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Publicaciones en la fuente IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023A Rad-hard On-chip CMOS Charge Detector with High Dynamic RangeIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2023A self-powered asynchronous image sensor with TFS operationIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2023Wireless and Low-Power System for Synchronous and Real-Time Structural-Damage AssessmentIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2022A customizable thermographic imaging system for medical image acquisition and processingIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2022On the calibration of an optical, high-speed, multiphase microfluidic sensor with droplet counting applications in Lab-on-PCB devicesIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Revisión2021Cyber-physical systems for smart water networks: a reviewIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2021Design of High-Efficiency SPADs for LiDAR Applications in 110nm CIS TechnologyIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2020A comparative study of stacked-diode configurations operating in the photovoltaic regionIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2020Alternative general fitting methods for real-time cell-count experimental data processingIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2020Compact Macro-Cell With OR Pulse Combining for Low Power Digital-SiPMIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2020Driver behavior soft-sensor based on neurofuzzy systems and weighted projection on principal componentsIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2019An open-source hardware acquisition platform for physiological measurementsIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2019Characterization-Based Modeling of Retriggering and Afterpulsing for Passively Quenched CMOS SPADsIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2019Compact Real-Time Inter-Frame Histogram Builder for 15-Bits High-Speed ToF-Imagers Based on Single-Photon DetectionIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2019Monitoring of microfluidics systems for pet radiopharmaceutical synthesis using integrated silicon photomultipliersIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2018On the Analysis and Detection of Flames With an Asynchronous Spiking Image SensorIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2018Real-Time Inter-Frame Histogram Builder for SPAD Image SensorsIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2017A CMOS Digital SiPM With Focal-Plane Light-Spot Statistics for DOI ComputationIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2017Sun Sensor Based on a Luminance Spiking Pixel ArrayIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2016A Bio-Inspired Vision Sensor With Dual Operation and Readout ModesIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2016Earth sensor based on thermopile detectors for satellite attitude determinationIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2016Enhanced sensitivity of CMOS image sensors by stacked diodesIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2016Fabrication Process for PCBMEMS Capacitive Pressure Sensors Using the Cu Layer to Define the GapIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2016Image Sensing Scheme Enabling Fully-Programmable Light Adaptation and Tone Mapping With a Single ExposureIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2015A 151 dB High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor Chip Architecture With Tone Mapping Compression Embedded In-PixelIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2015Dynamically Reconfigurable WSN Node Based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 TEDSIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2014Tunable Low Noise Amplifier Implementation With Low Distortion Pseudo-Resistance for in Vivo Brain Activity MeasurementIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2013Indoor Localization With Range-Based Measurements and Little Prior InformationIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2010A Miniaturized Two Axis Sun Sensor for Attitude Control of Nano-SatellitesIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL
Artículo2002Ultra-High Frame Rate Focal Plane Image Sensor and ProcessorIEEE SENSORS JOURNAL