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Juan Ramon Sanchez Valencia

Investigador Contratado (Ramón y Cajal)
Tipo Año Título Fuente
Artículo2023 Paper-based ZnO self-powered sensors and nanogenerators by plasma technology NANO ENERGY
Artículo2022 Coarse-grained approach to amorphous and anisotropic materials in kinetic Monte Carlo thin-film growth simulations: a case study of TiO2 and ZnO by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS
Artículo2022 Highly anisotropic organometal halide perovskite nanowalls grown by glancing-angle deposition ADVANCED MATERIALS
Artículo2022 Plasma engineering of microstructured piezo – Triboelectric hybrid nanogenerators for wide bandwidth vibration energy harvesting NANO ENERGY
Artículo2022 Rhodamine 6G and 800 intermolecular heteroaggregates embedded in PMMA for near-infrared wavelength shifting JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C
Artículo2022 Ultrathin plasma polymer passivation of perovskite solar cells for improved stability and reproducibility ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2021 Mechanically switchable wetting petal effect in self‐patterned nanocolumnar films on poly(dimethylsiloxane) NANOMATERIALS
Artículo2021 One-reactor vacuum and plasma synthesis of transparent conducting oxide nanotubes and nanotrees: from single wire conductivity to ultra-broadband perfect absorbers in the NIR NANOSCALE
Artículo2021 Plasma-assisted deposition of TiO2 3D nanomembranes: selective wetting, superomniphobicity, and self-cleaning ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES
Artículo2020 Enhanced stability of Perovskite solar cells incorporating dopant-free crystalline Spiro-OMeTAD layers by vacuum sublimation ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS
Artículo2020 Plasma-enabled amorphous TiO2 nanotubes as hydrophobic support for molecular sensing by SERS ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES
Artículo2020 Supported porous nanostructures developed by plasma processing of metal phthalocyanines and porphyrins FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
Artículo2019 3D core-multishell piezoelectric nanogenerators NANO ENERGY
Artículo2019 3D organic nanofabrics: plasma-assisted synthesis and antifreezing behavior of superhydrophobic and lubricant-infused slippery surfaces LANGMUIR
Artículo2019 Graphene Formation Mechanism by the Electrochemical Promotion of a Ni Catalyst ACS CATALYSIS
Artículo2019 On-Surface Synthesis and Characterization of Acene-Based Nanoribbons Incorporating Four-Membered Rings CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL
Artículo2019 Plasma enabled conformal and damage free encapsulation of fragile molecular matter: from surface-supported to on-device nanostructures ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS
Artículo2018 Enhancing moisture and water resistance in perovskite solar cells by encapsulation with ultrathin plasma polymers ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES
Artículo2018 In situ monitoring of the phenomenon of electrochemical promotion of catalysis JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS
Artículo2018 Self-Assembly of the Nonplanar Fe(III) Phthalocyanine Small-Molecule: Unraveling the Impact on the Magnetic Properties of Organic Nanowires CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS
Artículo2018 The Role of Surface Recombination on the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells: Effect of Morphology and Crystalline Phase of TiO2 Contact ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES
Artículo2017 High vacuum synthesis and ambient stability of bottom-up graphene nanoribbons NANOSCALE
Artículo2017 Low-temperature plasma processing of platinum porphyrins for the development of metal nanostructured layers ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES
Artículo2017 On-Surface Synthesis and Characterization of 9-Atom Wide Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons ACS NANO
Artículo2017 One-reactor plasma assisted fabrication of ZnO@TiO2 multishell nanotubes: assessing the impact of a full coverage on the photovoltaic performance SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Artículo2017 Optical gas sensing of ammonia and amines based on protonated porphyrin/TiO2 composite thin films SENSORS
Artículo2017 Plasma assisted deposition of single and multistacked TiO2 hierarchical nanotube photoanodes NANOSCALE
Ponencia2017 Plasma assisted oblique angle deposition of transparent and conductive in-plane anisotropic ITO thin films Plasma Nano Science and Technology
Artículo2017 Preparation and optimization of fluorescent thin films of rosamine-SiO 2 /TiO 2 composites for NO 2 sens MATERIALS
Artículo2017 Silver and gold nanoparticles in nanometric confined templates: synthesis and alloying within the anisotropic pores of oblique angle deposited films NANOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2016 A full vacuum approach for the fabrication of hybrid white-light-emitting thin films and wide-range in situ tunable luminescent microcavities ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS
Artículo2016 Growth Assisted by Glancing Angle Deposition: A New Technique to Fabricate Highly Porous Anisotropic Thin Films ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES
Artículo2016 Highly porous ZnO thin films and 1D nanostructures by remote plasma processing of Zn-phthalocyanine PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS
Artículo2016 The interaction between hybrid organic-inorganic halide perovskite and selective contacts in perovskite solar cells: an infrared spectroscopy study PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Otros2016 White Light Emission: a full vacuum approach for the fabrication of hybrid white-light-emitting thin films and wide-range in situ tunable luminescent microcavities ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS
Artículo2015 Active vacuum brazing of CNT films to metal substrates for superior electron field emission performance SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF ADVANCED MATERIALS
Artículo2015 Ultraviolet Pretreatment of Titanium Dioxide and Tin-Doped Indium Oxide Surfaces as a Promoter of the Adsorption of Organic Molecules in Dry Deposition Processes: Light Patterning of Organic Nanowires LANGMUIR
Artículo2014 Controlled synthesis of single-chirality carbon nanotubes NATURE
Artículo2014 Oxygen optical sensing in gas and liquids with nanostructured ZnO thin films based on exciton emission detection JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C
Artículo2014 Single-step functionalization of vertically aligned MWCNTs with Cu and Ni by chemical reduction of copper and nickel acetyl acetonate in benzyl alcohol CARBON
Artículo2014 X-ray source downscaling enabled by combining microfabricated electrodes with carbon nanotube cold electron emitters MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING
Artículo2013 High-temperature processable carbon-silicate nanocomposite cold electron cathodes for miniature X-ray sources JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C
Artículo2013 Tuning dichroic plasmon resonance modes of gold nanoparticles in optical thin films ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS
Artículo2012 Correlation lengths, porosity and water adsorption in TiO2 thin films prepared by glancing angle deposition NANOTECHNOLOGY
Artículo2012 Critical thickness and nanoporosity of TiO2 optical thin films MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
Artículo2012 Plasma deposition of perylene–adamantane nanocomposite thin films for NO2 room-temperature optical sensing JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C
Artículo2012 Superhydrophobic supported Ag-NPs@ZnO-nanorods with photoactivity in the visible range JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Ponencia2012 Towards miniature carbon-nanotube based X-ray sources SSI 2012 - Smart Systems Integration Conference 2012
Artículo2011 Enhanced gas sensing performance of TiO2 functionalized magneto-optical SPR sensors JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY
Artículo2011 Rhodamine 6G and 800 J-heteroaggregates with enhanced acceptor luminescence (HEAL) adsorbed in transparent SiO2 GLAD thin films PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS
Artículo2011 Selective Dichroic Patterning by Nanosecond Laser Treatment of Ag Nanostripes ADVANCED MATERIALS
Artículo2011 Soft plasma processing of organic nanowires: a route for the fabrication of 1D organic heterostructures and the template synthesis of inorganic 1D nanostructures NANOSCALE
Artículo2010 Active and Optically Transparent Tetracationic Porphyrin/TiO2 Composite Thin Films ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES
Artículo2010 Air- and Light-Stable Superhydrophobic Colored Surfaces Based on Supported Organic Nanowires LANGMUIR
Artículo2010 Excitation transfer mechanism along the visible to the Near-IR in rhodamine J-heteroaggregates CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS
Artículo2010 Tunable in-plane optical anisotropy of AG nanoparticles deposited by DC sputtering onto SiO2 nanocolumnar films PLASMONICS
Artículo2010 Tunable Nanostructure and Photoluminescence of Columnar ZnO Films Grown by Plasma Deposition JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C
Artículo2009 Growth of Crystalline TiO2 by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN
Artículo2009 Incorporation and Thermal Evolution of Rhodamine 6G Dye Molecules Adsorbed in Porous Columnar Optical SiO2 Thin Films LANGMUIR
Artículo2009 Molecular dynamics simulation of the effect of pH on the adsorption of rhodamine laser dyes on TiO2 hydroxylated surfaces MOLECULAR SIMULATION
Artículo2009 Porosity and microstructure of plasma deposited TiO2 thin films MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
Artículo2008 Preillumination of TiO2 and Ta2O5 photoactive thin films as a tool to tailor the synthesis of composite materials LANGMUIR
Dirigida por: Barranco Quero, Angel, Espinos Manzorro, Juan Pedro

Tesis dirigidas/tutorizadas:1
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Proyectos de Investigación

Fecha de inicio Fecha de fin Rol Denominación Agencia financiadora
01/06/2020 31/05/2023 Responsable Tecnología de Plasma para la Fabricación de Celdas Solares de Perovskita Eficientes y Duraderas a Prueba de Agua (PID2019-109603RA-I00) Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades (Nacional)
01/02/2020 31/01/2022 Responsable Tecnología de plasma para el desarrollo de una nueva generación de conductores de huecos en celdas solares de perovskita. PlasmaCells (US-1263142) Junta de Andalucía (Consejería de Economía y Conocimiento) (Autonómico)
01/05/2018 30/04/2019 Responsable Advanced functional composite mterials with low dimensionality (RYC-2016-20245) Universidad de Sevilla (Local)


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E10738235 02/02/2010 17/04/2013 Procedimiento para marcado, encriptación, etiquetado y codificación óptica