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Artículo2024Designing ecotourism routes with time-dependent benefits along arcs and waiting times at nodesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2023A Family of Truncated Positive DistributionsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2023A Multilayer Network Approach for the Bimodal Bus–Pedestrian Line Planning ProblemMATHEMATICS
Artículo2023A protocol for solutions to DP-complete problems through tissue membrane systemsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2023Logical–Mathematical Foundations of a Graph Query Framework for Relational LearningMATHEMATICS
Artículo2023Slash-Weighted Lindley Distribution: Properties, Inference, and ApplicationsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022A Discrete Representation of the Second Fundamental FormMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022A Methodological Approximation of the Measurement of Instrumental Social Exclusion from the Capability Approach: The Case of Vulnerable Areas in the City of Murcia, SpainMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022A value for graph-restricted games with middlemen on edgesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022Empirical and numerical analysis of an opaque ventilated facade with windows openings under Mediterranean climate conditionsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022Energy management of refrigeration systems with thermal energy storage based on non-linear model predictive controlMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022Extended Half-Power Exponential Distribution with Applications to COVID-19 DataMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022Multiple q-integral and records from geometrically distributed sequencesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022Optimal Shadow Allocations of Secret Sharing Schemes Arisen from the Dynamic Coloring of Extended Neighborhood CoronasMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022Prevention of hazards induced by a radiation fireball through computational geometry and parametric designMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022Splitting Methods for Semi-Classical Hamiltonian Dynamics of Charge Transfer in Nonlinear LatticesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022The correlation between bone density and mechanical variables in bone remodelling models: insights from a case study corresponding to the femur of a healthy adultMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022The Extended Half-Skew Normal DistributionMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022The Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Human Resources: MILP Models, Decoding Procedures, NEH-Based Heuristics, and an Iterated Greedy AlgorithmMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022The slashed power half-normal distribution with applicationsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2022The stochastic team orienteering problem with position-dependent rewardsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021A better approach for solving a fuzzy multiobjective programming problem by level setsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021A Fast Converging Hybrid MPPT Algorithm Based on ABC and P&O Techniques for a Partially Shaded PV SystemMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021A parametric tool for studying a new tracheobronchial silicone stent prototype: toward a customized 3D printable prosthesisMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021About the structure of attractors for a nonlocal chafee-infante problemMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021An exploratory approach to the adoption process of bitcoin by business executivesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Analysis of the parametric correlation in mathematical modeling of in vitro glioblastoma evolution using copulasMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Applied machine learning algorithms for courtyards thermal patterns accurate predictionMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Boolean functions and permanents of sylvester hadamard matricesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Characterizing mathematics learning in Colombian higher distance educationMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Collocation Methods for High-Order Well-Balanced Methods for Systems of Balance LawsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Data envelopment analysis approach to energy-saving projects selection in an energy service companyMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Flexible log-linear birnbaum–saunders modelMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Hadamard matrices with cocyclic coreMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Industrial steel heat treating: numerical simulation of induction heating and aquaquenching cooling with mechanical effectsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Inequality and dropout in higher education in Colombia. A multilevel analysis of regional differences, institutions, and field of studyMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Learning ecologies in the digital era: a challenge for primary education in low-income contextsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Modeling of the Bitcoin Volatility through Key Financial Environment Variables: An Application of Conditional Correlation MGARCH ModelsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Multiple ordinal correlation based on Kendall’s tau measure: a proposalMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Optimal control of insect populationsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Pseudococyclic partial hadamard matrices over latin rectanglesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Recognition and analysis of image patterns based on latin squares by means of computational algebraic geometryMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Self-consciousness in online shopping behaviorMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Simplicial-map neural networks robust to adversarial examplesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Specialised knowledge for teaching geometry in a primary education class: analysis from the knowledge mobilized by a teacher and the knowledge evoked in the researcherMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Stable topological summaries for analyzing the organization of cells in a packed tissueMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Statistical inference for a general family of modified exponentiated distributionsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Techniques to deal with off-diagonal elements in confusion matricesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Towards a notion of basis for knowledge-based systems—applicationsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2021Unitary owen points in cooperative lot-sizing models with backloggingMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020A nonlinear technical indicator selection approach for stock markets. Application to the chinese stock marketMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020A risk-aversion approach for the multiobjective stochastic programming problemMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020Approximate efficient solutions of the vector optimization problem on hadamard manifolds via vector variational inequalitiesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020Cryptocurrencies as a financial tool: acceptance factorsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020Fuzzy ranking network DEA with general structureMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020Generalized Sasakian space forms which are realized as real hypersurfaces in complex space formsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020Metric f-contact manifolds satisfying the (κ, μ)-nullity conditionMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020Necessary and sufficient second-order optimality conditions on Hadamard manifoldsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020Neural-network-based curve fitting using totally positive rational basesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020New computational geometry methods applied to solve complex problems of radiative transferMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020On cocyclic hadamard matrices over Goethals-Seidel loopsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020Scale mixture of Rayleigh distributionMATHEMATICS
Artículo2020Using robotics to enhance active learning in mathematics: a multi-scenario studyMATHEMATICS
Artículo2019A Closed Form for Slant Submanifolds of Generalized Sasakian Space FormsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2019An application of total-colored graphs to describe mutations in non-Mendelian geneticsMATHEMATICS
Artículo2019Bi-Slant Submanifolds of Para Hermitian ManifoldsMATHEMATICS
Revisión2019Fuzzy logic and its uses in finance: A systematic review exploring its potential to deal with banking crisesMATHEMATICS
Artículo2019Removing Twins in Graphs to Break SymmetriesMATHEMATICS