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Artículo2023A Preliminary Geometrical Characterization of Surface Scratches on Aluminium Alloys Used in the Aerospace IndustryKey engineering materials
Ponencia2023A proposal for using models for manufacturing (Mfm) methodology to reconfigure aerospace manufacturing systemsAdvances in Science and Technology
Ponencia2023A prototype of the digital twin of an aerospace industrial production lineAdvances in Science and Technology
Ponencia2023Ductile fracture analysis in nakazima vs. Spif testsAdvances in Science and Technology
Ponencia2023Implementation of a test plan ontology for incremental sheet metal forming made with models for manufacturing (Mfm) methodologyAdvances in Science and Technology
Ponencia2023Mathematical optimization of cold wire drawing operationsAdvances in Science and Technology
Artículo2023On the Assessment of the Failure Strains in Conventional and Incremental Forming of Polymer SheetsKey engineering materials
Artículo2023On the Manufacturing of a Cranial PEEK Implant Using SPIFKey engineering materials
Editorial2023PrefaceAdvances in Science and Technology
Ponencia2023Redesign of manufacturing workstation with value sensitive design and axiomatic design to incorporate values of industry 5.0Advances in Science and Technology
Artículo2022Mechanical crystallization of amorphous Ti50Al30Ni20 alloy prepared by mechanical alloyingMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2022Monolithic Integration of Graphene in SiC Radiation Sensors for Harsh-Environment ApplicationsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2022Nickel porous compacts obtained by electrical discharge consolidationMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2022Numerical Modelling of Conventional and Incremental Forming of Thin-Walled TubeAchievements and Trends in Material Forming: Peer-reviewed extended papers selected from the 25thInternational Conference on Material Forming (ESAFORM 2022)
Ponencia2022Preliminary Study on the Onset of Necking Detection Using DIT in Tensile TestsKey engineering materials
Ponencia2021Consolidation of titanium powder by electrical resistance sintering: Practice and simulationKey engineering materials
Ponencia2021Effects of milling variables in amorphous phase formation of Fe78Si9B13 alloy produced by mechanical alloyingKey engineering materials
Ponencia2021Solid state amorphization of Ti60Si40 alloy via mechanical alloyingKey engineering materials
Ponencia2021Structure and size distribution of powders produced from melt-spun Fe-Si-B ribbonsKey engineering materials
Ponencia2020Virtual element method: micro-mechanics applicationsKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018A simple and economical device to process Ti cylinders with elongated porosity by freeze-casting techniques: Design and manufacturingKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Amorphous phase formation and heat treating evolution in mechanically alloyed Al-Ti powdersKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Convergence of the BEM solution applied to the CCFFM for LEBIMKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Crack surface frictional contact modelling in piezoelectric materialsKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Fatigue assessment of a slender footbridge based on an updated finite element modelKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Measuring wear in a fretting test with a confocal microscopeKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Medium-frequency electrical resistance sintering and electrical discharge consolidation of metallic powdersKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Medium-frequency electrical resistance sintering of highly oxidized iron powderKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Numerical study of the progression of the micromechanical debonding damage in compositesKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018On the thickness dependence of ILTS in curved composite laminatesKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Parametric study of hybrid metal-composites clinching jointsKey engineering materials
Editorial2018PrefaceKey engineering materials
Ponencia2018Production of aluminium based MMCs by short-time ammonia gas flow millingKey engineering materials
Ponencia2017Accelerating the adoption of industry 4.0 supporting technologies in manufacturing engineering coursesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2017Effect of the load eccentricity on fracture behaviour of cementitious materials subjected to the modified compact tension testSolid State Phenomena
Ponencia2017Innovations in learning and teaching for manufacturing engineering under ubiquitous computing and distributed on mobile devices smartphones and tabletsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2017Teaching & learning of sheet metal forming processes using DEFORM-3DMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2017Teaching and learning of manufacturing engineering through virtualization of processes on CNC machinesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2017Ti/B4C composites prepared by in situ reaction using inductive hot pressingKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016A dual BEM formulation for thermo-magneto-piezo-electric 2D fracture ProblemsKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016An open architecture for the sustainable lifecycle of products and manufacturing processes from the Holonic ParadigmMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016Bacterial induced cementation processes and mycelium panel growth from agricultural wasteKey engineering materials
Artículo2016Contact modeling of the duct-concrete interface in the evaluation of multistrand effect in high curvature post-tensioned tanksKey engineering materials
Artículo2016Design, processing and characterization of materials with controlled radial porosity for biomedical and nuclear applicationsKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Development of Ti-MMCs by the use of different reinforcements via conventional Hot-PressingKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Dynamic crack analysis in functionally graded piezoelectric materials by a time-domain BEMKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Electrophoretic deposition of PEEK/45S5 bioactive glass coating on porous titanium substrate: Influence of processing conditions and porosity parametersKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Evolution of crack density in cross-ply laminates. Application of a coupled stress and energy criterionKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Fretting wear simulation in fiber-reinforced composite materialsKey engineering materials
Artículo2016GNPs reinforced epoxy nanocomposites used as thermal interface materialsJOURNAL OF NANO RESEARCH
Ponencia2016High-temperature plasticity in super hard boron carbide ceramicsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016Influence of BFS content in the mechanical properties and acid attack resistance of fly ash based geopolymersKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Innovation in lean manufacturing by kansei-chisei engineeringMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016Multidisciplinary learning of manufacturing engineering through bachelor and master theses in incremental sheet formingMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2016Numerical solution of frictional contact problems for viscoelastic solids by SGBEM and quadratic programmingKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Physic-chemical characterization of a waste from olive industryKey engineering materials
Editorial2016PrefaceMaterials Science Forum
Editorial2016PrefaceKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Processing and characterization of Ti-6Al-4V samples manufactured by selective laser meltingKey engineering materials
Artículo2016Quasistatic electro-elastic contact modeling using the boundary element methodKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Revisiting the problem of debond initiation at fibre-matrix interface under transversal biaxial loads. A comparison of several non-classical fracture mechanics approachesKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Study of titanium metal matrix composites reinforced by boron carbides and amorphous boron particles produced via direct hot pressingKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016Sustainable manufacturing engineering and innovative projects of teaching, research and entrepreneurshipMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016Teaching experience for the virtualization of machine tools and simulation of manufacturing operationsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016The future of research in ceramics in the XXI CenturyKey engineering materials
Ponencia2016The role of a threshold stress on the superplasticity of ceramics revisitedMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2016Titanium matrix composites with high specific stiffnessKey engineering materials
Ponencia2015Electrophoretic deposition and characterization of chitosan/45S5 bioactive glass composite coatings on porous titanium for biomedical applicationsKey engineering materials
Artículo2014A partitioned formulation for FEM/BEM coupling in contact problems using localized Lagrange multipliersWEAR AND CONTACT MECHANICS
Artículo2014Anisotropic contact and wear simulation using boundary elementsWEAR AND CONTACT MECHANICS
Artículo2014Atomistic Models of Long-Term Hydrogen Diffusion in MetalsAdvances in Science and Technology
Artículo2014Development of novel mesoporous silica-based bioactive glass scaffolds with drug delivery capabilitiesAdvances in Science and Technology
Ponencia2014Dynamic crack analysis in layered piezoelectric composites under time-harmonic loadingADVANCES IN FRACTURE AND DAMAGE MECHANICS XII
Artículo2014Effect of Friction on the Size of the Near-tip Contact Zone in a Penny-shaped Interface CrackWEAR AND CONTACT MECHANICS
Artículo2014Instrumented indentation of composite materials prepared by methods of mechanochemistryKey engineering materials
Artículo2014Life Assessment in Fretting FatigueWEAR AND CONTACT MECHANICS
Ponencia2014Lime-crusted rammed earth: materials studyADVANCES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING AND BUILDING MATERIALS III
Artículo2014Luminescence and time-resolved emission spectra of Nd(3+)and Er3+: Silver zinc borate glassesGLASS SCIENCE AND ITS APPLICATIONS - II
Ponencia2014Material characterization for FEA of the clinching process of short fiber reinforced thermoplastics with an aluminum sheetAdvanced Materials Research
Ponencia2014Metal-ceramic fixed prosthodontics an obsolete therapeutic solution?Key engineering materials
Ponencia2014Practical application of ICT solutions for energy and water savings at condominium levelApplied Mechanics and Materials
Editorial2014PrefaceKey engineering materials
Ponencia2014Thermal Stability of Tilt Grain Boundaries in GrapheneQUANTUM, NANO, MICRO TECHNOLOGIES AND APPLIED RESEARCHES
Artículo2014Transient dynamic analysis of cracked multifield solids with consideration of crack-face contact and semi-permeable electric/magnetic boundary conditionsWEAR AND CONTACT MECHANICS
Libro2014Wear and contact mechanicsWEAR AND CONTACT MECHANICS
Ponencia2013Application of Non-Destructive Techniques in the Inspection of the Wooden Roof of Historic Buildings: A Case StudySTRUCTURAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT OF TIMBER STRUCTURES
Ponencia2013Calorimetric study of avalanche criticality in the martensitic phase transition of CU67.64Zn16.71Al15.65Materials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Comparative Study of The Chemical Degradation Effects on Polymer Concrete with Limestone AggregatesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Crack Location in Beams Using Wavelet AnalysisDAMAGE ASSESSMENT OF STRUCTURES X, PTS 1 AND 2
Ponencia2013Effect of Boron on the Amorphization of Fe-Si Alloys by Mechanical AlloyingMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Experimental Study of the Formability of H240LA Steel Sheets Under Stretch-Bending ConditionsSHEET METAL 2013
Ponencia2013Experimental Study on the Overall Spifability of AISI 304 Sheets under Different Bending ConditionsCURRENT STATE-OF-THE-ART ON MATERIAL FORMING: NUMERICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL APPROACHES AT DIFFERENT LENGTH-SCALES, PTS 1-3
Ponencia2013Methodology of the data processing with ICT solutions for the evaluation of the energy and water savingsGREEN BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES AND MATERIALS II
Ponencia2013Order Effect of Vacuum and Ammonia Atmospheres on Aluminium Nitriding by Mechanical AlloyingMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Recent insights on the superplastic behaviour of ceramicsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Self-evaluation E-learning System for Manufacturing Engineering SubjectsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013Teaching Experience on Metal Forming Processes through Case Study MethodologyMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2013X-Bridge Project: development of a new methodology for the monitoring of steel bridgesADVANCES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING II, PTS 1-4
Ponencia2012Aircraft Final Assembly Line Balancing and Workload Smoothing: A Methodological AnalysisADVANCES IN MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS
Ponencia2012Assembly Work Instruction Deployment using Augmented RealityADVANCES IN MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS
Ponencia2012Bone-cement interface micromechanical model under cyclic loadingADVANCES IN FRACTURE AND DAMAGE MECHANICS X
Ponencia2012Characterization of Nanostructured Nickel Aluminate Formation during Mechano-Chemical Recycling of Spent NiO/Al2O3 CatalystNANOMATERIALS: SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION
Ponencia2012Clean Manufacturing from Cradle to CradleADVANCES IN MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS
Ponencia2012Comparative Study of Electrical and Microstructural Properties of 4H-SiC MOSFETsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2012Conceptual Design of an Aircraft Final Assembly Line: A Case StudyADVANCES IN MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS
Ponencia2012Experimental characterization of the mechanical behavior of concrete bars in the tensile testADVANCES IN MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES
Ponencia2012Experimental Fracture Behavior of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete Specimens with Variable WidthADVANCES IN FRACTURE AND DAMAGE MECHANICS X
Ponencia2012FEA of the Influence of Assembly Parameters on the Fatigue Life of Metal-Composite Bolted JointsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2012Finite Temperature Nanovoids Evolution in FCC Metals Using Quasicontinuum MethodADVANCES IN FRACTURE AND DAMAGE MECHANICS X
Ponencia2012High Temperature Internal Friction in Fine Grain and Nano- Crystalline ZirconiaSolid State Phenomena
Ponencia2012Investigation on Formation Mechanism of Cu/Cr-Al2O3 NanocompositeNANOMATERIALS: SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION
Ponencia2012Nano-analytical and electrical characterization of 4H-SIC MOSFETsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2012Numerical Analysis of the Stress/Strain Evolution in Incremental Sheet Forming and Stretch-bending ProcessesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2012Processing of swnt-reinforced yttria stabilized zirconia by spark plasma sintering and microstructure characterizationJOURNAL OF NANO RESEARCH
Ponencia2012Semi-permeable cracks in magnetoelectroelastic solids under impact loadingADVANCES IN FRACTURE AND DAMAGE MECHANICS X
Ponencia2012Test Methodology to Relate Machined Surface Roughness and AccelerationADVANCES IN MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES
Ponencia2012Virtual Verification of an Aircraft Final Assembly Line Industrialization: An Industrial CaseADVANCES IN MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS
Artículo2011Boundary element analysis of three-dimensional interface cracks in transversely isotropic bimaterials using the Energy Domain IntegralCOMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN FRACTURE MECHANICS
Ponencia2011Experimental Study of Evolution of NO and NO2 In a Positive Corona DischargeLASER AND PLASMA APPLICATIONS IN MATERIALS SCIENCE
Artículo2011SGBEM for cohesive cracks in homogeneous mediaCOMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN FRACTURE MECHANICS
Ponencia2010Cracks in magnetoelectroelastic solids under impact loadingKey engineering materials
Ponencia2010Creep and stress relaxation of hybrid organic-inorganic aerogelsMechanical properties of solids XI
Artículo2010Creep Behavior of Yb-Doped Barium Cerate PerovskiteAdvances in Science and Technology
Ponencia2010Damage detection in piezoceramics via bemKey engineering materials
Ponencia2010Free standing AIN single crystal grown on pre-patterned and in situ patterned 4H-SiC substratesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2010High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Ti(C,N)-Co-Mo2C CermetsMechanical properties of solids XI
Ponencia2010Influence of thermal effects produced by laser treatment on the tribological behavior of porcelain ceramic tilesMechanical properties of solids XI
Ponencia2010Mechanical properties of bioactive hybrid organic/inorganic aerogelsMechanical properties of solids XI
Ponencia2010Mechanical properties of organic-inorganic hybrid black coating of silica and polyurethaneMechanical properties of solids XI
Ponencia2010On the high-temperature plasticity of ceria-doped zirconia nanostructured polycrystalsMechanical properties of solids XI
Ponencia2010Spark plasma sintering and microstructural characterization of additive-free polycrystalline beta-sicMechanical properties of solids XI
Ponencia2010Superplasticity in ceramics: applications and new trendsMechanical properties of solids XI
Ponencia2009AFM study of typical fracture surfaces in room-temperature fracture of sapphireFRACTOGRAPHY OF ADVANCED CERAMICS III
Artículo2009NanoStructured SonogelsPROGRESS IN SOL-GEL PRODUCTION
Capítulo2009Release properties and acute biosecurity determination of collagen-polyvinylpyrrolidone loaded in ordered mesoporous silica.PROGRESS IN SOL-GEL PRODUCTION
Ponencia2008Changes in Particle Size and Crystallinity in Ground Nickel PowderMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008La Fe Victoriosa casting featuresMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008Marine Precursors-Based Biomorphic SiC CeramicsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008Metallic powders amorphization by mechanical alloying and subsequent electrical sinteringMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008Phase separation of la0.70-xErxSr 0.30MnO3 and its effect on magnetic and magnetocalorlc propertiesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2008Phase Separation of La0.70-xErxSr0.30MnO3 and its Effect on Magnetic and Magnetocaloric PropertiesADVANCED MATERIALS FORUM IV
Artículo2008Simulation of bone remodelling and bone ingrowth within scaffoldsPROGRESS IN BIOCERAMICS
Ponencia2007Fracture analysis of magnetoelectroelastic composite materialsKey engineering materials
Artículo2007Intermetallic effects on the ductility of sintered aluminiumMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2006Biomorphic silicon carbide ceramics coated with bioactive glass for medical applicationsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2006Electrical Resistance Sintering of M.A. Al-5AlN PowdersMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2006Failure prediction in stretched sheets of aluminium 2024-T3Materials Science Forum
Artículo2006Green and sintered properties of consolidated mixtures of mechanically alloyed and elemental Al powdersMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2006Influence of PCA content on mechanical properties of sintered MA aluminiumMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2006Phase transformation and structural studies of EUROFER RAFM alloyMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2006Preparation and properties of new superconductor material MgB2ADVANCED MATERIALS FORUM III, PTS 1 AND 2
Artículo2006Tuning of magnetocaloric effect in ferromagnetic La-Sr manganites through Er and Eu dopingADVANCED MATERIALS FORUM III, PTS 1 AND 2
Artículo2005Crystallization kinetics of Al-Mm-Ni-(Co,Fe) alloysSolid State Phenomena
Artículo2005Fractographic studies of sapphire fibers using laser scanning confocal microscopyFRACTOGRAPHY OF ADVANCED CERAMICS II
Ponencia2005Fracture and fatigue behaviour of mullite/molybdenum-compositesFRACTOGRAPHY OF ADVANCED CERAMICS II
Artículo2005Magnetic and mechanical properties of magnetic glass-coated microwires with different glass coating.Materials Science Forum
Artículo2005Mechanical properties of thermal barrier coatings at room temperatureFRACTOGRAPHY OF ADVANCED CERAMICS II
Artículo2005RBS-channeling and EPR studies of damage in 2 MeV Al2+-implanted 6H-SiC substratesMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2005Success of the Z-matrix representation in Monte-Carlo structural determination of stimulant drugs (caffeine and nicotine) from their X-ray powder diffraction patternMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2004Creep of nanocrystalline YTZP ceramics and the influence of the glassy phase.EURO CERAMICS VIII, PTS 1-3
Artículo2004Creep of zirconia/nickel compositesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2004Extensive studies on biomorphic SiC ceramics properties for medical applicationsBIOCERAMICS 16
Artículo2004High temperature deformation of laminated ceramic composites obtained from the Al2O3-ZrO2 systemEURO CERAMICS VIII, PTS 1-3
Artículo2004Investigation of guided wave scattering in curved waveguidesADVANCES IN NONDESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION, PT 1-3
Artículo2004Magnetocaloric effect in manganites: ferromagnetism and charge-ordering effectsADVANCED MATERIALS FORUM II
Artículo2004Plastic behaviour of nanostructured yttria tetragonal zirconia polycrystals: The effect of yttrium segregationMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2004Porosity in silicon and silica thin films monitored by positrons and positroniumMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2004Rheological properties of the rare-earth doped glassesEURO CERAMICS VIII, PTS 1-3
Artículo2003Advances in MA aluminium powders consolidation by mechanical cold pressing and vacuum sinteringMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2003Effect of Mg as sintering additive on the consolidation of mechanically alloyed Al powderMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2003High sensitivity ion beam analytical method for studying ion implanted sicMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2003Structure and properties of consolidated attrition-milled Al-5%Ti PM specimensMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002A DFT study of Au deposition on (001) surface of TiNMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002Cerium SiAlON glasses as a model for the immobilisation of nuclear high level wastesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002Characterization of hexagonal boron nitride powdersMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002Charge-transfer interaction potential for AINMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002DRIFTS study of acetone adsorption over AlPON catalystsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002High temperature mechanical behavior of silicon nitride ceramicsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002High temperature oxidation of a high N, high Si, Mn free austenitic stainless steelMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2002Incorporation of nitrogen into AlPON and mixed MAlPON(M=Ga, In, Ti): Effects on structure and thermal stabilityMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2002Materials Science Forum: ForewordMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2002Measurement of (p,p) elastic cross-sections for 14N and 27Al at laboratory angles of 178° and 140° in the range 0.5 2.5 MeVMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002Preparation of Si3N4 from carbothermal reduction of SiO employing the CRTA methodMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2002X-ray powder diffraction analysis of liquid-phase-sintered silicon carbide ceramicsKey engineering materials
Ponencia2001Deconvolution of X-ray diffraction profiles using series expansion: A line-broadening study of polycrystalline 9-YSZMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2001Native and irradiation-induced defects in SiO2 structures studied by positron annihilation techniquesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2001Positron annihilation in diamondMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2001Positron annihilation in gaseous nitrided cold-rolled FeNiTi filmsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2001Positron beam analysis of polymer/metal interfaces under stressMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia2001Positronium fractions and cavity sizes derived from 1- and 2-detector Doppler broadening spectraMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2000Ab initio and experimental studies on the structure of amorphous aluminophosphate oxynitrides (AIPON)Materials Science Forum
Artículo2000High temperature mechanical behavior of YSZ nanocrystalsCREEP AND FRACTURE OF ENGINEERING MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES
Artículo2000Surface stability of amorphous aluminophosphate oxynitrides (AlPON)Materials Science Forum
Artículo2000Synthesis of MIBK from acetone in a single step over Ni/AlPON catalystsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2000The crystalline structure of germanium oxynitrides within the CdZnGeON familyMaterials Science Forum
Artículo2000XPS and DRIFTS study of cerium in Ce-Si-Al-O-N glassesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1999Superplasticity of YTZP: Application to the join of ceramicsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1999The influence of the threshold stress in the superplastic flow of YSZPMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1998Crystallization behaviour of (Fe,Co)SiB-CuNb alloysMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1997Cation lattice diffusion in yttria-stabilized zirconia deduced from deformation studiesMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1997Constitutive equation for superplastic flow of fine-grained yttria-stabilized zirconia polycrystalsMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1997Creep transients in YBa2Cu3O7-x superconductorsMaterials Science Forum
Ponencia1995Amorphous to nanocrystalline transformation of a FINEMET-type alloyMaterials Science Forum
Artículo1994Microstructural features of polycrystalline Si3N4 with different alpha/beta phase ratiosSILICON NITRIDE 93
Ponencia1993Crystallization Behaviour of an Fe77Co2B18Si3 GlassAMORPHOUS METALLIC MATERIALS: AMM III