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Artículo2024A systematic mapping study on security for systems of systemsInternational Journal of Information Security
Artículo2024Diamond Bur Microblepharoexfoliation Combined with Intense Pulse Light and Meibomian Gland Expression for Evaporative Dry Eye: A Short-term Controlled Clinical Trial.Ophthalmology and Therapy
Artículo2024Efficacy and safety of quantum molecular resonance electrotherapy in patients with aqueous-deficient, evaporative and mixed-type dry eye: a randomized interventional study.Ophthalmology and Therapy
Artículo2024The determinants of mental well-being of healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemicHumanities and Social Sciences Communications
Revisión2024The influence of lid-parallel conjunctival folds and conjunctivochalasis on dry eye symptoms with and without contact lens wear: a review of the literatureOphthalmology and Therapy
Artículo2024Using stakeholder network analysis to enhance the impact of participation in water governanceHumanities and Social Sciences Communications
Artículo2024Why women from fishing communities in Andalusia (Spain) not enlist on fishing vessels? Socio-economic and ideological factors of their non-recognition and initiatives for their inclusionMaritime Studies
Revisión2023A systematic review of intention to use fitness apps (2020–2023)Humanities and Social Sciences Communications
Corrección2023Correction: Digital competence of higher education students as a predictor of academic success (Technology, knowledge and learning, (2022), 10.1007/s10758-022-09624-8)Technology, Knowledge and Learning
Artículo2023Digital Competence of Higher Education Students as a Predictor of Academic SuccessTechnology, Knowledge and Learning
Revisión2023Economic evaluation of cataract: a systematic mapping reviewOphthalmology and Therapy
Artículo2023Effects of exercise on cancer-related cognitive impairment in breast cancer survivors: a scoping reviewBreast Cancer
Artículo2023Heartbeat detector from ECG and PPG signals based on wavelet transform and upper envelopesPhysical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine
Artículo2023Hidradenitis suppurativa and suicide risk: a multivariate analysis in a disease with a high psychological burdenArchives of Dermatological Research
Artículo2023Luxury tourism and purchase intention factors: a mixed approach applied to luxury goodsHumanities and Social Sciences Communications
Artículo2023Organizational value and participatory leadership for sustaining the competitive advantages of hospitality and tourism companiesHumanities and Social Sciences Communications
Artículo2023Resilience and urban form transformation: from San Fulgencio monastery to market in Écija, SpainCity, Territory and Architecture
Revisión2023Supplemental toric intraocular lenses in the ciliary sulcus for correction of residual refractive astigmatism: a review.Ophthalmology and Therapy
Artículo2023The use of a fitness app for customer recommendation: linear models and qualitative comparative analysisHumanities and Social Sciences Communications
Artículo2022A systematic review on distribution and ecological risk assessment for chiral pharmaceuticals in environmental compartmentsReviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
Artículo2022Differential analysis of the years of experience of higher education teachers, their digital competence and use of digital resources: comparative research methodsTechnology, Knowledge and Learning
Artículo2022Evolution of biofilm-adapted gene expression profiles in lasR-deficient clinical Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolatesnpj Biofilms and Microbiomes
Artículo2022Organisational factors in the implementation of educational modules at schools in Barranquilla (Colombia)Humanities and Social Sciences Communications
Artículo2022Speed of International Expansion: The Mediating Role of Network Resources MobilisationManagement International Review
Artículo2021A global-scale overview of precipitation-deficit flash droughtsTerrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Artículo2021Impact of the repurposed drug thonzonium bromide on host oral-gut microbiomesnpj Biofilms and Microbiomes
Artículo2020Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Study of a VTOL-UAV for Wide Range of Angles of Attack and Sideslip AnglesAerotecnica Missili & Spazio