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Publicaciones en la fuente Social Sciences

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Artículo2024Towards quality education: an entrepreneurship education program for the improvement of self-efficacy and personal initiative of adolescentsSocial Sciences
Artículo2024Young Muslim Perceptions of Their Socio-Educational Inclusion, Religiosity, and Discrimination in Spain: Identifying Risks for UnderstandingSocial Sciences
Artículo2023Assessment of entrepreneurial potential in the training of a new generation of change agents in spainSocial Sciences
Artículo2023Exploring the Political Debate over the COVID-19 Vaccination on Twitter: Emotions and Polarization in the Spanish Public SphereSocial Sciences
Artículo2023Female Academics in Higher Education: Conducting Qualitative Research against All OddsSocial Sciences
Editorial2023Social Cohesion in Times of Crisis: The Role of Communication for Democracies—Editors’ IntroductionSocial Sciences
Artículo2022Analysis of mockery and discrimination towards people with disabilities in cartoons: the Family guy caseSocial Sciences
Artículo2022Conflicting knowledge paradigms: competence discourse and disciplinary reality in social sciences teachingSocial Sciences
Artículo2022Family education and support programme: implementation and cultural adaptation in Cape VerdeSocial Sciences
Artículo2022Framing food transition: the debate on meat production and climate change in three european countriesSocial Sciences
Artículo2022Teacher training, research and professional development in a neoliberal school: a transformative experience in social sciencesSocial Sciences
Artículo2022Technological utopias: loneliness and rural contexts in Western IberiaSocial Sciences
Artículo2021Impact of Trump’s digital rhetoric on the US elections: a view from worldwide far-right populismSocial Sciences
Artículo2021School Inquiry in Secondary Education: The Experience of the Fiesta de la Historia Youth Congress in SevilleSocial Sciences
Editorial2020Acknowledgement to reviewers of social sciences in 2019Social Sciences
Artículo2020Structural equation models on the satisfaction and motivation for retirement of Spanish university professorsSocial Sciences
Artículo2020The treatment of socioeconomic inequalities in the spanish curriculum of the compulsory secondary education (ESO): An opportunity for interdisciplinary teachingSocial Sciences
Artículo2019Email based institutional network analysis: Applications and risksSocial Sciences
Artículo2019Family functioning, self-concept and cybervictimization: an analysis based on genderSocial Sciences
Artículo2019Trainee teachers' perceptions on cyberbullying in educational contextsSocial Sciences
Artículo2018Evaluating the impact of an Active Labour Market Policy on employment: Short- and long-term perspectivesSocial Sciences