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Artículo2023Sol-Gel Technologies to Obtain Advanced Bioceramics for Dental Therapeutics.MOLECULES
Artículo2023Thermodynamic and kinetic investigation of the adsorption and desorption of trimethoprim and its main metabolites in Mediterranean crop soils.MOLECULES
Artículo2022A computer simulation insight into the formation of apocarotenoids: study of the carotenoid oxygenases BCO1 and BCO2 and their interaction with putative substratesMOLECULES
Artículo2022A New and Sensitive HPLC-UV Method for Rapid and Simultaneous Quantification of Curcumin and D-Panthenol: Application to In Vitro Release Studies of Wound DressingsMOLECULES
Artículo2022An overview of analytical methods to determine pharmaceutical active compounds in aquatic organisms.MOLECULES
Revisión2022Application of biobased solvents in asymmetric catalysisMOLECULES
Artículo2022Chemoselective Preparation of New Families of Phenolic-Organoselenium Hybrids-A Biological Assessment.MOLECULES
Artículo2022Comparison of different techniques for the determination of platinized cytostatic drugs in urine samples.MOLECULES
Artículo2022Evolution of Hydroxytyrosol, Hydroxytyrosol 4-beta-d-Glucoside, 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylglycol and Tyrosol in Olive Oil Solid Waste or "Alperujo"MOLECULES
Artículo2022Strategies for the biofunctionalization of straining flow spinning regenerated bombyx mori fibersMOLECULES
Artículo2022Synthesis of a New beta-Galactosidase Inhibitor Displaying Pharmacological Chaperone Properties for GM1 GangliosidosisMOLECULES
Editorial202125th anniversary of molecules-recent advances in green chemistryMOLECULES
Artículo2021Chemical and physical implications of the use of alternative vessels to oak barrels during the production of white winesMOLECULES
Artículo2021Improvement of Phase Change Materials (PCM) used for solar process heat applicationsMOLECULES
Artículo2021Pharmaceuticals and their main metabolites in treated sewage sludge and sludge-amended soil: availability and sorption behaviourMOLECULES
Artículo2021Room temperature ionic liquids in asymmetric hetero-ene type reactions: improving organocatalyst performance at lower temperaturesMOLECULES
Artículo2021Screening of Wood/Forest and Vine By-Products as Sources of New Drugs for Sustainable Strategies to Control Fusarium graminearum and the Production of MycotoxinsMOLECULES
Artículo2021Synthesis of sp(2)-iminosugar selenoglycolipids as multitarget drug candidates with antiproliferative, leishmanicidal and anti-inflammatory propertiesMOLECULES
Artículo2020A versatile approach to access trimetallic complexes based on trisphosphinite ligandsMOLECULES
Artículo2020Approach to the dynamic of carbamazepine and its main metabolites in soil contamination through the reuse of wastewater and sewage sludgeMOLECULES
Revisión2020Biocatalyzed Redox Processes Employing Green Reaction MediaMOLECULES
Artículo2020Biogas Potential of the Side Streams Obtained in a Novel Phenolic Extraction System from Olive Mill Solid WasteMOLECULES
Artículo2020Combining EXAFS and computer simulations to refine the structural description of actinyls in waterMOLECULES
Artículo2020Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent Extraction of Flavonoids of Scutellaria baicalensis as a Replacement for Conventional Organic SolventsMOLECULES
Artículo2020Ripening and storage time effects on the aromatic profile of new table grape cultivars in ChileMOLECULES
Artículo2020Strawberry Puree Functionalized with Natural Hydroxytyrosol: Effects on Vitamin C and Antioxidant ActivityMOLECULES
Artículo2020Synthesis of "all-cis" trihydroxypiperidines from a carbohydrate-derived ketone: Hints for the design of new β-gal and gcase inhibitorsMOLECULES
Revisión2020Tracking sensory characteristics of virgin olive oils during storage: Interpretation of their changes from a multiparametric perspectiveMOLECULES
Artículo2020Valorization of American Barrel-Shoot Wastes: Effect of Post Fermentative Addition and Readdition on Phenolic Composition and Chromatic Quality of Syrah Red WinesMOLECULES
Artículo2019Evaluation of Yeast Derivative Products Developed as an Alternative to Lees: The Effect on the Polysaccharide, Phenolic and Volatile Content, and Colour and Astringency of Red WinesMOLECULES
Corrección2019Evaluation of Yeast Derivative Products Developed as an Alternative to Lees: The Effect on the Polysaccharide, Phenolic and Volatile Content, and Colour and Astringency of Red Wines (vol 24, 1478, 2019)MOLECULES
Artículo2019Light-Induced Control of the Spin Distribution on Cu-Dithiolene Complexes: A Correlated Ab Initio StudyMOLECULES
Artículo2019Nutrition Quality Parameters of Almonds as Affected by Deficit Irrigation StrategiesMOLECULES
Artículo2019Quality Attributes and Fatty Acid, Volatile and Sensory Profiles of "Arbequina" hydroSOStainable Olive OilMOLECULES
Artículo2019Thiol-ene "Click" Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of C-Glycoside sp(2)-Iminosugar GlycolipidsMOLECULES
Artículo2018Lipase catalysed kinetic resolution of racemic 1,2-diols containing a chiral quaternary centerMOLECULES
Corrección2018Lipase Catalysed Kinetic Resolution of Racemic 1,2-Diols Containing a Chiral Quaternary Center (vol 23, 1585, 2018)MOLECULES
Artículo2018Molybdenum-Catalyzed Enantioselective Sulfoxidation Controlled by a Nonclassical Hydrogen Bond between Coordinated Chiral Imidazolium-Based Dicarboxylate and Peroxido LigandsMOLECULES
Revisión2018Nutraceuticals in Periodontal Health: A Systematic Review on the Role of Vitamins in Periodontal Health MaintenanceMOLECULES
Artículo2018Probing the Inhibitor versus Chaperone Properties of sp(2)-Iminosugars towards Human beta-Glucocerebrosidase: A Picomolar Chaperone for Gaucher DiseaseMOLECULES
Artículo2017Banana Passion Fruit (Passiflora mollissima (Kunth) LH Bailey): Microencapsulation, Phytochemical Composition and Antioxidant CapacityMOLECULES
Artículo2017Microemulsion and Sol-Gel Synthesized ZrO2-MgO Catalysts for the Liquid-Phase Dehydration of Xylose to FurfuralMOLECULES
Revisión2016A Systematic Review on the Implication of Minerals in the Onset, Severity and Treatment of Periodontal DiseaseMOLECULES
Artículo2016Molecular Docking Optimization in the Context of Multi-Drug Resistant and Sensitive EGFR MutantsMOLECULES
Artículo2016Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of Alkyl Nitroderivatives of HydroxytyrosolMOLECULES
Artículo2016The Use of Grape Seed Byproducts Rich in Flavonoids to Improve the Antioxidant Potential of Red WinesMOLECULES
Artículo2015Solving Molecular Docking Problems with Multi-Objective MetaheuristicsMOLECULES
Artículo2014A STD-NMR Study of the Interaction of the Anabaena Ferredoxin-NADP(+) Reductase with the CoenzymeMOLECULES
Artículo2013Volatile and Amino Acid Profiling of Dry Cured Hams from Different Swine Breeds and Processing MethodsMOLECULES
Artículo2011Study of the Reaction 2-(p-Nitrophenyl)ethyl Bromide + OH- in Dimeric Micellar SolutionsMOLECULES
Revisión2010Microheterogeneous CatalysisMOLECULES
Artículo2009Synthesis of Hydroxytyrosyl Alkyl Ethers from Olive Oil Waste WatersMOLECULES
Revisión2008Chemical and enzymatic approaches to carbohydrate-derived spiroketals: Di-D-fructose dianhydrides (DFAs)MOLECULES