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Artículo2018Fast luminance measurement method for asynchronous spiking pixelsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2018Super class AB RFC OTA using non-linear current mirrorsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2018Super class AB RFC OTA with adaptive local common-mode feedbackELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2017Digital predistortion of power amplifiers using structured compressed-sensing Volterra seriesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2017SMASH sigma modulator with adderless feed-forward loop filterELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2017TFET-based well capacity adjustment in active pixel sensor for enhanced high dynamic rangeELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2016Balanced bandpass filter based on magnetically coupled coplanar waveguide folded-stepped impedance resonatorsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2015Free class AB-AB Miller opamp with high current enhancementELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2015Improving speed of tunnel FETs logic circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2015Slew rate enhancement based on use of squaring circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2014Four-channel self-compensating single-slope ADC for space environmentsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2014High dynamic range adaptation for ROI tracking based on reconfigurable concurrent dual-sensingELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2014LDO compensation with variable Miller series resistanceELECTRONICS LETTERS
Otros2013Interview: Our proposal is a hardware-friendly file system suitable for embedded systemsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2013NanoFS: a hardware-oriented file systemELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2012Digital predistortion technique with in-band interference optimisation applied to DVB-T2ELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2012Domino inspired MOBILE networksELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2012High-performance micropower class AB current mirrorELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2012Low-voltage highly-linear class AB current mirror with dynamic cascode biasingELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2011Frequency-to-digital conversion based on sampled phase-locked loop with third-order noise shapingELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2011Highly linear voltage follower based on local feedback and cascode transistor with dynamic biasingELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2011Optical phase conjugation technique using four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifierELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2011Rotated constellation demapper for DVB-T2ELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2011Simplified single-phase clock scheme for MOBILE networksELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2010Coarse time synchronisation for DVB-T2ELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2010Comparison of area-efficient FFT algorithms for DVB-T2 receiversELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2010Minimum transmission delay in Bluetooth 2.0+EDRELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2010On-chip characterisation of RF systems based on envelope response analysisELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2009Efficient realisation of MOS-NDR threshold logic gatesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2009Enhanced double-histogram testELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2009Hybrid continuous-time/discrete-time cascade Sigma Delta modulator with adaptive inter-stage resonationELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2009Improved sigma-delta background estimation for vehicle detectionELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2009Low-voltage first-order fully differential CMOS all-pass filter with programmable pole-zeroELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2009Multimode Pareto fronts for design of reconfigurable analogue circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2009Power-efficient class AB CMOS bufferELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2009Programmable capacitance scaling scheme based on operational transconductance amplifiersELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2008CMOS linear programmable transconductor suitable for adjustable Gm-C filtersELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2008Compact class AB CMOS current mirrorELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2008Minimum delay bound in Bluetooth transmissions with serial port profileELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2008Rail-to-rail fully differential sample and hold based on differential difference amplifierELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2008Resonation-based cascade SD modulator for broadband low-voltage A/D conversionELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2007+/- 1.5 V 3 mW CMOS V-I converter with 75 dB SFDR for 6V(pp) input swingsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2007Accurate VoIP dimensioning for WAN linksELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2007Cascade Sigma Delta modulator for low-voltage wideband applicationsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2007Class AB CMOS analogue squarer circuitELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2007Real-time implementation of multidimensional five-phase space vector pulsewidth modulationELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2006Compact low-voltage class-AB analogue bufferELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2006Compact multiple output linear V to I converters using split differential pairs and applications in allpass OTAsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2006Gain programmable current mirrors based on current steeringELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2006Input offset compensation scheme with reduced sensitivity to charge injection and leakageELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2006Optimum Doppler compensation scheme for DVB-H receiversELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2006Simple class-AB voltage follower with slew rate and bandwidth enhancement and no extra static power or supply requirementsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2006Single phase clock scheme for mobile logic gatesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2005Accurate prediction of VoIP traffic mean bit rateELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2005Compact implementation of high-performance CMOS current mirrorELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2005Criterion for blind simultaneous extraction of signals with clear boundariesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2005Linearisation of MOS resistors using capacitive gate voltage averagingELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2005Low-voltage high performance compact all cascode CMOS current mirrorELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2005Micropower CMOS S&H circuit for ambient intelligence applicationsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2005Rail-to-rail super class AB CMOS operational amplifiersELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2005Transistor critical sizing in MOBILE followerELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2004Cascade Sigma Delta modulator with digital correction for finite amplifier gain effectsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2004Low-voltage micropower super class AB CMOS OTAELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2004Low-voltage power-efficient adaptive biasing for CMOS amplifiers and buffersELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2004Nonlinear dynamics in frequency divider RTD circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2004Rail-to-rail low-power high-slew-rate CMOS analogue bufferELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2004ROM-based FSM implementation using input multiplexing in FPGA devicesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2004Stepped-impedance lowpass filters with spurious passband suppressionELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2004Varactor-loaded split ring resonators for tunable notch filters at microwave frequenciesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2003Analogue switch for very low-voltage applicationsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2003Low-voltage CMOS analogue four quadrant multiplier based on flipped voltage followersELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2003Low-voltage high-gain differential OTA for SC circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2003Method for frequency offset estimation in OFDM with application to power line communicationELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2003Multi-threshold threshold logic circuit design using resonant tunnelling devicesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2003Post-nonlinear blind source separation using methaheuristicsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2003Precise 90 degrees quadrature current-controlled oscillator tunable between 50-130 MHzELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2003Robust dual-quantisation multibit Sigma-Delta modulatorELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2002Compact low power high slew rate CMOS buffer for large capacitive loadsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2002Current-mode fully-programmable piece-wise-linear block for neuro-fuzzy applicationsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2002Effective algorithm for multilevel converters with very low computational costELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2002High-performance edge-triggered flip-flops using weak-branch differential latchELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2002Low-power low-voltage differential class-AB OTAs for SC circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2002Low-voltage transconductor with high linearity and large bandwidthELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2002Output stage for low supply voltage, high-performance CMOS current mirrorsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2001Switching activity evaluation of CMOS digital circuits using logic timing simulationELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2000Class AB output stage for low voltage CMOS op-amps with accurate quiescent current controlELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2000High-speed high-precision min/max circuits in CMOS technologyELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2000Improving stability in blind source separation with stochastic median gradientELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2000New class of multibit sigma-delta modulators using multirate architectureELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo2000Reliable analysis of settling errors in SC integrators: application to Sigma Delta modulatorsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1999Bipolar/CMOS current-source flip-flop for application in neuro-fuzzy systemsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1999Compensation for nonlinearities in third-generation mobile systemsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1999Error control in simplification before generation algorithms for symbolic analysis of large analogue circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1999Inertial effect handling method for CMOS digital IC simulationELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1999Lossless compression algorithm for colour imagesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1999Simple technique for opamp continuous-time 1V supply operationELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1999Very low-voltage class AB CMOS and bipolar precision current rectifiersELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1999WDM channel selector based on transmissive chirped moire fibre gratingELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo19987-decade tuning range CMOS OTA-C sinusoidal VCOELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1998Microstrip bandstop filters using cross-over capacitive couplingELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1998Mixed-signal design of a fully parallel fuzzy processorELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1998Multi-bit cascade Sigma Delta modulator for high-speed A/D conversion with reduced sensitivity to DAC errorsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1998Multiplexing architecture for mixed-signal CMOS fuzzy controllersELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1998Sorting networks implemented as vMOS circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1997Blind separation of sources using a new polynomial equationELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1997Closed-form evaluation of low-frequency leakage losses in layered striplinesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1997CMOS inverter maximum frequency of operation due to digital signal degradationELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1997Low-cost BSA technique for threshold-logic gate based multiplier implementationsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1997Robust high-accuracy high-speed continuous-time CMOS current comparatorELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1997Self-checking current-mode analogue memoryELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1996CMOS 2.4 mu m chaotic oscillator: Experimental verification of chaotic encryption of audioELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1996CMOS fully-differential bandpass Sigma Delta modulator using switched-current circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1995Extending the functionality of a flexible current-mode CMOS circuitELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1995Low-power CMOS threshold-logic gateELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1995Practical DfT strategy for fault diagnosis inactive analogue filtersELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1994Algorithm for efficient symbolic analysis of large analog circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1994CMOS optical-sensor array with high-output current levels and automatic signal-range centringELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1994Current-mode multiple-input max circuitELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1994Hazard-free edge-triggered d-flipflop based on threshold gatesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Corrección1994Hazard-free edge-triggered d-flipflop based on threshold gates (vol 30, pg 1390, 1994)ELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1994Switched-current chaotic neuronsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1994Tunable feedthrough cancellation in switched-current circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1993Equivalent-circuits for microstrip gap discontinuities with metallizations of rectangular and trapezoidal cross-sectionsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1993New numerical data on open-end and gap stripline discontinuitiesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1993Nonlinear switched-current cmos ic for random signal generationELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1992Multiple-valued pads for binary chipsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1992Simple binary random number generatorELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1992Theoretical and experimental-study of modified coupled strip couplerELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1991Switched-capacitor broad-band noise generator for CMOS VLSIELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1988Characteristic impedances of microstrip and finline with uniaxial or biaxial anisotropic substratesELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1988Lossless bounded complex digital 2-pairELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1988Switched-capacitor neural networks for linear-programmingELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1987Chaos via a piecewise-linear switched-capacitor circuitELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1987Multivalued dynamic circuitsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1984New analog switch circuit having very low forward resistanceELECTRONICS LETTERS
Corrección1981Erratum: Novel active-compensated weighted summer (Electronics Letters (1980) 16(10) (394–395) (10.1049/el:19800278))ELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1981Low-cost multiprocessor systemELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1980Novel active-compensated weighted summerELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1978Deep traps in polysilicon solar cellsELECTRONICS LETTERS
Artículo1976Solar cells from polysilicon rodsELECTRONICS LETTERS