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Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023Short-term solar irradiance forecasting in streaming with deep learningNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2022A hypothesis-driven method based on machine learning for neuroimaging data analysisNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2022A new big data triclustering approach for extracting three-dimensional patterns in precision agricultureNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2022GPU Implementation of Evolving Spiking Neural P SystemsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2022Neuromorphic adaptive spiking CPG towards bio-inspired locomotionNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2022Quantum machine learning: a tutorialNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2021Enhancing object detection for autonomous driving by optimizing anchor generation and addressing class imbalanceNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2021OpenNAS: Open Source Neuromorphic Auditory Sensor HDL code generator for FPGA implementationsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2021Performing multi-target regression via gene expression programming- based ensemble modelsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2021pyNAVIS: an open-source cross-platform software for spike-based neuromorphic audio information processingNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2021Real-time detection of bursts in neuronal cultures using a neuromorphic auditory sensor and spiking neural networksNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2020How efficient deep-learning object detectors are?NEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2020Neuropod: a real-time neuromorphic spiking CPG applied to roboticsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2019Semi-wrapper feature subset selector for feed-forward neural networks: Applications to binary and multi-class classification problemsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2018Embedded neural network for real-time animal behavior classificationNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2018Evaluation of deep neural networks for traffic sign detection systemsNEUROCOMPUTING
Corrección2018NAVIS: Neuromorphic Auditory VISualizer Tool (vol 237C, pg 418, 2017)NEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2018On the evolutionary weighting of neighbours and features in the k-nearest neighbour ruleNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2018Real-time neuro-inspired sound source localization and tracking architecture applied to a robotic platformNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2018Semantics of deductive databases with spiking neural P systemsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2017A spiking neural network for real-time Spanish vowel phonemes recognitionNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2017An iterative posterior NMF method for speech enhancement in the presence of additive Gaussian noiseNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2017NAVIS: Neuromorphic Auditory VISualizer ToolNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2016Obtaining optimal quality measures for quantitative association rulesNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2015A comparison of machine learning regression techniques for LiDAR-derived estimation of forest variablesNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2015A multi-scale smoothing kernel for measuring time-series similarityNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2015An evolutionary-weighted majority voting and support vector machines applied to contextual classification of LiDAR and imagery data fusionNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2015Inter-spikes-intervals exponential and gamma distributions study of neuron firing rate for SVITE motor control model on FPGANEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2014A class of neural-network-based transducers for web information extractionNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2014Selecting the best measures to discover quantitative association rulesNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2014TriGen: A genetic algorithm to mine triclusters in temporal gene expression dataNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2013A parallel algorithm for skeletonizing images by using spiking neural P systemsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2013Feature selection to enhance a two-stage evolutionary algorithm in product unit neural networks for complex classification problemsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2012EVOR-STACK: A label-dependent evolutive stacking on remote sensing data fusionNEUROCOMPUTING
Nota2011Comment on "Blind source separation based on endpoint estimation with applications to the MLSP 2006 data competition"NEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2011Cyclic maximization of non-Gaussianity for blind signal extraction of complex-valued sourcesNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2010Automatic clustering-based identification of autoregressive fuzzy inference models for time seriesNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2008Support vector machines for interval discriminant analysisNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2007An evolutive algorithm for wind farm optimal designNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2007Ga-based passive loop optimization for magnetic field mitigation of transmission linesNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2007Independent component analysis in the blind watermarking of digital imagesNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2007Inter-spike-intervals analysis of AER Poisson-like generator hardwareNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2006Maximization of statistical moments for blind separation of sources revisitedNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2006Optimizing blind source separation with guided genetic algorithmsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2002Median equivariant adaptive separation via independence: application to communicationsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo2002Robust blind source separation algorithms using cumulantsNEUROCOMPUTING
Artículo1998Topology-independent artificial neural network for overload screeningNEUROCOMPUTING