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Publicaciones en la fuente GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY

Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2024Mammal communities of primeval forests as sentinels of global changeGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2024Modelling the probability of meeting IUCN Red List criteria to support reassessmentsGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Revisión2022Global maps of soil temperatureGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2022Marine heatwaves drive recurrent mass mortalities in the Mediterranean SeaGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Revisión2022Wood density and hydraulic traits influence species' growth response to drought across biomesGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2021ForestTemp - Sub-canopy microclimate temperatures of European forestsGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Editorial2021Tree planting: A double-edged sword to fight climate change in an era of megafiresGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2020Growth and resilience responses of Scots pine to extreme droughts across Europe depend on predrought growth conditionsGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2020SoilTemp: A global database of near-surface temperatureGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2020TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open accessGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2019Developing a list of invasive alien species likely to threaten biodiversity and ecosystems in the European UnionGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2019Scavenging in the Anthropocene: Human impact drives vertebrate scavenger species richness at a global scaleGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2018Forest resilience to drought varies across biomesGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2018Groundwater drawdown drives ecophysiological adjustments of woody vegetation in a semi-arid coastal ecosystemGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2018The "isohydric trap": A proposed feedback between water shortage, stomatal regulation, and nutrient acquisition drives differential growth and survival of European pines under climatic drynessGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2017Contrasting growth forecasts across the geographical range of Scots pine due to altitudinal and latitudinal differences in climatic sensitivityGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2017Freshwater ecosystems could become the biggest losers of the Paris AgreementGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2017Optimal allocation of Red List assessments to guide conservation of biodiversity in a rapidly changing worldGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2017Protected areas offer refuge from invasive species spreading under climate changeGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Revisión2016Global ecological impacts of invasive species in aquatic ecosystemsGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2015Asymmetric changes of growth and reproductive investment herald altitudinal and latitudinal range shifts of two woody speciesGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2015Nitrogen supply modulates the effect of changes in drying-rewetting frequency on soil C and N cycling and greenhouse gas exchangeGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2013Calling behaviour under climate change: geographical and seasonal variation of calling temperatures in ectothermsGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2013Ecological niche modeling of coastal dune plants and future potential distribution in response to climate change and sea level riseGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2012A global assessment of invasive plant impacts on resident species, communities and ecosystems: the interaction of impact measures, invading species' traits and environmentGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2012Can amphibians take the heat? Vulnerability to climate warming in subtropical and temperate larval amphibian communitiesGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2012Evaluating drivers of vulnerability to climate change: a guide for insect conservation strategiesGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2011Soil-nutrient availability under a global-change scenario in a Mediterranean mountain ecosystemGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2009Adaptation of soil microbial communities to temperature: comparison of fungi and bacteria in a laboratory experimentGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2005Historical land-use legacy and Cortaderia selloana invasion in the Mediterranean regionGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2005Landscape-scale positive feedbacks between fire and expansion of the large tussock grass, Ampelodesmos mauritanica in Catalan shrublandsGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY
Artículo2003Association between Opuntia species invasion and changes in land-cover in the Mediterranean regionGLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY