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Artículo2023Cross-sectional study on oral health-related quality of life using OHIP-14 in migrants children in Melilla (Spain)CHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2023Effectiveness of Conservative Treatments in Positional Plagiocephaly in Infants: A Systematic Review.CHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2023Lifestyle behaviours profile of Spanish adolescents who actively commute to schoolCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2023Oral health in migrants children in Melilla, SpainCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2023Relationship between children’s lifestyle and fear during dental visits: a cross-sectional studyCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2023Two Year Neurodevelopmental Outcome after Fetoscopic Laser Therapy for Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome: Comparison with Uncomplicated Monochorionic Diamniotic TwinsCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2022A Videogame as a Tool for Clinical Screening of Possible Vulnerability to Impulsivity and Attention Disturbances in ChildrenCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2022Comparison of glycosylated haemoglobin, blood pressure, and anthropometric measurements depending on gender and bodyweight state in adolescentsCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2022Family environment and Portuguese adolescents: impact on quality of life and well‐beingCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2022Impact of bullying-victimization and gender over psychological distress, suicidal ideation, and family functioning of Mexican adolescentsCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2022Knowledge of first aid measures in dental trauma: a survey of teachers in the province of Seville, SpainCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2022Nonspecific effects of infant vaccines make children more resistant to SARS-CoV-2 infectionCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2022This is my baby interview: an adaptation to the Spanish language and cultureCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021ADHD symptomatology, executive function and cognitive performance differences between family foster care and control group in ADHD-diagnosed childrenCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021Early intervention in unilateral cerebral palsy: let’s listen to the families! What are their desires and perspectives? A preliminary family-researcher co-design studyCHILDREN-BASEL
Revisión2021Effectiveness of oral sensory-motor stimulation in premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (Nicu) systematic reviewCHILDREN-BASEL
Revisión2021Effects of dynamic suit orthoses on the spatio-temporal gait parameters in children with cerebral palsy: a systematic reviewCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021Families’ perceptions of the motor development and quality of life of their children aged 0–3 years during home confinement eue to the COVID-19 pandemic. A descriptive studyCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021Family functioning in families of adolescents with mental health disorders: the role of parenting allianceCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021How does the cause of infantile hemiparesis influence other conditioning factors? a preliminary study in a Spanish population.CHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021Inclusive design in the field of education from the paradigm of early interventionCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021Psychopathological risk factors associated with body image, body dissatisfaction and weight-loss dieting in school-age adolescentsCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021Sleep quality and duration in European adolescents (the AdolesHealth study): a cross-sectional, quantitative studyCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021The prevalence of visual impairment and refractive errors among a youth population in Mozambique: evidence of the need for interventionCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2021Utilization of parallel resources and sociodemographic factors in treating children with complex chronic diseases: A cross-sectional studyCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2020Application of low-intensity modified constraint-induced movement therapy to improve the affected upper limb functionality in infantile hemiplegia with moderate manual ability: case seriesCHILDREN-BASEL
Artículo2020Modified constraint-induced movement therapy at home-is it possible? Families and children's experienceCHILDREN-BASEL