expression programNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2019Tuning porosity in macroscopic monolithic metal-organic frameworks for exceptional natural gas storageNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018A quantitative criterion for determining the order of magnetic phase transitions using the magnetocaloric effectNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Cooperative mechanisms of oxygen vacancy stabilization and migration in the isolated tetrahedral anion Scheelite structureNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Decapping protein EDC4 regulates DNA repair and phenocopies BRCA1NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2018Experimental orthotopic transplantation of a tissue-engineered oesophagus in rats (vol 5, 3562, 2014)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Experimental quantum simulation of fermion-antifermion scattering via boson exchange in a trapped ionNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Interactions and scattering of quantum vortices in a polariton fluidNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Long distance electron transfer through the aqueous solution between redox partner proteinsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018LRH-1 agonism favours an immune-islet dialogue which protects against diabetes mellitusNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Lysosomal protease deficiency or substrate overload induces an oxidative-stress mediated STAT3-dependent pathway of lysosomal homeostasisNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Megahertz serial crystallographyNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Multiple signaling kinases target Mrc1 to prevent genomic instability triggered by transcription-replication conflictsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Operando spectroscopy study of the carbon dioxide electro-reduction by iron species on nitrogen-doped carbonNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Scutoids are a geometrical solution to three-dimensional packing of epitheliaNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2018Scutoids are a geometrical solution to three-dimensional packing of epithelia (vol 9, 2960, 2018)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Structural basis for arginine glycosylation of host substrates by bacterial effector proteinsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2018Topical ferumoxytol nanoparticles disrupt biofilms and prevent tooth decay in vivo via intrinsic catalytic activityNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017A comprehensive structural, biochemical and biological profiling of the human NUDIX hydrolase familyNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Chd7 is indispensable for mammalian brain development through activation of a neuronal differentiation programmeNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Covalent assembly of nanoparticles as a peptidase-degradable platform for molecular MRINATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017DNA end resection requires constitutive sumoylation of CtIP by CBX4NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2017Experimental orthotopic transplantation of a tissue-engineered oesophagus in rats (Retraction of vol 5, 3562, 2016)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Expression of beta-globin by cancer cells promotes cell survival during blood-borne disseminationNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017In situ detection of the protein corona in complex environmentsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Insights into the structure and assembly of a bacterial cellulose secretion systemNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Linker histone H1 prevents R-loop accumulation and genome instability in heterochromatinNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Novel genetic loci associated with hippocampal volumeNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Selective sulfur dioxide adsorption on crystal defect sites on an isoreticular metal organic framework seriesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017TDP2 suppresses chromosomal translocations induced by DNA topoisomerase II during gene transcriptionNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017The STUbL RNF4 regulates protein group SUMOylation by targeting the SUMO conjugation machineryNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2017Unravelling the specificity and mechanism of sialic acid recognition by the gut symbiont Ruminococcus gnavusNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016A genome-wide screening uncovers the role of CCAR2 as an antagonist of DNA end resectionNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Confirmation of the topology of the Wendelstein 7-X magnetic field to better than 1:100,000NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Editorial2016Experimental orthotopic transplantation of a tissue-engineered oesophagus in ratsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Fast, greener and scalable direct coupling of organolithium compounds with no additional solventsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016MBOAT7 rs641738 increases risk of liver inflammation and transition to fibrosis in chronic hepatitis CNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Monitoring peripheral nerve degeneration in ALS by label-free stimulated Raman scattering imagingNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Nestin(+) cells direct inflammatory cell migration in atherosclerosisNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Spatial clustering of tuning in mouse primary visual cortexNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2016Topographical pathways guide chemical microswimmersNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Cmr1/WDR76 defines a nuclear genotoxic stress body linking genome integrity and protein quality controlNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Digital quantum simulation of fermionic models with a superconducting circuitNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Imaging screw dislocations at atomic resolution by aberration-corrected electron optical sectioningNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Interferon-lambda rs12979860 genotype and liver fibrosis in viral and non-viral chronic liver diseaseNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015SETD1A modulates cell cycle progression through a miRNA network that regulates p53 target genesNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2015Time reversal and charge conjugation in an embedding quantum simulatorNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014ATM specifically mediates repair of double-strand breaks with blocked DNA endsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014Contribution of the R-Ras2 GTP-binding protein to primary breast tumorigenesis and late-stage metastatic diseaseNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014Morphological and functional remodelling of the neuromuscular junction by skeletal muscle PGC-1 alphaNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2014Ultrafast angular momentum transfer in multisublattice ferrimagnetsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Control of the spin geometric phase in semiconductor quantum ringsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Dual role of myosin II during Drosophila imaginal disc metamorphosisNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Corrección2013Erratum: Release of SOS2 kinase from sequestration with GIGANTEA determines salt tolerance in Arabidopsis (Nature Communications (2013) 4 (1352) DOI:10.1038/ncomms2357)NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Long-distance distribution of genuine energy-time entanglementNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2013Release of SOS2 kinase from sequestration with GIGANTEA determines salt tolerance in ArabidopsisNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2012Laser-induced ultrafast demagnetization in the presence of a nanoscale magnetic domain networkNATURE COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2011Epithelial organisation revealed by a network of cellular contactsNATURE COMMUNICATIONS