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Artículo2024A genome-wide association study for survival from a multi-centre European study identified variants associated with COVID-19 risk of deathScientific reports
Artículo2024A new HaCV-EBHSV recombinant lagovirus circulating in European brown hares (Lepus europaeus) from Catalonia, SpainScientific reports
Artículo2023A cross-country study on the impact of governmental responses to the COVID-19 pandemic on perinatal mental healthScientific reports
Corrección2023A cross-country study on the impact of governmental responses to the COVID-19 pandemic on perinatal mental health (vol 13, 2805, 2023)Scientific reports
Artículo2023Amelogenin peptide analyses reveal female leadership in Copper Age Iberia (c. 2900–2650 BC)Scientific reports
Artículo2023Assessment of perfluoroalkyl substances concentration levels in wild bat guano samplesScientific reports
Artículo2023Attacking cryptosystems by means of virus machinesScientific reports
Corrección2023Author Correction: Comparison of the management of Helicobacter pylori infection between the older and younger European populations (Scientific Reports, (2023), 13, 1, (17235), 10.1038/s41598-023-43287-4)Scientific reports
Corrección2023Author Correction: The high-throughput atomization of polymer solutions for fiber synthesis in a single step aided with corona ionizers (Scientific Reports, (2023), 13, 1, (12639), 10.1038/s41598-023-39801-3)Scientific reports
Artículo2023Comparison of the management of Helicobacter pylori infection between the older and younger European populations.Scientific reports
Artículo2023Discovery and characterisation of socially polarised communities on social mediaScientific reports
Corrección2023Erratum: Publisher Correction: Hypersaline Lake Urmia: a potential hotspot for microbial genomic variation (Scientific reports (2023) 13 1 (374))Scientific reports
Artículo2023Estimation of mobility and population in Spain during different phases of the COVID-19 pandemic from mobile phone dataScientific reports
Artículo2023Greater traditionalism predicts COVID-19 precautionary behaviors across 27 societiesScientific reports
Artículo2023Hypersaline Lake Urmia: a potential hotspot for microbial genomic variationScientific reports
Artículo2023Impact of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic on non-COVID inpatient care in southern SpainScientific reports
Artículo2023Metasurfaces of capacitively loaded metallic rings for magnetic resonance imaging surface coilsScientific reports
Artículo2023Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT) regulates the glucocorticoid signaling pathway during the early phase of adipogenesisScientific reports
Artículo2023Orai1α and Orai1β support calcium entry and mammosphere formation in breast cancer stem cellsScientific reports
Artículo2023Recent natural selection conferred protection against schizophrenia by non-antagonistic pleiotropyScientific reports
Artículo2023Sound waves for solving the problem of recrystallization in cryopreservationScientific reports
Corrección2023The chloroplast protein HCF164 is predicted to be associated with Coffea SH9 resistance factor against Hemileia vastatrix (vol 13, 16019, 2023)Scientific reports
Artículo2023The chloroplast protein HCF164 is predicted to be associated with Coffea SH9 resistance factor against Hemileia vastatrixScientific reports
Artículo2023The high-throughput atomization of polymer solutions for fiber synthesis in a single step aided with corona ionizersScientific reports
Artículo2023The provenance of the stones in the Menga dolmen reveals one of the greatest engineering feats of the NeolithicScientific reports
Artículo2023Transcription and FACT facilitate the restoration of replication-coupled chromatin assembly defectsScientific reports
Artículo2023Using network analysis to explore the validity and influential items of the Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire-39Scientific reports
Artículo2023Vole outbreaks may induce a tularemia disease pit that prevents Iberian hare population recovery in NW SpainScientific reports
Artículo2023Zurbarán attribution hypothesis supported by pigment analysis and multiband images observation of four paintings by his workshopScientific reports
Artículo2022A LexAop > UAS > QUAS trimeric plasmid to generate inducible and interconvertible Drosophila overexpression transgenesScientific reports
Artículo2022A new animal model of atrophy–hypertrophy complex and liver damage following Yttrium-90 lobar selective internal radiation therapy in rabbitsScientific reports
Artículo2022Apex scavengers from different European populations converge at threatened savannah landscapesScientific reports
Artículo2022Aurochs roamed along the SW coast of Andalusia (Spain) during Late PleistoceneScientific reports
Corrección2022Author Correction: Influence of the surface viscous stress on the pinch-off of free surfaces loaded with nearly-inviscid surfactants (Scientific reports (2020) 10 1 (16065))Scientific reports
Artículo2022Body weight distortions in an auditory-driven body illusion in subclinical and clinical eating disordersScientific reports
Artículo2022Characterization of Castellani nineteenth-century gold jewellery by in situ micro-XRF spectroscopyScientific reports
Artículo2022Combined treatment of graft versus host disease using donor regulatory T cells and ruxolitinib.Scientific reports
Artículo2022Controlled attenuation parameter-insulin resistance (CIR) score to predict non-alcoholic steatohepatitisScientific reports
Artículo2022Design and manufacture of a scaled railway track with mechanically variable geometryScientific reports
Artículo2022Discovering HIV related information by means of association rules and machine learningScientific reports
Artículo2022Early downregulation of hsa-miR-144-3p in serum from drug-naïve Parkinson’s disease patientsScientific reports
Artículo2022Effect of the side of presentation in the visual field on phase-locked and nonphase-locked alpha and gamma responsesScientific reports
Artículo2022Excretion and viability of SARS-CoV-2 in feces and its association with the clinical outcome of COVID-19Scientific reports
Artículo2022Interventional neurorehabilitation for promoting functional recovery post-craniotomy: a proof-of-conceptScientific reports
Artículo2022Liver injury in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is associated with urea cycle enzyme dysregulationScientific reports
Artículo2022Massive production of fibroin nano-fibrous biomaterial by turbulent co-flow.Scientific reports
Artículo2022Optical imaging spectroscopy for rapid, primary screening of SARS-CoV-2: a proof of conceptScientific reports
Artículo2022Phylogenomic insight into dysploidy, speciation, and plastome evolution of a small Mediterranean genus Reichardia (Cichorieae; Asteraceae)Scientific reports
Artículo2022Receptor-targeted nanoparticles modulate cannabinoid anticancer activity through delayed cell internalizationScientific reports
Artículo2022Reduced expression of mitochondrial complex I subunit Ndufs2 does not impact healthspan in miceScientific reports
Corrección2022Reduced expression of mitochondrial complex I subunit Ndufs2 does not impact healthspan in mice (vol 12, 5196, 2022)Scientific reports
Artículo2022Static magnetic field stimulation over motor cortex modulates resting functional connectivity in humansScientific reports
Artículo2022The impact of the initial COVID-19 outbreak on young adults’ mental health: a longitudinal study of risk and resilience factorsScientific reports
Artículo2022The role of PemIK (PemK/PemI) type II TA system from Klebsiella pneumoniae clinical strains in lytic phage infectionScientific reports
Artículo2022Transcriptional changes in dendritic cells underlying allergen specific induced tolerance in a mouse modelScientific reports
Artículo2021A novel RLIM/RNF12 variant disrupts protein stability and function to cause severe Tonne-Kalscheuer syndromeScientific reports
Artículo2021A proteomics study identifying interactors of the FSHD2 gene product SMCHD1 reveals RUVBL1-dependent DUX4 repressionScientific reports
Artículo2021Applying the economic concept of profitability to leavesScientific reports
Artículo2021Assessment of myocardial viscoelasticity with Brillouin spectroscopy in myocardial infarction and aortic stenosis modelsScientific reports
Corrección2021Assessment of myocardial viscoelasticity with Brillouin spectroscopy in myocardial infarction and aortic stenosis models (vol 11, 21369, 2021)Scientific reports
Corrección2021Author Correction: Age-dependent carry-over effects in a long-distance migratory bird (Scientific Reports, (2019), 9, 1, (12032), 10.1038/s41598-019-47374-3)Scientific reports
Corrección2021Author Correction: Genetic landscape of 6089 inherited retinal dystrophies affected cases in Spain and their therapeutic and extended epidemiological implications (Scientific Reports, (2021), 11, 1, (1526), 10.1038/s41598-021-81093-y)Scientific reports
Corrección2021Author Correction: The utility of Next Generation Sequencing for molecular diagnostics in Rett syndromeScientific reports
Artículo2021Bacteroides uniformis CECT 7771 alleviates inflammation within the gut-adipose tissue axis involving TLR5 signaling in obese miceScientific reports
Artículo2021Changes in the use patterns of bDMARDs in patients with rheumatic diseases over the past 13 yearsScientific reports
Corrección2021Circulating immune biomarkers in peripheral blood correlate with clinical outcomes in advanced breast cancerScientific reports
Artículo2021Circulating immune biomarkers in peripheral blood correlate with clinical outcomes in advanced breast cancerScientific reports
Artículo2021Clinical characterization and outcomes of 85 patients with neurosarcoidosisScientific reports
Artículo2021Consumption of caffeinated beverages and kidney function decline in an elderly Mediterranean population with metabolic syndromeScientific reports
Artículo2021Dominance style predicts differences in food retrieval strategiesScientific reports
Artículo2021Dosimetry with gafchromic films based on a new micro-opto-electro-mechanical system.Scientific reports
Artículo2021Drug–drug interactions between treatment specific pharmacotherapy and concomitant medication in patients with COVID-19 in the first wave in SpainScientific reports
Artículo2021Early Pleistocene faunivorous hominins were not kleptoparasitic, and this impacted the evolution of human anatomy and socio-ecologyScientific reports
Artículo2021Easing COVID-19 lockdown measures while protecting the older restricts the deaths to the level of the full lockdownScientific reports
Artículo2021Extra virgin olive oil improved body weight and insulin sensitivity in high fat diet-induced obese LDLr-/-.Leiden mice without attenuation of steatohepatitisScientific reports
Artículo2021First tracks of newborn straight-tusked elephants (Palaeoloxodon antiquus)Scientific reports
Artículo2021Genetic landscape of 6089 inherited retinal dystrophies affected cases in Spain and their therapeutic and extended epidemiological implicationsScientific reports
Artículo2021Hyperspectral image processing for the identification and quantification of lentiviral particles in fluid samplesScientific reports
Artículo2021Impact of monthly headache days on anxiety, depression and disability in migraine patients: results from the Spanish AtlasScientific reports
Artículo2021Individual fate and gut microbiome composition in the European wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)Scientific reports
Artículo2021Late presentation of chronic HBV and HCV patients seeking first time specialist care in Spain: a 2-year registry reviewScientific reports
Artículo2021Molecular characterization of multidrug resistant Enterobacterales strains isolated from liver and kidney transplant recipients in SpainScientific reports
Artículo2021Phenotypic and environmental correlates of natal dispersal in a long-lived territorial vultureScientific reports
Artículo2021Primary results of the Spanish Cryoballoon Ablation Registry: acute and long-term outcomes of the RECABA studyScientific reports
Artículo2021Pseudomonas fluorescens F113 type VI secretion systems mediate bacterial killing and adaption to the rhizosphere microbiomeScientific reports
Artículo2021Real world evidence of calcifediol or vitamin D prescription and mortality rate of COVID-19 in a retrospective cohort of hospitalized Andalusian patientsScientific reports
Artículo2021SARS-CoV-2 viral load in nasopharyngeal swabs is not an independent predictor of unfavorable outcomeScientific reports
Artículo2021Taphonomic and spatial analyses from the Early Pleistocene site of Venta Micena 4 (Orce, Guadix-Baza Basin, southern Spain)Scientific reports
Artículo2021The effect of electroconvulsive therapy on neuroinflammation, behavior and amyloid plaques in the 5xFAD mouse model of Alzheimer's diseaseScientific reports
Artículo2021The SARS-CoV-2 first wave impact in the acute inflammatory surgical pathologiesScientific reports
Artículo2021Validity and reliability of myotonometry for assessing muscle viscoelastic properties in patients with stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysisScientific reports
Artículo2020A novel lncRNA as a positive regulator of carotenoid biosynthesis in FusariumScientific reports
Artículo2020Altered phase and nonphase EEG activity expose impaired maintenance of a spatial-object attentional focus in multiple sclerosis patientsScientific reports
Corrección2020Author Correction: Design of highly stabilized nanocomposite inks based on biodegradable polymer-matrix and gold nanoparticles for Inkjet Printing (Scientific Reports, (2019), 9, 1, (16097), 10.1038/s41598-019-52314-2)Scientific reports
Corrección2020Author Correction: High-throughput format for the phenotyping of fungi on solid substrates (Scientific Reports, (2017), 7, 1, (4289), 10.1038/s41598-017-03598-9)Scientific reports
Artículo2020Dysfunctional accessory gene regulator (agr) as a prognostic factor in invasive Staphylococcus aureus infection: a systematic review and meta-analysisScientific reports
Artículo2020Enhancing microtubule stabilization rescues cognitive deficits and ameliorates pathological phenotype in an amyloidogenic Alzheimer’s disease modelScientific reports
Artículo2020Enriched environments enhance cognition, exploratory behaviour and brain physiological functions of Sparus aurataScientific reports
Artículo2020Functional, physiological and subjective responses to concurrent neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) exercise in adult cancer survivors: a controlled prospective studyScientific reports
Artículo2020Growth Differentiation Factor 15 is a potential biomarker of therapeutic response for TK2 deficient myopathyScientific reports
Artículo2020High rate of major drug–drug interactions of lopinavir–ritonavir for COVID-19 treatmentScientific reports
Artículo2020Impact of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) plastidial lipoyl synthases genes expression in glycerolipids composition of transgenic Arabidopsis plantsScientific reports
Artículo2020In vitro and in vivo efficacy of combinations of colistin and different endolysins against clinical strains of multi-drug resistant pathogensScientific reports
Artículo2020Individual versus team heart rate variability responsiveness analyses in a national soccer team during training campsScientific reports
Artículo2020Influence of the surface viscous stress on the pinch-off of free surfaces loaded with nearly-inviscid surfactantsScientific reports
Artículo2020Lacosamide intake during pregnancy increases the incidence of foetal malformations and symptoms associated with schizophrenia in the offspring of miceScientific reports
Artículo2020Longitudinal study of body composition and energy expenditure in overweight or obese young adultsScientific reports
Artículo2020Mathematical formulation and parametric analysis of in vitro cell models in microfluidic devices: application to different stages of glioblastoma evolutionScientific reports
Artículo2020Micro-climatic effects on plant phenolics at the community level in a Mediterranean savannaScientific reports
Artículo2020Niche models at inter- and intraspecific levels reveal hierarchical niche differentiation in midwife toadsScientific reports
Artículo2020Non-motor symptom burden in patients with Parkinson’s disease with impulse control disorders and compulsive behaviours: results from the COPPADIS cohortScientific reports
Artículo2020Pit lakes from Southern Sweden: natural radioactivity and elementary characterizationScientific reports
Artículo2020Predicting mortality for Covid-19 in the US using the delayed elasticity methodScientific reports
Artículo2020Predictive engines based on pharmacokinetics modelling for tacrolimus personalized dosage in paediatric renal transplant patientsScientific reports
Artículo2020Rewilding processes shape the use of Mediterranean landscapes by an avian top scavengerScientific reports
Artículo2020Saturation transfer difference NMR on the integral trimeric membrane transport protein GltPh determines cooperative substrate bindingScientific reports
Artículo2020Similar prevalence of hepatic steatosis among patients with chronic hepatitis C with and without HIV coinfectionScientific reports
Artículo2020Taphonomic criteria for identifying Iberian lynx dens in quaternary depositsScientific reports
Artículo2020The HERC1 ubiquitin ligase regulates presynaptic membrane dynamics of central synapsesScientific reports
Artículo2020The value of the continuous genotyping of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis over 20 years in SpainScientific reports
Artículo2020Trace elements and C and N isotope composition in two mushroom species from a mine-spill contaminated siteScientific reports
Artículo2020Using a bio-scanner and 3D printing to create an innovative custom made approach for the management of complex entero-atmospheric fistulasScientific reports
Artículo2020Vault changes after cyclopentolate instillation in eyes with posterior chamber phakic intraocular lensScientific reports
Artículo2020Virological outcome among HIV infected patients transferred from pediatric care to adult units in Madrid, Spain (1997–2017)Scientific reports
Artículo2020Yeast Ppz1 protein phosphatase toxicity involves the alteration of multiple cellular targetsScientific reports
Artículo2019A portable epigenetic switch for bistable gene expression in bacteriaScientific reports
Corrección2019A portable epigenetic switch for bistable gene expression in bacteria (vol 9, 11261, 2019)Scientific reports
Artículo2019A variant in the MICA gene is associated with liver fibrosis progression in chronic hepatitis C through TGF-beta 1 dependent mechanismsScientific reports
Artículo2019Age-dependent carry-over effects in a long-distance migratory birdScientific reports
Artículo2019Anomalous acoustic phonons as the physical mechanism behind the adiabatic barocaloric effect on grapheneScientific reports
Artículo2019Bionanocomposites based on chitosan intercalation in designed swelling high-charged micasScientific reports
Artículo2019Brain-behaviour modes of covariation in healthy and clinically depressed young peopleScientific reports
Artículo2019CIBER-CLAP (CIBERCV Cardioprotection Large Animal Platform): A multicenter preclinical network for testing reproducibility in cardiovascular interventionsScientific reports
Artículo2019Comparison of seven prognostic tools to identify low-risk pulmonary embolism in patients aged <50 yearsScientific reports
Artículo2019Design of highly stabilized nanocomposite inks based on biodegradable polymer-matrix and gold nanoparticles for Inkjet PrintingScientific reports
Artículo2019Elusive super-hard B6C accessible through the laser-floating zone methodScientific reports
Artículo2019Emergence of supercontraction in regenerated silkworm (Bombyx mori) silk fibersScientific reports
Artículo2019Evaluation of hepatitis C viral RNA persistence in HIV-infected patients with long-term sustained virological response by droplet digital PCRScientific reports
Artículo2019Extra virgin olive oil diet intervention improves insulin resistance and islet performance in diet-induced diabetes in miceScientific reports
Artículo2019FGF family members differentially regulate maturation and proliferation of stem cell-derived astrocytesScientific reports
Artículo2019Genetic markers of lipid metabolism genes associated with low susceptibility to HCV infectionScientific reports
Artículo2019Honeybees disrupt the structure and functionality of plant-pollinator networksScientific reports
Artículo2019Human amniotic membrane conditioned medium inhibits proliferation and modulates related microRNAs expression in hepatocarcinoma cellsScientific reports
Artículo2019Human oocytes and zygotes are ready for ultra-fast vitrification after 2 minutes of exposure to standard CPA solutionsScientific reports
Artículo2019Human pressures on two estuaries of the Iberian Peninsula are reflected in food web structureScientific reports
Artículo2019Impact of short-term extreme temperature events on physiological performance of Salicornia ramosissima J. Woods under optimal and sub-optimal saline conditionsScientific reports
Artículo2019LncRNA LUCAT1 as a novel prognostic biomarker for patients with papillary thyroid cancerScientific reports
Artículo2019Mapping a novel positive allosteric modulator binding site in the central vestibule region of human P2X7Scientific reports
Artículo2019Multicaloric effect in a multiferroic composite of Gd-5(Si,Ge)(4) microparticles embedded into a ferroelectric PVDF matrixScientific reports
Artículo2019Muropeptides Stimulate Growth Resumption from Stationary Phase in Escherichia coliScientific reports
Artículo2019Mutational and non mutational adaptation of Salmonella enterica to the gall bladderScientific reports
Artículo2019Peripheral CD39-expressing T regulatory cells are increased and associated with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis in relapsing patientsScientific reports
Artículo2019Realising the potential of Natura 2000 to achieve EU conservation goals as 2020 approachesScientific reports
Artículo2019Repositioning salicylanilide anthelmintic drugs to treat adenovirus infectionsScientific reports
Artículo2019Seasonal synchronization of sleep timing in industrial and pre-industrial societiesScientific reports
Corrección2019Seasonal synchronization of sleep timing in industrial and pre-industrial societies (vol 9, 6772, 2019)Scientific reports
Artículo2019Self-compensation in chlorine-doped CdTeScientific reports
Artículo2019Spatial distribution of prokaryotic communities in hypersaline soilsScientific reports
Artículo2019Sponge diversity in Eastern Tropical Pacific coral reefs: an interoceanic comparisonScientific reports
Artículo2019Stepped vitrification technique for human ovarian tissue cryopreservationScientific reports
Artículo2019The long term impact of Daylight Saving Time regulations in daily life at several circles of latitudeScientific reports
Artículo2019X chromosome inactivation does not necessarily determine the severity of the phenotype in Rett syndrome patientsScientific reports
Artículo2019ZipN is an essential FtsZ membrane tether and contributes to the septal localization of SepJ in the filamentous cyanobacterium AnabaenaScientific reports
Artículo2018A microscopic Kapitza pendulumScientific reports
Artículo2018An automated method for the analysis of food intake behaviour in Caenorhabditis elegansScientific reports
Artículo2018Baseline resistance-guided therapy does not enhance the response to interferon-free treatment of HCV infection in real lifeScientific reports
Artículo2018Combined analysis of the salivary microbiome and host defence peptides predicts dental diseaseScientific reports
Artículo2018Contribution of SPI-1 bistability to Salmonella enterica cooperative virulence: insights from single cell analysisScientific reports
Artículo2018Engineering of III-nitride semiconductors on low temperature co-fired ceramicsScientific reports
Artículo2018Evolution of the Quorum network and the mobilome (plasmids and bacteriophages) in clinical strains of Acinetobacter baumannii during a decadeScientific reports
Artículo2018Fish mitigate trophic depletion in marine cave ecosystemsScientific reports
Artículo2018Influence of chromium hyperdoping on the electronic structure of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite: a first-principles insightScientific reports
Corrección2018Influence of chromium hyperdoping on the electronic structure of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite: a first-principles insight (vol. 8, 2018)Scientific reports
Artículo2018Influence of irrigation conditions in the germination of plasma treated Nasturtium seedsScientific reports
Artículo2018Innate immune alterations are elicited in microglial cells before plaque deposition in the Alzheimer's disease mouse model 5xFADScientific reports
Artículo2018Latitudinal trends in human primary activities: characterizing the winter day as a synchronizerScientific reports
Artículo2018Low-temperature synthesis and investigation into the formation mechanism of high quality Ni-Fe layered double hydroxides hexagonal plateletsScientific reports
Artículo2018Molecular determinants of guanylate cyclase activating protein subcellular distribution in photoreceptor cells of the retinaScientific reports
Artículo2018Photoluminescence quenching of dye molecules near a resonant silicon nanoparticleScientific reports
Artículo2018Quantum Artificial Life in an IBM Quantum ComputerScientific reports
Artículo2018Risk stratifiers for arrhythmic and non-arrhythmic mortality after acute myocardial infarctionScientific reports
Artículo2018Searching the second hit in patients with inherited retinal dystrophies and monoallelic variants in ABCA4, USH2A and CEP290 by whole-gene targeted sequencingScientific reports
Artículo2018Sensing cell-culture assays with low-cost circuitryScientific reports
Artículo2018Strong activation effect on a ru-co-c thin film catalyst for the hydrolysis of sodium borohydrideScientific reports
Corrección2018Strong activation effect on a Ru-Co-C thin film catalyst for the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride (vol 8, 9755, 2018)Scientific reports
Artículo2017A novel programmable lysozyme-based lysis system in Pseudomonas putida for biopolymer productionScientific reports
Artículo2017A Ras GTPase associated protein is involved in the phototropic and circadian photobiology responses in fungiScientific reports
Artículo2017A Single-Ion Reservoir as a High-Sensitive Sensor of Electric SignalsScientific reports
Artículo2017A Study on Fast Gates for Large-Scale Quantum Simulation with Trapped IonsScientific reports
Artículo2017Advanced-Retarded Differential Equations in Quantum Photonic SystemsScientific reports
Artículo2017Barocaloric effect on grapheneScientific reports
Artículo2017Basic protocols in quantum reinforcement learning with superconducting circuitsScientific reports
Artículo2017BIM-23A760 influences key functional endpoints in pituitary adenomas and normal pituitaries: Molecular mechanisms underlying the differential response in adenomasScientific reports
Artículo2017Both p62/SQSTM1-HDAC6-dependent autophagy and the aggresome pathway mediate CDK1 degradation in human breast cancerScientific reports
Artículo2017CCAAT/Enhancer binding protein beta silencing mitigates glial activation and neurodegeneration in a rat model of Parkinson's diseaseScientific reports
Artículo2017Characterization of celiac disease related oat proteins: bases for the development of high quality oat varieties suitable for celiac patientsScientific reports
Artículo2017Combating virulence of Gram-negative bacilli by OmpA inhibitionScientific reports
Artículo2017Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus immunotherapy changes the T-regulatory cell activityScientific reports
Artículo2017Digital-analog quantum simulation of generalized Dicke models with superconducting circuitsScientific reports
Artículo2017Dispersive Regimes of the Dicke ModelScientific reports
Artículo2017Dopamine-dependent changes of cortical excitability induced by transcranial static magnetic field stimulation in Parkinson's diseaseScientific reports
Artículo2017Dual roles of A beta in proliferative processes in an amyloidogenic model of Alzheimer's diseaseScientific reports
Artículo2017Environmental conditions during winter predict age- and sex-specific differences in reproductive success of a trans-Saharan migratory birdScientific reports
Artículo2017Galectin-3 released in response to traumatic brain injury acts as an alarmin orchestrating brain immune response and promoting neurodegenerationScientific reports
Artículo2017High-amplitude electrical stimulation can reduce elicited neuronal activity in visual prosthesisScientific reports
Artículo2017High-throughput format for the phenotyping of fungi on solid substratesScientific reports
Artículo2017Lithium Titanate/Carbon Nanotubes Composites Processed by Ultrasound Irradiation as Anodes for Lithium Ion BatteriesScientific reports
Artículo2017Live cell X-ray imaging of autophagic vacuoles formation and chromatin dynamics in fission yeastScientific reports
Artículo2017LPS promotes Th2 dependent sensitisation leading to anaphylaxis in a Pru p 3 mouse modelScientific reports
Artículo2017Measurement of linear response functions in Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceScientific reports
Artículo2017miR-125a, miR-139 and miR-324 contribute to Urocortin protection against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injuryScientific reports
Artículo2017Neuroinflammation alters cellular proteostasis by producing endoplasmic reticulum stress, autophagy activation and disrupting ERAD activationScientific reports
Artículo2017One-reactor plasma assisted fabrication of ZnO@TiO2 multishell nanotubes: assessing the impact of a full coverage on the photovoltaic performanceScientific reports
Artículo2017Overexpression of DNMT3b target genes during Enteric Nervous System development contribute to the onset of Hirschsprung diseaseScientific reports
Artículo2017Rules of tissue packing involving different cell types: Human muscle organizationScientific reports
Artículo2017Sex- and age-dependent patterns of survival and breeding success in a long-lived endangered avian scavengerScientific reports
Artículo2017Supervised Quantum Learning without MeasurementsScientific reports
Artículo2017Surface chemistry and germination improvement of Quinoa seeds subjected to plasma activationScientific reports
Artículo2017The CCR4-NOT complex contributes to repression of Major Histocompatibility Complex class II transcriptionScientific reports
Artículo2017The chaperonin CCT inhibits assembly of alpha-synuclein amyloid fibrils by a specific, conformation-dependent interactionScientific reports
Artículo2017The maternal genetic make-up of the Iberian Peninsula between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze AgeScientific reports
Artículo2017The Rhizobium tropici CIAT 899 NodD2 protein regulates the production of Nod factors under salt stress in a flavonoid-independent mannerScientific reports
Artículo2017The stringent response promotes biofilm dispersal in Pseudomonas putidaScientific reports
Artículo2017The underlying process of early ecological and genetic differentiation in a facultative mutualistic Sinorhizobium meliloti populationScientific reports
Artículo2017The utility of Next Generation Sequencing for molecular diagnostics in Rett syndromeScientific reports
Artículo2017Unravelling the genetic basis of simplex Retinitis Pigmentosa casesScientific reports
Artículo2017Versatility of nodal affiliation to communitiesScientific reports
Artículo2016A transcriptomic analysis of the effect of genistein on Sinorhizobium fredii HH103 reveals novel rhizobial genes putatively involved in symbiosisScientific reports
Artículo2016Artificial Life in Quantum TechnologiesScientific reports
Artículo2016Autophagy-related proteins are functionally active in human spermatozoa and may be involved in the regulation of cell survival and motilityScientific reports
Artículo2016Biological strategy for the fabrication of highly ordered aragonite helices: the microstructure of the cavolinioidean gastropodsScientific reports
Artículo2016Defaunation leads to microevolutionary changes in a tropical palmScientific reports
Artículo2016Digital-Analog Quantum Simulation of Spin Models in Trapped IonsScientific reports
Artículo2016Direct Actions of Kisspeptins on GnRH Neurons Permit Attainment of Fertility but are Insufficient to Fully Preserve Gonadotropic Axis ActivityScientific reports
Artículo2016Dynamic interaction of SARAF with STIM1 and Orai1 to modulate store-operated calcium entryScientific reports
Artículo2016Effect of Quercetin on Hepatitis C Virus Life Cycle: From Viral to Host TargetsScientific reports
Artículo2016Engineering Salmonella as intracellular factory for effective killing of tumour cellsScientific reports
Artículo2016Entanglement classification with matrix product statesScientific reports
Artículo2016Environmental factors linked to depression vulnerability are associated with altered cerebellar resting-state synchronizationScientific reports
Artículo2016Experimental evidence for drought induced alternative stable states of soil moistureScientific reports
Artículo2016Galectin-3 causes enteric neuronal loss in mice after left sided permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion, a model of strokeScientific reports
Artículo2016Identification of different mechanisms leading to PAX6 down-regulation as potential events contributing to the onset of Hirschsprung diseaseScientific reports
Artículo2016Imaging biomarkers for steatohepatitis and fibrosis detection in non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseScientific reports
Artículo2016Improving the management of Inherited Retinal Dystrophies by targeted sequencing of a population-specific gene panelScientific reports
Artículo2016Inter-annual maintenance of the fine-scale genetic structure in a biennial plantScientific reports
Artículo2016Oncogenic Sox2 regulates and cooperates with VRK1 in cell cycle progression and differentiationScientific reports
Artículo2016Photochemical solution processing of films of metastable phases for flexible devices: the beta-Bi2O3 polymorphScientific reports
Artículo2016Quantum chemistry and charge transport in biomolecules with superconducting circuitsScientific reports
Artículo2016Roles of human POLD1 and POLD3 in genome stabilityScientific reports
Artículo2016The onset of electrospray: the universal scaling laws of the first ejectionScientific reports
Artículo2016The role of PIM1/PIM2 kinases in tumors of the male reproductive systemScientific reports
Artículo2016The signatures of Anthropocene defaunation: cascading effects of the seed dispersal collapseScientific reports
Artículo2016The Transcriptional Landscape of the Photosynthetic Model Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp PCC6803Scientific reports
Artículo2016Universal structures of normal and pathological heart rate variabilityScientific reports
Artículo2015Bilberry extract (Antho 50) selectively induces redox-sensitive caspase 3-related apoptosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells by targeting the Bcl-2/Bad pathwayScientific reports
Artículo2015Breast cancer cell line MCF7 escapes from G(1)/S arrest induced by proteasome inhibition through a GSK-3 beta dependent mechanismScientific reports
Artículo2015Differential Plasma-cell evolution is linked with Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus immunotherapy responseScientific reports
Artículo2015Earliest evidence of pollution by heavy metals in archaeological sitesScientific reports
Artículo2015Exome sequencing reveals a high genetic heterogeneity on familial Hirschsprung diseaseScientific reports
Artículo2015Human iPSC derived disease model of MERTK-associated retinitis pigmentosaScientific reports
Artículo2015In1-ghrelin splicing variant is overexpressed in pituitary adenomas and increases their aggressive featuresScientific reports
Artículo2015Modeling the consequences of the demise and potential recovery of a keystone-species: wild rabbits and avian scavengers in Mediterranean landscapesScientific reports
Artículo2015Molecular Characterization of Growth Hormone-producing Tumors in the GC Rat Model of AcromegalyScientific reports
Artículo2015Pharmacological Chaperones and Coenzyme Q(10) Treatment Improves Mutant beta-Glucocerebrosidase Activity and Mitochondrial Function in Neuronopathic Forms of Gaucher DiseaseScientific reports
Artículo2015Quantum Clock Synchronization with a Single QuditScientific reports
Artículo2015Quantum Emulation of Gravitational WavesScientific reports
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