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Publicaciones en la fuente RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024A Segmented Total Energy Detector (sTED) optimized for (n, γ) cross-section measurements at n_TOF EAR2RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2024Continuous and pulsed fast neutron beams at the CNA HiSPANoS facilityRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Corrección2024Corrigendum to “A Segmented Total Energy Detector (sTED) optimized for (n,γ) cross-section measurements at n_TOF EAR2” [Radiat. Phys. Chem. 217 (April 2024) 111525] (Radiation Physics and Chemistry (2024) 217, (S0969806X24000173), (10.1016/j.radphyschem.2024.111525))RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2024Spectrometric performance of SiC radiation detectors at high temperatureRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2023Characterization of a Compton camera based on the TOFPET2 ASICRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2023Efficiency calibration and optimization of a liquid scintillation spectrometer for low level 55Fe and 63Ni measurementsRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2022A model for Geant4-DNA to simulate ionization and excitation of liquid water by protons travelling above 100 MeVRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2022Production yields at the distal fall-off of the β+ emitters 11C and 13N for in-vivo range verification in proton therapyRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2021New data for the definition of neutron beams for Boron Neutron capture therapyRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Corrección2020Corrigendum to “Cultural heritage science at CNA (Seville, Spain): applications of XRF and IBA techniques to art and archaeological objects” [Radiat. Phys. Chem. 167 (2020) 108324]RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020Cultural heritage science at CNA (Seville, Spain): applications of XRF and IBA techniques to art and archaeological objects.RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020Experimental validation of an analytical microdosimetric model based on Geant4-DNA simulations by using a silicon-based microdosimeterRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020IBIC analysis of SiC detectors developed for fusion applicationsRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020Palladium analysis in gold items from Punic jewellery (Cádiz, Spain)RADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2020The first neutron time-of-flight line in Spain: Commissioning and new data for the definition of a neutron standard fieldRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2017Non-destructive micro-analytical system for the study of the manufacturing processes of a group of gold jewels from "El Carambolo" treasureRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2015Application of gamma-ray spectrometry in a NORM industry for its radiometrical characterizationRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2003Depth-selective 2D-ACAR studies on low-k dielectric thin filmsRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2001A simple method for efficiency calibration of HPGe detectors in gamma-spectrometric measurementsRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2001Natural radioactivity in waters and sediments from a Spanish mining riverRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2001Natural radionuclides in an eucalyptus forest located in the south of SpainRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY
Artículo2000Positronium formation in NaY-zeolites studied by lifetime, positron beam Doppler broadening and 3-gamma detection techniquesRADIATION PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY