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Artículo2023A national data-based energy modelling to identify optimal heat storage capacity to support heating electrificationENERGY
Artículo2023A profitability index for rural biomass district heating systems evaluationENERGY
Artículo2023Adaptation of residential solar systems for domestic hot water (DHW) to hybrid organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) distributed generationENERGY
Artículo2023Application of the theory of constraints to unveil the root causes of the limited market penetration of micro gas turbine systemsENERGY
Artículo2023Energy analysis of an ultra-low temperature district heating and cooling system with coaxial borehole heat exchangersENERGY
Artículo2023Experimental dynamic load cycling and current density measurements of different inlet/outlet configurations of a parallel-serpentine PEMFCENERGY
Artículo2023Integration of calcium looping and calcium hydroxide thermochemical systems for energy storage and power production in concentrating solar power plantsENERGY
Artículo2023Large-scale oxygen-enriched air (OEA) production from polymeric membranes for partial oxycombustion processesENERGY
Artículo2023Voltage distribution analysis and non-uniformity assessment in a 100 cm2 PEM fuel cell stackENERGY
Artículo2023What drove electricity consumption in the residential sector during the SARS-CoV-2 confinement? A special focus on university students in southern Spain.ENERGY
Artículo2022A biomass universal district heating model for sustainability evaluation for geographical areas with early experienceENERGY
Artículo2022An assessment of European electricity arbitrage using storage systemsENERGY
Artículo2022Analysis of a thermochemical energy storage system based on the reversible Ca(OH)2/CaO reactionENERGY
Artículo2022Analysis of the integration of photovoltaic excess into a 5th generation district heating and cooling system for network energy storageENERGY
Artículo2022Experimental analysis of late direct injection combustion mode in a compression-ignition engine fuelled with biodiesel/diesel blendsENERGY
Artículo2022Experimental and numerical Investigation on the design of a bioinspired PEM fuel cellENERGY
Artículo2022Insights into the product quality and energy requirements for solid biofuel production: A comparison of hydrothermal carbonization, pyrolysis and torrefaction of olive tree pruningENERGY
Artículo2022Integration of energy storage systems based on transcritical CO2: concept of CO2 based electrothermal energy and geological storageENERGY
Artículo2022Optimal operation of concentrating solar collector fields using exergy-based hierarchical controlENERGY
Artículo2022Oxygen production routes assessment for oxy-fuel combustionENERGY
Artículo2022Performance of Solar-driven Ejector Refrigeration System (SERS) as pre-cooling system for air handling units in warm climatesENERGY
Artículo2022Thermal efficiency gains enabled by using CO2 mixtures in supercritical power cyclesENERGY
Artículo2021A techno-economic study of HTC processes coupled with power facilities and oxy-combustion systemsENERGY
Artículo2021Applying the mixed-mode with an adaptive approach to reduce the energy poverty in social dwellings: the case of SpainENERGY
Artículo2021Determination of time constants of diffusion and electrochemical processes in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel CellsENERGY
Artículo2021Energy, environmental and economic analysis of windows’ retrofit with solar control films: a case study in Mediterranean climateENERGY
Artículo2021Exploring profitability of bioeconomy paths: dimethyl ether from biogas as case studyENERGY
Artículo2020A simple modulation approach for interfacing three-level Neutral-Point-Clamped converters to the gridENERGY
Revisión2020Biomimetic flow fields for proton exchange membrane fuel cells: a review of design trendsENERGY
Artículo2020Comparison of energy conservation measures considering adaptive thermal comfort and climate change in existing Mediterranean dwellingsENERGY
Artículo2020Experimental characterisation of the periodic thermal properties of walls using artificial intelligenceENERGY
Artículo2020Life cycle assessment of the Fischer-Tropsch biofuels production by supercritical water reforming of the bio-oil aqueous phaseENERGY
Artículo2020New biomorphic filters to face upcoming particulate emissions policies: A review of the FIL-BIO-DIESEL projectENERGY
Artículo2020Short-term effects of PV integration on global welfare and CO2 emissions. An application to the Iberian electricity marketENERGY
Artículo2020The importance of governmental incentives for small biomethane plants in South SpainENERGY
Artículo2020Thermo-economic optimization of small-scale Organic Rankine Cycle: a case study for low-grade industrial waste heat recoveryENERGY
Artículo2019Adaptive approach-based assessment of a heritage residential complex in southern Spain for improving comfort and energy efficiency through passive strategies: A study based on a monitored flatENERGY
Artículo2019Analysis of the effect of different hydrogen/diesel ratios on the performance and emissions of a modified compression ignition engine under dual-fuel mode with water injection. Hydrogen-diesel dual-fuel modeENERGY
Artículo2019Analysis of the effect of the hydrogen as main fuel on the performance of a modified compression ignition engine with water injectionENERGY
Artículo2019Converting CO2 from biogas and MgCl2 residues into valuable magnesium carbonate: a novel strategy for renewable energy productionENERGY
Artículo2019District heating based on biogas from wastewater treatment plantENERGY
Artículo2019Do Spanish energy efficiency actions trigger JEVON'S paradox?ENERGY
Artículo2019Experimental analysis of NOx reduction through water addition and comparison with exhaust gas recyclingENERGY
Artículo2019Parameters identification of PV solar cells and modules using flexible particle swarm optimization algorithmENERGY
Artículo2019Passive actions in the building envelope to enhance sustainability of schools in a Mediterranean climateENERGY
Artículo2018A methodology for the long-term simulation and uncertainty analysis of the operational lifetime performance of wave energy converter arraysENERGY
Artículo2018Artificial neural networks and linear regression prediction models for social housing allocation: Fuel Poverty Potential Risk IndexENERGY
Artículo2018Blackout risk mitigation by using medium size gas turbinesENERGY
Artículo2018CFD simulation of the transient gas transport in a PEM fuel cell cathode during AC impedance testing considering liquid water effectsENERGY
Artículo2018Energy assessment method towards low-carbon energy schoolsENERGY
Artículo2018Has electricity turned green or black in Chile? A structural decomposition analysis of energy consumptionENERGY
Artículo2018How far is Colombia from decoupling? Two-level decomposition analysis of energy consumption changesENERGY
Artículo2018Impact of human interventions on tidal stream power: The case of Cadiz BayENERGY
Artículo2018Potential of biomass district heating systems in rural areasENERGY
Artículo2018Process integration of Calcium-Looping thermochemical energy storage system in concentrating solar power plantsENERGY
Artículo2018Single-phase ejector geometry optimisation by means of a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm and a surrogate CFD modelENERGY
Artículo2017Comparison of linear regression and artificial neural networks models to predict heating and cooling energy demand, energy consumption and CO2 emissionsENERGY
Artículo2017District heating systems based on low-carbon energy technologies in Mediterranean areasENERGY
Artículo2017Experimental study of an Organic Rankine Cycle with HFO-1336mzz-Z as a low global warming potential working fluid for micro-scale low temperature applicationsENERGY
Artículo2017Natural ventilation systems in 21st-century for near zero energy school buildingsENERGY
Artículo2017Optimisation of aiming strategies in Solar Power Tower plantsENERGY
Artículo2017Residential energy environmental Kuznets curve in the EU-28ENERGY
Artículo2016Dynamic simulator and model predictive control of an integrated solar combined cycle plantENERGY
Artículo2016Evaluation of the potential of natural gas district heating cogeneration in Spain as a tool for decarbonisation of the economyENERGY
Artículo2016Improved syngas processing for enhanced Bio-SNG production: A techno-economic assessmentENERGY
Artículo2016On the relevant role of solids residence time on their CO2 capture performance in the Calcium Looping technologyENERGY
Artículo2016Optimization of annual energy demand in office buildings under the influence of climate change in ChileENERGY
Artículo2016Supercritical water reforming of glycerol: Performance of Ru and Ni catalysts on Al2O3 supportENERGY
Artículo2016Validation of cell voltage and water content in a PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cell model using neutron imaging for different operating conditionsENERGY
Artículo2015A methodology for energy savings verification in industry with application for a CHP (combined heat and power) plantENERGY
Artículo2015Drop-in analysis of an internal heat exchanger in a vapour compression system using R1234ze(E) and R450A as alternatives for R134aENERGY
Artículo2015Effect of carbon dioxide on the contamination of low temperature and high temperature PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cells. Influence of temperature, relative humidity and analysis of regeneration processesENERGY
Artículo2015Experimental characterization of an ORC (organic Rankine cycle) for power and CHP (combined heat and power) applications from low grade heat sourcesENERGY
Artículo2015Experimental study of an ORC (organic Rankine cycle) for low grade waste heat recovery in a ceramic industryENERGY
Artículo2015Hydrogen production from supercritical water reforming of glycerol over Ni/Al2O3-SiO2 catalystENERGY
Artículo2015Investigation of the liquid water distributions in a 50 cm(2) PEM fuel cell: Effects of reactants relative humidity, current density, and cathode stoichiometryENERGY
Artículo2015Optimization of multiple receivers solar power tower systemsENERGY
Artículo2014A novel approach coupling neutron imaging and numerical modelling for the analysis of the impact of water on fuel cell performanceENERGY
Artículo2014Analysis of regulation methods of a combined heat and power plant based on gas turbinesENERGY
Artículo2014Key performance indicators: a useful tool to assess Smart Grid goalsENERGY
Artículo2014Syngas methanation from the supercritical water reforming of glycerolENERGY
Artículo2014The economic influence of photovoltaic technology on electricity generation: A CGE (computable general equilibrium) approach for the Andalusian caseENERGY
Artículo2013Dynamic model of a shell-and-tube condenser. Analysis of the mean void fraction correlation influence on the model performanceENERGY
Artículo2013Experimental study of the supercritical water reforming of glycerol without the addition of a catalystENERGY
Artículo2013Understanding local adoption of tax credits to promote solar-thermal energy: Spanish municipalities' caseENERGY
Nota2012Comments on " Analysis and application of a novel three-dimensional energy-saving and emission-reduction dynamic evolution system" [Energy 40 (2012) 291-299]ENERGY
Artículo2012Process integration and exergy analysis of the autothermal reforming of glycerol using supercritical waterENERGY
Artículo2012Technoeconomic assessment of lignocellulosic ethanol production via DME (dimethyl ether) hydrocarbonylationENERGY
Artículo2011Assessment of a stand-alone gradual capacity reverse osmosis desalination plant to adapt to wind power availability: A case studyENERGY
Artículo2011Energy optimisation of existing SWRO (seawater reverse osmosis) plants with ERT (energy recovery turbines): Technical and thermoeconomic assessmentENERGY
Artículo2011Prediction of performance, energy savings and increase in profitability of two gas turbine steam generator cogeneration plant, based on experimental dataENERGY
Artículo2011Technoeconomic assessment of ethanol production via thermochemical conversion of biomass by entrained flow gasificationENERGY
Artículo2011Thermo-economic analysis of solar thermal power cycles assisted MED-VC (multi effect distillation-vapor compression) desalination processesENERGY
Artículo2010Metrological management evaluation based on ISO10012: an empirical study in ISO-14001-certified Spanish companiesENERGY
Artículo2009Experimental study of the performances of a modified diesel engine operating in homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) combustion mode versus the original diesel combustion modeENERGY
Artículo2008Study of damage and repair of blades of a 300kW wind turbineENERGY